Vice President Biden confronted with conclusive scientific proof of criminal demolitions on 9/11/01
by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Bruno Bruhwiler, WeAreChangeLA

May 15, 2009, Los Angeles, CA - Vice President Joseph Biden and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took a tour of a community housing project of the Esperanza Community Housing Corp.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Bruno Bruhwiler of WACLA Media sat among other members of the local press in the glaring sun in wait for the press conference scheduled to begin after the Vice President and the Mayor toured one of the buildings renovated by the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. Secret Service officers were present in abundance in the 10' wide corridor where we were crammed behind residents of the renovated apartment complex. All of us were in close quarters with each other for at least one hour, and we all developed a courteous and jovial relationship with each other. The folks from Fox News were the most vocal, and they were not shy about their dislike for Biden and Obama. Later it turned out that one of the Fox reporters had a hot and healthy obsession with asking the Vice President about Karl Rove. One woman, an admittedly former journalist turned passionate advocate, claimed that although we were sitting in the scorching sun, our current position would probably be envied by most everyone in the rest of the country. It was not entirely clear whether she was referring to the Southern California weather or our proximity to a representative of the Hope and Change Administration™.

The same woman facetiously reminded us that, if we were to believe some of the pundits during the campaign, Obama is, after all, a Muslim, a Marxist and a terrorist. Jeremy clarified that Obama had been associated with a former Weatherman, but went on to inform her that a crucial piece of information left out by the mass media was the infiltration and provocation of groups such as the Weathermen by the FBI’s Cointelpro and other elements of the ‘National Security State’ as a way of discrediting and subverting the larger movement for peace and justice. Bruno asked her if she had seen the documentary THE OBAMA DECEPTION and she shook her head, "What's it about?" Nodding his head, and smiling profusely Bruno told her, "It's about the people behind Obama, how they are deceiving us, and how Obama and Hillary disappeared together during the election. You gotta see it." She enthusiastically wrote the title down in her notes. Jeremy then showed her a printout about the nefarious connections of many of the people throughout the Obama administration. She looked at the printout cautiously but with wheels clearly spinning.

We continued making conversation with reporters about the event, with cameramen about their cameras, and with everyone about the glaring sun. A man, who later turned out to be an aid for Congressman Becerra, was clutching a bunch of pocket-sized Constitutions. Jeremy yelled out. “Are those Constitutions in your hand?” He answered in the affirmative. Jeremy warned him that, in the age of the ‘PATRIOT ACT,’ many law enforcement agencies have been alerted that anybody carrying the Constitution is a potential terrorist. After the event, the man made sure to remind us that anyone can contact their congressperson’s office and get free copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, many of which he brings to schools when he visits.

Eventually, with the direct sunlight beaten back by the southwest side of the building, the tour ended, bringing the central figures into the exterior hallway at the opposite end where a podium and microphone were set up. Mayor Villaraigosa was introduced and spoke warmly about the Esperanza Housing Corporation, said many good things about Biden and the Obama administration in general, and commended himself for bringing home funds from the most recent stimulus package (bail out package). Congressman Becerra spoke next, also complimenting each on what a great person they are and what a great job they are doing. Other individuals took a turn to speak, including the secretary of HUD, Ron Simms. Then Vice President Biden took his turn celebrating each personality. He also talked about the humble surroundings he grew up in, and the value of opportunities for all. He began reading from computer teleprompters to either side of him, but unfortunately for him, his audience was constrained in a long narrow space directly in front of him, so as he turned to each teleprompter, left then right then left, to read his speech, he was facing to the walls on either side. Funny! He spent a good bit of his speech talking to the walls.

After the last words were spoken, it was obvious that the press would not have an opportunity to ask questions, so Jeremy and Bruno moved quickly, crammed against the wall, toward the podium in an effort to create an opportunity to ask a question. We were at an advantage with our hand held cameras, and we actually found ourselves right next to Biden as he moved chairs aside to fulfill requests for photos with residents in attendance. The moment generated many smiles and laughter, and genuine joy could be seen in the faces of all the residents. Biden stood and addressed the residents, and the instant that the photo op was finished, Jeremy engaged him: “Vice-President Biden, I’m Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with WACLA Media.” Biden said, "If I had your hair, I would be President!" Jeremy couldn’t disagree with that and offered up that Biden could have some since there was “enough to go around.” Then it was time to get serious and Jeremy jumped right into the preliminary part of his question.

