My open email to Randi Rhodes regarding my alleged "sandbagging" of the VP on blog-based nano-thermite rumor

I just called the Randi Rhodes show when I heard her give the number out, and, unexpectedly, got right on the air. I did not have my thoughts as collected as I would have liked and I was a little bit startled with how quickly things got snarky and snarly. So, I apologize if I was not that focused. But it seemed like it got some of the info out and got a good discussion going about journalism, blogging and "sandbagging." So, here is my open email in response to Randi. I have also told her that I will keep her responses private if she so desires.

p.s. if someone can grab that audio on the replay, that would be great.


I didn't "sandbag" the Vice President. I had an important scientific paper with crucial implications for truth, justice and peace in this country and around the world, and I asked him what any paid journalist with a little respect for self, reality and country should have already asked him. I didn't interrupt. I waited for the right moment after the photo-ops and presented it fairly clearly and with as much modulated calmness as I could muster about such a serious issue. It's not like I'm picking on Biden or the Obama administration either. When the CIA boss Hayden came to town last fall we confronted him ( Should I have been more polite and known my place and not "sandbagged" one of the chief operators helping move us into a post-constitutional USA?

And I didn't sandbag you. I just heard you announce your number as I was doing other things and decided to call to let you know and get your take on this. I'll keep you on my email list in the future if you want notification of what is in my span of focus in the moment. In terms of the paper, the samples it is based upon all have their chain of custody attested to and signed off on, so this is legally admissable. But more importantly, this is about reclaiming our reality from the vast and deep deception of the post-9/11 world. Anyone with a modicum of intellectual and moral integrity and fortitude, looked at Building 7 coming down and already knew that those buildings were blown up and that 9/11 was, thus, a black op or inside job of sorts.

For you to side with yellow journalists extraordinaire, paid propagandists such as the Hearst-owned "Popular Mechanics" over the dedicated work of thouands of scientists, architects and engineers (, military men and women ( and tireless citizen investigators is way off. It's time to come back in touch with we the people and to reclaim your reality. We don't need another "Commission," although I am fully in support of the NYCAN ballot initiative, to be able to distuinguish truth from lies. And no, it is not good enough to say there are valid questions, if you are unwilling to face some of the serious answers.

I appreciate your desire to help out in term of perceived credibility. You are right about some of your perception that some of the 9/11 truth movement is over-zealous with beliefs while being under-zealous with fact-checking. However, many of us are dedicated to being as thorough and unspeculative as possible while at the same time asserting what we know. I have presented information to my congresspeople over the years. I got it together to present some of the best evidence I coul find to numerous federal judges here in Los Angeles (, so it's not like I just grabbed some factoid off a blog or a movie on google and ran up to the Vice President and said "what faction of the illuminati are you apart of?"

I do think you misrepresented what I did and what I am about on the air today. I would appreciate some response around this, because you spoke pretty negatively about what I did in a way that this important topic and my conduct as an individual do not deserve. The Secret Service agent who saw the way we handled ourselves and the question we asked saluted us and said "good job" to us. I imagine you could at least portray our work fairly. I would love to further discus this with you, because this a crucial piece to preparing the way for a beautiful, abundant future, and you are a crucial voice, and we need you to stand with truth and the people and not with the lies and the liars.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

I've heard Randi peel the onion back from 9.11


She might be a good media medium to rally or concentrate on. 100% writing her off is very wrong imo.

Randi reprogramming

Randi during her 3 months of absence must have been reprogrammed. During the Bush administration she was actively talking about how the planes where in the air for hours and not shot down. I wish I could remember her exact rants on the subject but it was basically trying to shine the light on admin incompetence. Maybe other 911blogger readers will comment on Randi-speak back then.

Very recently, in response to intelligent caller she's been saying that we should forget the conspiracy theories and move on. The reprogramming seems to have been effective. She's become an even greater apologist for Brand Obama and conveniently forgotten her past concerns on subject of 9/11.

Jeremy keep up the great work!


Yes, Randi used to be as vocal a 9/11 truther as she dared. Back when I listened to her in 2006, she would regularly talk about NORAD standing down, commenting that counter to the "incompetence" theories, NORAD is very competent and they don't just stand down unless they are made to stand down.

