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Truth Action Ottawa made an adorable and charming mini-documentary about one of their educational outreaches with “A Peaceful Solution” as the soundtrack. They provide an excellent example of one place to go for information beyond the offerings of mainstream media.

Corporate news, AKA mainstream media, seems to offer little besides reinforcing the artificial antagonisms of the transnational corporate divide-and-conquer strategy, parroting official government propaganda and being the stooge for the mindless consumption of unnecessary junk.

Never has it been more important to search out trustworthy independent news sources. Local media such as community radio and public access TV along with the Internet thankfully provides such resources.

Whenever a handful of citizens band together to get out an important message at their own expense, that alone becomes newsworthy. Truth Action Ottawa stepped up and takes their message directly to the public.

Of course mainstream media obeys their corporate masters and does their best in marginalizing, disparaging and discounting independent local media. After all, authentic news threatens not only the advertising revenues of mainstream media but also the distortions and disinformation intended to keep people pacified obedient fodder for the status quo.

Seeking societal roles outside of those proscribed by dogmatic institutions signifies both individual freedom and the reclamation of the wealth we share in common. Cooperation, collaboration and communication creates the foundation of the common.

This leads directly back not to the means of social life, for example, the material production of cars, televisions, clothing and food but rather to social life itself. Social life, immaterial production, is biopolitical.

Biopolitical production, our common wealth, forms the basis of the production of value. We must begin to see exploitation as the expropriation of the common.

Exploitation is the private appropriation of part or all of the value that has been produced as common. This is true, for example, when traditional knowledge produced in indigenous communities or when the knowledge produced collaboratively in scientific communities becomes private property.

Truth Action Ottawa offers as public property the biopolitical production created in cooperation, collaboration and communication with a wide range of people. They put into practice the theory of immaterial biopolitical production and we may all share it in peace.

* * * * Artist’s Statement * * * * *

Victor Couwenbergh writes, Truth Action Ottawa is a group dedicated to educating the public about government crimes and mass media deceptions. On April 11, 2007 Ottawa began taking part in the international ‘Eleventh of Every Month‘ campaign for 9/11 Truth (Truthaction.org) and we haven’t missed a month yet!

We meet every month in downtown Ottawa and distribute FREE educational DVDs to the public. These discs contain several documentary films about the 9/11 cover up. We also provide these documentaries for free on our website. We have recently expanded our activities to include additional public outreaches and educational events on a variety of other topics.

We are passionate about creating peace because we feel that engendering peace in the world will establish the best opportunity for our children and their descendants to achieve their full potential.

We feel that exposing the 9/11 cover-up is the key to peace. Without 9/11, all the warmongering and tyranny that has taken place in the name of “keeping the world safe from terror” would fall apart. Without the fraudulent explanations for the events of that day, the war-wagers’ entire philosophical house of cards collapses, and the way is paved for the peace revolution.

Our website is full of resources that can help you separate fact from fiction in our info-overloaded world.

Please visit us at http://www.truthactionottawa.com

I couldn't agree more

"We feel that exposing the 9/11 cover-up is the key to peace." Thanks Willie.

This is really beautiful to see! A small group can creat impact

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER
Visit TruthAction.org often. Post pics of your actions. http://truthaction.org/


I sure appreciate you all

I sure appreciate you all spreading the uncomfortable truths, and even when the receptivity is not as good as at the Willie Nelson concerts.

I was also wondering if anyone knew what came of the signatures that Richard Gage collected from architects and engineers at the AIA conference. I keep looking to see if 50 or more added architects and/or engineers have signed on at Patriots Question 911 under that category, and also at his site. Does anyone know anything? You think that maybe they opted out afterall, despite his getting some on video, supporting the 911 truth movement, fearing the same fate Dr. Steven Jones endured at BYU?

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."