“It seems like with the kind of work that Esparanza and communities around the world are doing in terms of rejuvenating themselves, we could all rejuvenate our communities. So, I want to ask you about the role, the foundational role, [that] restoring the rule of law has in terms of rejuvenating our economy… because there was a recent scientific paper that came out, I don’t know if you know about it, but it basically is conclusive that the World Trade Center was blown up by very high, advanced explosives and it should have been and continue to be the very highest news story right now. So, my question to you is, when are you and President Obama going to ask the Department of Justice to start a criminal investigation in terms of who produced this advanced nano-thermite and who put it in the World Trade Center?”

The space had gone silent, and every single person, including the press, the residents, the politicians and the Secret Service were listening intently to Jeremy's question, and they all could not help but witness Biden's discomfort and his loss for words. At this point Biden asked to see the report and took it to into his hands to look at it.

With the paper in the Vice-President’s hands, Jeremy finished up the question by asking: “And if you all are not going to do that, is it possible for We the American People to trust you with our economy if we can’t trust you with restoring the rule of law?” Biden, obviously caught in an awkward moment, handed the scientific paper back to Jeremy, and said "Yes," then said “thank you” to everybody, and quickly turned to leave. While leaving the scene, offered up a little bit more in terms of his ambiguous answer. “That it’s possible to trust---you can trust us.”

Unsatisfied with the evasiveness and ambiguity of the Vice President’s answer, Jeremy continued to call out to Biden, asking him to clarify his position in regards to the 9/11 cover-up, but Biden did not clarify his position any further. “Are you going to do an investigation? Sir, are you part of the treasonous cover-up of 9/11 or are you going to help clear this up? Vice President Biden, this is about treason under Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.”

Today we managed to get the only question asked, and every single person present walked away from that event with Jeremy's question about scientific proof for military grade explosives used in the destruction of the Twin Towers on their mind. On our way out, a reporter complained to Jeremy that "it doesn't matter what story you are after you should always keep it with the agenda of the moment," to which Bruno's pleasant response was, "When is 9-11 ever the agenda of the moment?" The reporter bowed his head and walked away.

Out front, the Secret Service relegated all of us off to the side, and we waited for Biden and Villaraigosa to finish saying their goodbyes to the organizers of the community and the event. After a few last minute pictures, they were whisked away in a convoy of hybrid Yukons, trailed by their entourage, including a jeep filled with urban-warfare soldiers. Bruno proceeded to confront a reporter from the local ABC affiliate as to why the mainstream media and local news refuse to cover the controlled demolitions committed on 9-11. "They did cover it" he muttered. "They covered the controlled demolitions committed on 9-11?!!" Bruno was excited to hear this, but the 'reporter' shrunk away after that.

Out on the sidewalk, Jeremy handed an information pamphlet from Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth to LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and invited him to come to the upcoming event Richard Gage AIA- founder of - will be holding in Los Angeles on May 28th at 7pm at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Wilshire Blvd. Mr. Yaroslavsky graciously accepted the pamphlet and the invitation with seeming interest.

Members of the sniper team leaving the site strode by and Jeremy remarked to one of them that it looked like he had a guitar and that they were a band on their way to rock and roll. The sniper quietly chuckled.

Later, Jeremy presented a AE911truth pamphlet to Congressman Xavier Becerra, reminded the Congressman of their previous encounter a year earlier, and requested that the Congressman send someone from his office to attend the Richard Gage event. The Congressman said to contact his office with the exact details and he would have somebody attend.

As we stood in the street, smiles on our faces for having just had an intense experience of engaging high rank politicians about 9-11 and treason, the same Secret Service agent we had interacted with before the press conference came walking out. He smiled and pointed at us, "Great work guys!" then he saluted us! Yes, a Secret Service agent saluted us for asking the Vice President a hard question about scientific proof of the controlled demolition of the towers on 9-11. Bruno called out to him "Thank you! You did a great job running a smooth operation!"