Next time someone tells me to forget it and move on, since it was so long ago, I'll respond with: "I agree. As a matter of fact, let's stop dwelling on the holocaust too. It was 60+ years ago. I'm going to contact my son's high school and insist they spend only 15 minutes of one class period discussing it, rather than the full week they have scheduled right now. It was so long ago, my son's class doesn't need to be reminded of the horror of it all by spending a week watching and analyzing Schindler's List."

Of course, my holocaust analogy exposes the "forget it and move on" line of reasoning for what it truly is: intellectual cowardice.

I have

no respect for Randi because of her stance on 9/11. She knows the score but won't say a thing because she fears she will loose her job like Mike Malloy did. What a patriot she turned out to be.

Jeremy... you were AWESOME!

Jeremy, I heard you today on the Randi Rhodes show and thought you did a great job! If anyone was sandbagged, it was you by Randi! I am a longtime Randi Rhodes fan, but the way she treated you today was wrong. Randi is scared... and 9/11 Truth is NOT what she wanted to discuss on her new Premiere Radio (aka Clear Chanel) owned talk show. Randi has been fired twice in the last year and my guess is she's terrified of losing her gig yet once again.

She picked up your call "cold" my friend. Had you been screened, I guarantee you would have never made it on the air, but you did and you were AWESOME!

The show has already been uploaded as a podcast and can be downloaded HERE. It's the 5.18.09 show and your call comes in exactly 21:41 into the podcast. Anyone who hasn't heard it should check it out NOW! Clearly Randi did not want to discuss this issue... given that, you did a great job of getting mainstream coverage of your interview with Joe Biden.

Thanks Randi... even though you did not intend it... THANKS!

Jeremy... YOU ROCK DUDE!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Randi should quit

Anyone who is a decent person should stand up for the truth. Randi should quit her job and do something else or just sit in the radio office rather than broadcast lies. Jeremy, great expose of Biden. He wasn't too cleaver this time. I was expecting his verbal ability to kick in and it didn't.

I gave up on Randi a year or

I gave up on Randi a year or so ago.She used to be very good on 911 truth & her message board even had it's own 911 section.Then she started to censor it.First she decouple the 911 section of the message board from Google search & then forced people to register in order to even view the 911 section.The last time I was there (which was a couple days before it was taken down 2/09) you couldn't even mention 911 except in the context of the official story or you would be banned!
The woman swore an oath,so help her God,to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies (including domestic) she knows the truth and is a knowing & willing participant in the cover up.When the next false flag attacks happens it's on her hands & those like her.

She wasn't that bad

She did say she has major questions & her advice to try & get the Scientist's to testify in Congress is GOLD.

I am not giving up on Randi.

I can understand why Jeremey would be a little put off, but there was some constructive criticism. & maybe Randi can actually help get our Scientists to testify.

I agree

I just got to listen to it and I think she did pretty well in dealing with it in such a rapid, unprepared way. She let me stay on for a long time and asked where we could find the paper and gave some good advice and never once stooped to saying that the information itself was crazy, impossible or lunatic.

Of course, I wish she was much stronger and i was a little defensive being called a sandbagger 43 times, but I think we both handled ourselves pretty well considering and helped "move the story forward."

Thanks everybody for the support and kind words.

Maybe Randi will turn out to be a Fall patriot.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

good post shumonik

& good work.

Randi also had a valid point saying we can't even get the torture incident looked @ & prosecuted. There is some of the same people involved & they would be found guilty of murder, if light was allowed to shine.

SS Salute


Any chance you got the Secret Service Agent who saluted you on tape?
"Cogito ergo sum"

Keeping a voice...its THEIR line of work...

I find the lack of perspective from Truthers regarding how far a public figure can take things...especially in the media, very troubling. I've been on Randi's show in 04 talking about NORAD, I've met her twice and given her some good stuff. She KNOWS that 9/11 is not clean. And for ANYONE to positively state that they KNOW what happened is wrong. The Gage-Jones Gang is the closest yet.

I suspect that since she often talks about the interceptor issue etc., as soon as The Gage-Jones Gang has done its fair share of work there will be an uptick in the Pentagon, the FAA, NORAD and radar issues. I and others may get some more airtime should that happen. The WTCs first...then more to come...

