First Eleventh of the Month Action in Wales

The Eleventh Day actions have spread to Wales - courtesy of We Are Change Cardiff.

Read about this and more international truth actions HERE.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

There are some great entries on the TRUTHACTION forum at times!!

We should all support this site. Send your pics of actions. Let others know that there are many of us disseminating, by posting your actions.

Check out the forums at TRUTHACTION
...and this interview was recently posted...
9/11 Eyewitness David Long Interview with Truth Action Ottawa

More Truth Action Ottawa news:

They are featured on the front page of WIllie Nelson's Peace Research Institute site:

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Wow! Willie Nelson's site featured Ottawa !!! So cool!

Around the globe, 9/11 Truth makes an impact. The action of one or many all add up. I love seeing the pics & videos!

Way to go guys!

Can't wait for June 11th and more new ACTION'S

Anyone familiar with London Truth Action

knows you guys won't be waiting until June 11th

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Here Here!

Thanks for taking it to the people. It all adds up.

Dallas - "tabling" in McKinney @ Drum Festival -May 23rd

NORTH TEXANS FOR 9/11 TRUTH will be "tabling" at a uniquely wonderful "Drum Festival" in McKinney, TX on May 23rd. Drums, Dancing, Music and 9/11 Truth!!
Our Group has several banners, including the BIG banner.
Joe just got our group another banner. I like it!

Way to go People!

Thanks for your support mates! My wife is from Cardiff, I can't wait to tell her. Let me know if you want to come stateside some time. Take care.

From New South Wales to Wales....the truth is out there!

Well done Wales!

We had another excellent action on the 11th in Sydney NSW and how cool is it to know in Wales they are out in solidarity on the other side of the world!

Together we will win!

I did a two hour radio show today on morning radio in Sydney. We continue to build, so get involved NOW!

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

May Day with London Truth Action