With the truth action never over, Bruno handed out Oathkeepers cards to some of the remaining security personnel who we passed on our way to the car, and they took the cards, and looked at him with respect. It was a very good day.



GREAT JOB - humble suggestion

Perhaps you could have edited out some of the beginning and shortened this to about 2 minutes. When I email this sort of thing to my friends in denial, I like to be able to say: "Short clip - only two minutes." They are much more likely to watch it then, without getting impatient.

LIke it or not - in our fast-paced electronic world, people don't have much patience - especially for subjects that frighten them.

The reason I say this is a "humble suggestion," is because I truly am humbled by the incredible success of actually putting the paper in the VP's hands in front of cameras.

That was brilliantly done.

(I don't know whether or not talking about "treason" was a good idea at this point. If you want to be fair, you have to give the guy the chance to read the paper before expecting him to have a comment about it).

Nevertheless, it is inconceivable to me that he isn't fully aware that 9/11 was an inside job and that the 9/11 Commisson report is a cover-up sham. BUT - the people standing around him (the ordinary folk who like to get their pictures taken with him) might not know this - and they are likely to be horrified and turned off by the word "treason."

Bottom line --- GREAT JOB !!!!!

Excellent Point

"When I email this sort of thing to my friends in denial, I like to be able to say: "Short clip - only two minutes." They are much more likely to watch it then, without getting impatient.

LIke it or not - in our fast-paced electronic world, people don't have much patience - especially for subjects that frighten them."

Is it not possible to position the video n frames from beginning

i s it not possible to position the video n frames from beginning
Herblay FRANCE
Bonsoir ,
On a large page web that I do not want my friends to have to scroll down I place the cursor at the image desired. For example this is how the media are treating the discovery of nano-thermite in the WTC dust
the #BM9700 points to prepositioned signet. "The media have red blood on their hands"

With the videos I have tried without success to do position the video from (n) number of frames from the beginning. Does anyone know how to start the video in a similar way to #BM9700 on the URL of the video ?

Thanks for any ideas.

Yours John

YouTube start points...

*YouTube Clip Start Point: To specify a point, append a tag to the end of your video link with the following syntax: “#t=1m45s” (you can change the numbers before the ‘m’ and ’s’ to edit the minutes and seconds, respectively).

So for instance..

Would be a shorter link to pass around...


"Secret Service agent we had

"Secret Service agent we had interacted with before the press conference came walking out. He smiled and pointed at us, "Great work guys!" then he saluted us! Yes, a Secret Service agent saluted us for asking the Vice President a hard question about scientific proof of the controlled demolition of the towers on 9-11. Bruno called out to him "Thank you! You did a great job running a smooth operation!""

We have People in the Inside.

NSA, FBI, CIA, NRO, the Secret Service, Marines,Navy, Air Force, Seals and yes even some people behind the scenes in the MSM.

The 911 Truth Community is a whole lot bigger than what we see in the streets and 911 Truth Events - seminars, meetings etc.

This is a Public Demonstration NOT of Deep Politics but of DEEP PATRIOTISM.



Truth that is a bond that breaks and overcomes the Worst of Circumstances.

We are headed towards another 1776 one way or a another.

Be Prepared Please.

Service Service Agent a 911 Truther?

Mr Cheney - "Do the orders still stand?"

BTW, this made my day.


Thanks a lot.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I agree!! There is no doubt!... "We have People in the Inside."

I agree!! There is no doubt!... "We have People in the Inside." "...NSA, FBI, CIA, NRO, the Secret Service, Marines,Navy, Air Force, Seals and yes even some people behind the scenes in the MSM...."
~When the timing is right, we will see much more of this!!

(No subject)

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

No question about it

"We have People in the Inside."

Truth activists are receiving various forms of assistance and protection.