I heard this interaction totally and Jeremy is getting better all the time. Randi has millions of listeners and what she agreed to was to accept Jeremy's email and information so as to look into this further. This in and of itself gives more legitimacy to the 9/11 Truth Movement. BUT...without a doubt, we still have miles to go before there is a big swelling about 9/11 into the media etc. There are cracks here and there and Truthers all around the world are becoming more adept at slipping some good stuff through these cracks.

Randi's listeners heard that there were explosives-incendiaries proven to be at the WTC site. We are used to all of this and have been for years...the listeners are not and the seeds planted were good seeds of doubt. Its a real good message that Jeremy slipped out there...and Randi let alot go ON AIR...and then said some words to please and CALM her bosses...and she has a new "watchdog" at her side during the broadcasts...he's creepy...

Overall it was an excellent piece by Jeremy IN SPITE of restrictions that I'm sure Randi operates under.

Whether Truthers like the speed at which radio-TV personalities jump all over 9/11 or not, which if your read this thread you think its half full of cointelpro stirring the negativity pot, its gonna be a crawl before we walk etc.

KO KNOWS...Rachel KNOWS...Goodman KNOWS...Randi KNOWS...Malloy KNOWS...many, many people NOW...but what they know best is how to have a voice...and a job "tommorrow". AirIsraelRadio has finally been exposed and talk-jocks are bailing out from under their wing constantly.

Advertisers don't like talk about opposing war and 9/11 so we just gotta deal with this and be quick on our feet.

And of course, isn't it ironic that in the very same thread in which Randi gets chastized for telling the TRUTH...that there are CRANKY and OBSESSED Truthers who are way out of whack and hurting our cause...and here, just a few posts away from mine... make her point perfectly.

WE are the solution and the MEDIA is NOT because they are the bought and paid for problem. If people like Jeremy can use the media to slip some stuff past the CENSORS, then we will indeed "flip" the phrase "remember 9/11" into it becoming understood that its just another false-flag op used to get profits from yet another unwanted war...

CI...Civil Informationing is the civil and share information...we got the STUFF to back it all up...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

PS: A very, very good week for WACLA...indeed. Again, its the CI approach that is most effective in such situations. rdh


Cute. :-)

Any response yet?

I know there hasn't been I just thought I would ask.

In my opinion Randi should not have an audience at all if she is unwilling to talk truthfully about 9/11 (the foundational event for 2 wars and for the destruction of our constitution).

I was a member of her message board for years, under various names including AtomicBomb, and posted in the 9/11 forum frequently. Progressively the forum got worse and worse with more obvious censorship and banning of truthers and biased mods, with disdain for truthers, who made no secret of wanting to shut down the 9/11 forum altogether. Ben Burch (A prolific JREFer shill scumbag) wormed his way into a position of control on Randi's board and got the forum essentially shut down by means of blocking it from public view. Randi said nothing and tacitly supported blatant soviet block style censorship of 9/11 by Burch and his flunkie JREF pals who flooded the 9/11 forum.

Burch is also involved with the Mike Malloy show by the way and is constantly trying to feed Mike disinformation about 9/11. I think Mike is too smart to not smell a rat though when it comes to 9/11. In my view Ben Burch is very likely a genuine disinformation operative, of course no concrete evidence will ever surface to prove he is but it doesn't really matter because his actions tell the whole story.

Now if Randi has someone like Ben Burch in charge of her message board it speaks volumes about her mindset and her agenda. There is NO EXCUSE for participating in the supression of 9/11 truth and Randi Rhodes has done so in spades. She has had plenty of opportunity to look at good solid evidence posted all over her own message board by myself, reprehensor, eyeswideshut, DanR and many many others. Frankly I don't care what her excuses are, I plan to expose her on my news program along with some other "left gatekeepers" such as KOS, Huffington Post, etc. I have no sympathy or patience left for gatekeepers, time is too short, the situation too dire.

Civil Informationing has been tried FOR YEARS with Randi, it isn't working, so now it is time for a little old fashion bad press and WeAreChange style tuff questioning on video at her public events. If she comes to Los Angeles I will be glad to go with Shumonik to do the confronting ourselves. Time is up Randi Rhodes speak the truth or be confronted.