9/11 Newspaper Articles Found

Just recently a family member gave me two three-ring binders full of newspaper clippings they saved from the days and weeks following September 11th, 2001. Reading through them is very interesting since much of the official story has change since those days. There is a lot about the alleged cell phone calls, hijackers, and Barbra Olsen.

I've begun taking pictures of these articles with my 12 megapixel digital camera so others can read them, Some are now posted at our groups website

Feel free to download them and check them out for yourself. I don't think there is any new information here, one article does talk about one of the hijackers being drunk in Shuckums bar in Florida, another talks about 2 of the flight recorders being found (although officially only 1 was).


That's a great find! Thank you! Can you rotate them? Maybe put the camera on a fixed stand and stretch the pages out.....

newspaper articles


I'll post some of them on my aotearoa blog. People here with notable exceptions are very ignorant about 911 and this will give a nice view into those days before the big media clean up.