Consider that Mr. Rothe-Kushel has been confronting government officials in his area for some time. His fearless interrogation of DCI Hayden would almost certainly have earned him a "watch" status, and yet the Secret Service allowed him to come within arms-length of the Vice President.

If nothing else, this proves that the Secret Service does not consider Truth activists to be the dangerous lunatics the corporate media would have us believe they are.

Brilliant work!

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Thanks constitutional911

It's good to hear something positive for a change.



I disagree vigorously!

Biden had the paper in his hand and then he gave it back...!? So, in other words he didn't read it. Right? Pardon me but what the fuck was accomplished? He didn't read it. Furthermore, given the confrontational way in which it was presented to him why would he even THINK about ever reading it?

You expect him to simply accept the word of complete strangers pushing a technical, scientific paper in his face with no questions asked? Especially as confrontational and in your face as you guys tend to be. What the fuck! Are you nuts?

Biden may be up to his eyeballs in the crap we all know our elected officials are capable of, but if you want to get something done regarding getting a new investigation, making absolutely sure he is prejudiced against that paper and will likely NEVER read it is not how to go about it.

Approach him respectfully, give him the paper, ask him sincerely, respectfully to read it, or have his staff read it and report on it, is how the fucking information MIGHT get to him. Two arrogant fools spouting off, embarrassing him and his intelligence, and then expecting him to accept you as worthy of any more than 30 seconds of his time is insane. You do the 9/11 Truth movement an enormous disservice every time you do shit like this. Get a fucking clue.

Ok, now hide this comment. It doesn't fit in with the circle jerk of self congratulatory self promotion this whole post is about. Do you two dim bulbs really want a new investigation, or just show how ballsy you are in talking to people in the position to affect change?


Yes. What we should do is treat Biden like royalty. That 'll get things done real fast. don't think he knows? You can't be that naive.

By the way: when you write something in bold, close up the bold tag properly. Now the whole page is in bold, and you've broken the site layout. Use </b> to close your bold section properly.

Get a clue

NO, you don't treat him like royalty. If you want to be respected and heard you treat him with respect...even if he just fucked your mother. That, genius, is how power works. You want him to read the paper? Make him believe it is in his interest to read the paper.

You have already judged and condemned him without having a clue what, if any, his part was or might have been. THAT is the change you want?



"even if he just fucked your mother"

Are you speaking from experience? Is that how you learned how "power works"? I wouldn't log on to 911blogger drunk, demetriou.

You don't get it do you?

There was post on Blogger maybe a year ago where a marketing guy was queried about getting the message out. As I am a commercial photographer and close enough to the advertising and marketing scene that the advice given in that post resonated with me very much. It was all about respecting your audience, staying on message but without speaking down to people, laying out the key points of the message consistently, continually, targeting people in positions to do something about it with respect.

It seems a lot of the younger members of the movement, (are you one of them, snowcrash?) completely miss the wisdom of being respectful, even to someone you might despise, who is not necessarily an ally. Biden actually is a natural ally, if the political winds blow in the direction we want them to blow. He is probably privy to much, much more information than a lot of us are. Alienating him is the wrong tact to take.

I'm 53 years old. And have at least a little bit of life experience with my own quick temper on certain issues, and how my intemperate words have defeated my purposes at times. These younger hot heads need to be just as committed as they are, but more intelligent in their commitment.

If you are in a position to grant some favor to someone, who are you most likely to favor? The in-your-face know-it-all who talks down to you, insults your intelligence, demands you to stop and listen to his demands... or the guy that respectfully requests an audience, carefully lays out the request, respectfully tells you why it is in your interests to hear him?

Use your head, dude.

Even Jeremy and Bruno pretty much

admit there was a better way to handle that. The last page comment posted by one of them acknowledges this.

This is about winning a new investigation that gets at the truth. This is not about us versus them. If it is made into that type of confrontation, the message that the American people, the world, deserves a new investigation will get completely lost. This is not about conflating every terrible possibility of a fascist police state developing around us with our demands for a new investigation. That obscures our message that a new, independent investigation needs to happen.

