Truth Action Ottawa interviews 9/11 witness Mr. David Long

On May 8, 2009, members of Truth Action Ottawa interviewed Mr. David Long, who was in downtown Manhattan the morning of September 11, 2001. Mr. Long recounts everything he saw and heard that morning, including multiple streams of molten metal pouring from the buildings before they fell, and the sounds of multiple explosions as the buildings came down.

Here's a preview:

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The description of molten metal/ the crowds reaction to collapse

Great interview. Some points paint a lasting impression...the molten metal...the gasp of millions as the Tower collapses.

The other molten metal flows

The thing I found very interesting here is the guy's description of what were obviously other molten metal flows, aside from the infamous one we have all seen coming from the damaged northeast corner of the South Tower just before it collapses.

Thank You Mr Long & Truth Action Ottawa

Great Interview.

Everyone Watch This.

What I don't get is this

Where are all those recordings of the "collapses" with SOUND?


Important testimony

Thank you

I'm curious also from which perspective and distance did he view Bldg 7?

Here is David Long's reply:

"I was first at the scene when I left the subway station at Fulton . I
went up the street, to less than a block from Broadway (just before the
first tower was hit). I then turned back one block, and went around the
corner to the corner near City Hall.

Distance to the towers was furthest 2 blocks, and nearest 1 block. Once
I got to the lower part of China town, that would have been further

Here's a map to where my office was - "


I hope that helps answer your question. Thanks, everyone, for the great response to our interview.


I realize this is after the fact (apologies), but I wonder if Mr. Long could elaborate on the detail of perceptible damage (ex. structural loss, fire, which floors etc). I believe there is still speculation per the South side without much documentation available

Which building do you mean?

Do you mean the south side of WTC 7? Or do you mean the south side of the North Tower?

I believe in the interview he mentions that there was little perceptible damage to building 7 while he was there. As for the damage to the north tower, I don't think he mentioned anything about it. Either way, I can send him an email to find out.

South side WTC7

I believe ‘debunkers’ argue that there was a sizable ‘gash’ leading to structural failure

while ‘Truthers’ deliberate it might not be to such a degree.

Thanks for the extra consideration


The point is that NIST contends that the damage sustained from the North Tower 'collapse' did not cause or contribute to the 'collapse' of WTC 7. Therefore debunkers cannot claim that WTC 7 'collapsed' due to a 'gash' without disagreeing with the official investigation they defend.

"Other than initiating the fires in WTC 7, the damage from the debris from WTC 1 had little effect on initiating the collapse of WTC 7." NCSTAR 1A, p xxxii

NIST, instead, contends that WTC 7 'collapsed' due to the new phenomenon of 'thermal expansion':

"Fire-induced thermal expansion of the floor system surrounding Column 79 led to the collapse of Floor 13, which triggered a cascade of floor failures. In this case, the floor beams on the east side of the building expanded enough that they pushed the girder connecting Columns 79 and 44 to the west on the 13th floor."

"The displaced girder and other local fire-induced damage caused Floor 13 to collapse, beginning a cascade of floor failures down to the 5th floor ... This left Column 79 with insufficient lateral support in the east-west direction. The column buckled eastward, becoming the initial local failure for collapse initiation." NCSTAR 1-A, p 19-20

Source: The NIST WTC 7 Report: Bush Science reaches its peak


Furthermore, had the 'gash' really initiated the 'collapse', World Trade Center 7 would have dramatically toppled towards the South. Instead, it symmetrically imploded into its own footprint, exhibiting free fall acceleration for approximately 2.3 seconds at the beginning, indicating all supporting columns in the bottom floor had been removed simultaneously and instantaneously. Witnesses heard a countdown and a loud explosion. Several firefighters had already been informed since about noon that the building was either going to 'come down' or be 'brought down'. This better explains Silverstein's comment, in my opinion. We have expert corroboration from Danny Jowenko, a Dutch/European controlled demolition specialist, who is absolutely certain that WTC 7 was professionally demolished. He later reconfirmed this in a phone conversation with a 9/11 researcher.

He does not think, however, that WTC 1 & 2 were professionally demolished, but this is mainly because these buildings were destroyed in a totally different manner from WTC 7, namely top-down using an overdose of explosives; this is abnormal, but could have not been done differently considering the need for consistency with a collapse initiated from the damage at the upper floors. Reviewing the video evidence reveals that the perpetrators nevertheless failed miserably at making the collapse look 'natural'. Lastly, many severe anomalies in the steel & dust remnants from the rubble of all three 'collapsed' WTC buildings have been discovered, most of which have been described in the papers at the Journal Of Nine-Eleven Studies.

Most of the information I've just summarized for you is also available via Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Edit 2:
I realize you may know all this already, but what I'm trying to say is that it has already been established, even in the official version of events, that the South side damage did not cause 'collapse' initiation for building seven.

South side WTC7

In addition to SnowCrash's excellent reply, note that Mr. Long does state partway through the interview that he did not see any damage to WTC7 that would cause him to believe that it had been in any danger of collapse.

Understood, but my question is

Does that mean the face of the building was untouched from his view, or were there a few damaged floors (and if so, which ones)?