If we don't stay on message and deliver that message clearly, consistently, respectfully, back up with the best science and logic possible, to the people in the best position to help get a new investigation, we will all be labeled conspiracy nuts not worth listening to.

Use your head, man.

He knows

I think, snowcrash, dude, he probably knows a hell of a lot more than you do about it. And if the political winds blow the right way and it is in Joe Biden's interests to do something about it, he will. Pissing him off with this type of bull shit isn't how it is going to happen.

Wow! Evidence into the hands of the highest levels of Govt. !

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER


Putting an accomplice on the spot.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

the world is waiting for G Bush, D. Cheney, etc to be arrested

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

the world is waiting for George Bush, Dick Cheney, etc to be arrested for crimes against Humanity

Will Vice President Joseph BIDEN or Barack OBAMA arrest them NOW for the sake of Humanity ?

If they are scared to do it there is always John Boncore and many others who will do their duty :

Bravo for the footage and lets have a lot more like it !

Yours John

PS try and show the following image next to Vice President Joseph BIDEN and others when asked the difficult questions on the nano-thermite :


Image Hosted by

Well done & very well spoken

How pathetic that literally Biden ran away.

I know his parents & grandparents would not have been proud of that.

Not often Biden is at a loss for words!

This must have really struck a nerve. His reaction to the question speaks volumes. Great job and thankfully it was witnessed by others at a Press Conference rather than off-to-the side.

Here's a short clip to email to friends and acquaintances. Only 2 minutes. I'm sending this under the subject of 'survey' and asking people to watch this and give your honest opinion. "Is This Building Falling down or Blowing Up?" Just tell me what you think: (pancaking Down or Exploding Out?)

"You can trust us to save

"You can trust us to save the economy" - Joe Biden.

And only the sheeple will say Amen.

That number is growing smaller and smaller.

I don't think some members of the Secret Service will be saluting Mr Biden.

At least not in their hearts.

Trust IS EARNED, Mr Biden.


The Rule of Law. OR Have you forgotten.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Indeed, trust IS EARNED!

That said, you may like the following clip containing one of the most memorable quotes in Star Trek history between the 0:57 and 1:09 mark:

9/11 Lessons From Star Trek


That is a Piece of ART!
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Worf is correct.

Thank You....

Jeremy, my friend.

Most Major Federal Figures Are Privatized Operatives IMO

Such figures spend entire careers passing through revolving doors between corporate board rooms and federal appointments. They apparently don't work in the public interest.

Their development and operation are not totally unlike other major criminal organization figures of years past.

The federal government is dedicated to the control of information and resources, under the direction of powerful financial and industrial forces.

9/11? Maybe not within the scope of Biden's influence, but he is apparently an active part of the public theater that poses as a public service.

Great job Jeremy and Bruno!

Way to go guys.

Let's not forget Biden's Pakistani ISI connection.

Holy crap guys.

On topic

Your question was on topic, since you phrased it in such a way that it was ingeniously connected with the economy, which is of course related to housing. The reporter who approached you and said otherwise had not a leg to stand on. Reporters are generally approaching public officials whenever they can to post an important question having nothing to do with the event they are attending. It was great that you had the paper right there to hand to Biden. You were prepared. Your performance was a good model for others to follow. Thank you.

That's not the point

"it doesn't matter what story you are after you should always keep it with the agenda of the moment."

That is paraphrasing for: Don't ask any questions that are not approved, or you will poison your journalists career. Especially with the White House Press Corp.

Haha, it seems he believes you were sincere journalists, meaning a phony journalist as himself was one, but instead you follow true journalism principles and this in a heroic way. Well done, and kudos for the exposing of the fraudulent media, too.

Agree, well done

>>Your question was on topic, since you phrased it in such a way that it was ingeniously connected with the economy, which is of course related to housing.

Yes, the question was excellent, and that he was forced to look at the paper was also very gratifying to see.

Yeah, this point cannot be underscored enough . . .

It's particularly encouraging that Vice President Biden got a copy of the recently published nano-thermite paper as now he and others in charge can't ever again claim to be ignorant of the facts. Obviously, the next questions for him should be if he read the paper and if so what he thought about it.


Can You Spell M*I*S*P*R*I*S*I*O*N of T*R*E*A*S*O*N ??

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site


like Obama is paid to read what the Teleprompter says.

They are good at staring at walls. Oblivious to the cries of We the People.

I believe he hasn't even read the Constitution recently.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Chris Sams' comment is hidden.


Great work, Gentlemen --

A pleasure to be part of the 9/11 truth-seeking community and to contribute where I can.

Thanks for using the Harrit et al. paper -- an effective tool!

No kidding! This is one of our most dynamic tools towards Truth

Again, "hats off" to all those who have brought forth this scientific evidence!!

Tough questions in a back alley

That was impressive! I can only imagine the pressure you felt speaking directly to the Vice President of the United States! The confined space of that alley provided an appropriate claustraphobic feel to your "inescapable" series of questions.

Tough questioning in a back alley -- just like Biden likes it. He took the bait and almost bit down on the hook in his mouth.

Excellent job!

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Silence is Golden

It’s amazing how quiet the observers got. Usually at the mention of 911 truth I expect some boos and from the audience. Not this time. It looks like everybody finally realizes the importance of this issue. I think Biden was waiting for the boos that never came.


needs to See The Handwriting on the Wall.

He seems to be staring at it long enough.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Jeremy made it onto the Randi Rhodes Show!!!

Randi Rhodes Show podcast Download the 5.18.09 show and go 21:45 into the podcast!

AWESOME job Jeremy!

Randi... shame on you!

Way to go WACLA ! I loved it!

Great Work As Always JRK , you nailed him! The show had to end after that question. Sorry to spoil the party folks but some of us are not too impressed with these phony politicians looking for photo ops! The only Change we are going to get from these guys is the nickels and dimes left on the table for the middle class. Thanks again for getting my blood rushing! You guys are heroes.


Would it be possible to forgo or filter out music in these recordings. It is generally annoying and interferes with hearing important conversation, especially for us older and deafer folks.

trhe music

totally agree with you; unfortunately, the music you heard in the background while Jeremy asked the question was actually playing at the event

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -

Media distraction on the way

with the alleged disclosion of Cheneys secret bunker all over the web news...

I personally doubt that Biden will do anything for the restoring of the rule of law- after reading very little into his background:

Joseph Biden never left a paper trail that would indicate he personally lobbied on behalf of his campaign contributors to protect BCCI interests. However, there is no doubt that his political career benefited from the support of high-flyers involved in the S&L debacle and BCCI. Biden was an influential member of the Foreign Relations Committee when it lobbied John Kerry to end his investigation into BCCI. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he had the power to initiate an investigation into how the Justice Department handled the BCCI affair; an action repeatedly called for in the op-ed pages of major newspapers. Joseph Biden did nothing.

Joseph Biden´s scandal never attracted media attention. His crime was not as sensational as those involved in the Keating 5 affair, because it may have been as simple as inaction. Biden´s inaction, however, protected campaign contributors who left the U.S. banking industry vulnerable to the influence of adversaries. The consequences of such inaction had the potential to cost Americans a lot more than their tax dollars.

Talked about on The Randi Rhodes Show Monday 5/18/09

A caller got through to the Randi Rhodes Show today with great information on the Biden confrontation.

The call comes up at about forty minutes in to the start of the show. It will be rebroadcast again tonight on-line beginning at 6:00p (ET) at If anyone can record and post the call, that would be great! The call should come up at about 6:40p.

I don't think Randi is podcasting again yet.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Someone needs to grab that!

Someone needs to grab that!

Randi Rhodes Podcast...

Okay, I tracked down the link to the podcast.

The full 5/18/09 show hasn't been posted as of my notice here (only a short snippet), but the call should be :40 into the first hour of the show when the full podcast is posted.

BTW, Randi comes off real shady... showed the 9/11 truther very little respect... very disappointed with how timid she's been with 9/11 truth.


UPDATE: Okay... the full podcast is up at the link above. The caller is Jeremy HIMSELF and on the podcast it comes in at exactly 21:45 into the podcast. CHECK IT OUT and let's get on the phones with Randi Rhodes tomorrow!!! Great job Jeremy!!!

Note, Randi picked up the call "cold"... I'm sure that's the only way Jeremy made it to the air! Again, AWESOME JOB JEREMY!

"Cogito ergo sum"

One step forward, two steps back

You started off great but then shot yourself and the Truth Movement in the foot. If you want someone to take you seriously you must be polite and respectful. He had the paper in his hand and he was looking at it when you started insulting him. At that point you should have said "I have always admired your willingness to say it like it is and I'm glad that you are our Vice President. This peer reviewed paper by professors of chemistry and physics deserves your attention. Will you please read it and comment on it publicly.?"

Chris Sarns

Please go out & meet the VP & DO as you say.

Both are ok

Both approaches are ok, as far as I'm concerned. With respect to Biden: if you approach him nicely, he will smile and then graciously ignore you. If you approach him antagonizingly he will frown and then ignore you. The point is that you did it in the first place, face to face with a leader of the not-so-free world. I applaud anybody who shows such courage. I don't care so much about possibly being counterproductive, while seeing a fascist police state slowly come into being before my eyes. I understand that different approaches and methods are used, but let's not kid ourselves about the state of our Western 'democracies'. We are in grave, grave peril.

"....Let's not kid ourselves

"....Let's not kid ourselves about the state of our Western 'democracies'......"


PATRIOTISM Meets Peril .

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


I'm sure Biden will work diligently to protect the perpetrators.

Biden is a made man

If you need to know anything about Biden all you have to do as look at what he did and what he said in the weeks surrounding 911
Together in Truth!

Great Job, Indeed!

And I saw that Richard Greene was right there for the followup question!


Excellent ! Housing to Nanothermite

Way to go Jeremy. You have a nice demeanor about you. Glad to be a part of this movement with guys like you asking the tough questions in a peaceful, articulate manor.

housing- --economy---justice---nanothermite,

A long way around, but you made it smoothly.

Obama and Ayres

great job

I don't agree that Bill Ayers needs to be seen as necessarily having undue influence on Obama. I don't assert I'm sure he didn't help write the Obama book. I simply don't accept that Ayres or Dohrn are agents of the state. There could have been agents in SDS or the weather underground, but I believe SDS was a real opponent of the Vietnam War and the Weather Underground was a real, though misguided, opponent of the Vietnam War. It's not too hard to see Obama as having a relationship with the nonterrorist progressive professor decades after his years underground.

I urge truth activists to confine their public organizing to evidence and leave speculation to internal discussion.

Obama and Biden certainly deserve public criticism for not holding Bush/Cheney, et al accountable for all their crimes

Analysis of his behavior

He looked up, who is the camera man, where are the cameras, where is my exit. What is the easiest way to exit, ok talk to the soft spoken young man to exit, pretending to care will advance him another 10 feet perhaps. Then through the door, signal a wink and exit!

thank you !

Thank you everybody for the kind words and support. Much respect to the softly spoken, but immensely powerful work of Professor Jones, Niels Harrit, Kevin Ryan, Jeffrey Farrer, Frank Legge, Daniel Farnsworth,Gregg Roberts, James Gourley and Bradley Larsen, and to all the incredible, un(der)paid, underthanked researchers, activists and professionals around the world working on this.

A little post-encounter analysis has led me to think that if I had shut my mouth after the first question, more could have been revealed and the tension could have grown in a creative way. I don't apologize at all for what I said as he left (it was as soft as I could be considering the lives ended and or affected by this ongoing silence and cover-up), but I do see the possibility of further heightening the encounter through restraint, emotional discipline and a reaching out to all the people present. Bruno and I have discussed this in the time since.

Always embracing what is while striving for what's possible.

Anyone send this video to the yet?

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

That was just super!


What he fears

That took guts. You guys, Jeremy and Bruno, were clear, forceful, and justifiably confrontational. You gave Biden no reason to fear you physically, but plenty of reason to fear his own shirking of duty. You made him fear himself.