The 9/11 Commission Didn't Investigate NOTHING! Jesse Ventura

I Like Jesse Ventura, However ...

Would like to see him carefully introduce some of his apparent knowledge of 9/11 on major broadcasts and challenge the official myth.

Media Torture Debate Well Considered Emotion Generating Content

Like abortion, race relations, gay marriage, illegal immigration and other partisan content, the media's selection of torture for debate was probably considered for the divided emotional reactions and fruitless debate it generates within the public.

The media is the not-so-invisible hand that steers public attention and opinion, under the direction of corporate control.

Public debate should be focused on the role of private interest based consumer credit being required for too many of life's essentials or the role of unelected roundtable groups in the formation of public policy favorable major financial interests.

Is That it Jesse?

Not Surprising Jesse, Most people already know the 9/11 commission was a sham that lacked investigative integrity
This photo opt of Jesse on FOX news was not worth the front page coverage 911Blooger gave it!
I'd rather watch re-run movies of Woody Allen's Annie Hall than listen to this wasted time and effort a second time.

Jesse only hit a bunt single - what's your batting average?

My batting average stinks. I have been working for years to awaken my friends and I have only awakened one - and I can't take credit even for that one - because she was already more than three-quarters of the way there.
I have sent my friends endless links to truth articles, written endless emails, created illustrated PDFs etc.
In other words, I have tried the hard sell, the soft sell, exercised patience - done everything I can think of.
For me to expect Jesse to hit a home run in a brief appearance with a hostile interviewer and awaken the world when I can't awaken my friends with endless hours (and I do mean endless) of dilligent research and careful argumentation, is not a reasonable expectation.
Jesse is walking a very fine line. Because he makes "good television" he gets to appear with Hannity. He uses his judgment and takes it as far as he can - to be sure he gets invited back to take it a bit further.
Were he to take it all the way ------(Have you seen Charlie Sheen lately?)
Anyway --- What's your batting average? Mine is about .003.
BUT - one never knows how much internal progress one is making. One never knows what doubts have been successfully planted - doubts that just won't go away - and that must eventually break into the light of day.
Jesse is doing a great job. I remember how disappointed I was, as a kid, when Mickey Mantle, batting left-handed, would beat out a drag bunt single down the first base line. I wanted a towering homer into the upper deck every time. That's because I was a child and unable to appreciate the finesse of a bunt single and how that helped the overall cause of winning the game.

In my mind, your batting 100 zmzmzm!

Its not easy, but your batting average is bound to improve because you got up to the plate and tried in the first place,
Its efforts like yours that keeps us all in the game. I know Jesse has a better batting average that most of us...
Have you ever heard that saying " Before one can win, we must first learn how to lose" ? Every great athlete knows that saying!

If one person shares what he or she knows about the crimes and lies of 9/11...that is one seed planted, It may whither away or may grow. You planted the seed of truth... now its out of your hand in in the hand of those who receive.

In my mind, your batting 100 zmzmzm!

Thanks Richard and Kameelyun

It is helpful to know that one is not just typing into nothingness. I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

Good analogy with the "finesse" of the bunt.

And by the way, when I heard Hannity speak I found myself cringing more than I did with Hasslebeck.

May be batting over 250

I agree with Richard, you have planted many seeds and may have more of an affect on more people than you think. You may be batting over 250 and not even know it.

Jesse on Fox & Fiends this morning...


That's More Like It!

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Great videos... Jesse gets into 9/11 hard.

Torture expert

He was on Ed Schultz show this evening. He seems to be the media go-to guy on torture.


Dammit, I can't help it, I just love the guy.

OH Jesse

Too bad Ventura plays right into the msm's left/right bullshit debate.

Why is Obama good and Bush bad? Makes no sense. Both are horrible. As much as I hate hannity, Ventura has just as large an ego and doesn't know what freedom means.

I'm sure they gave him a 9/11 Gag Order........

I have zero doubt that these shows give him a 9/11 gag order or he wouldn't go on at all.

He was on Howard Stern this morning going off on 9/11 Truth!

And those morons still don't believe it. Mind Boggling.

a Yes vote

Sitting here, a couple hours after work, public computer, University of video can be played on the screen. Getting all the video imagery second-hand from your descriptions (except for a still-shot of Ventura vs shill, at Raw Story).

It is to be guessed that the shill-creatures like this "man" go through an arduous training, because there is such a sameness to many of them. You wanna know when someone is telling the truth or saying something important, just listen for the shill to interrupt with rapid-fire stutters to break up the truthfulness coming out of the other person's mouth. Hannity does that pretty good, or bad, rather.

Ventura may make mistakes, but he seems sincere about his beliefs. When he speaks about torture or about 9/11-- when they let him--he speaks from his heart. That quality, alone, separates him from most of the gas-heads in the media today.

I didn't watch TV for a few years, and then, about two years into the GWB era, I clicked on a television. It was like a parody of a sci fi film (anyone seen the LEXX series?) in which you find yourself on an alien planet, and everything is, well, controlled by SOMEONE very evil and misleading, and all the news announcers are--in the film--so obviously spouting BS that the viewers are expected to understand what is going on: it's a drama about the people on the alien planet, being lied to. No one has to tell them--the viewers--this, because it's so frigging easy to see. And yet, that was what TV had become. From already dishonest, a few years previously, to "sci fi parody" dishonest when clicked on a few years later. I just sat there thinking, "This isn't possible." And yet, some of my friends, intellectual political conservatives were buying it, though some of them have since become disenchanted with all of it.

Jesse gets a Yes vote from me. He's not one of the plastic, programmed-behaving liars. He's himself.

(And, yes, Libs guilty too--just so conservatives don't think they're being picked on.)

Go Jesse

The most important point Ventura got in was in the final moment when he ridiculed Hannity's mantra-like repetition that Bush "kept us safe." It is infuriating the way the corporate media repeats this meme, which is so obviously at variance with truth. The biggest attack in US history on Bush's watch -- that's "keeping us safe"?

However, Ventura's claim that it's too soon to judge Obama is lame. It's not too soon, and speaking as a progressive, I'd give him a D so far. It's true Obama inherited a mess, but he has to take responsibility for being Bush 2.0 See the article at yesterday by Glenn Greenwald for how Obama's policies in the so called "War on Terror" are very similar to Bush's -- mostly all that's changed is the packaging. Obama: more of the same we CAN'T believe in.

Ventura Victory!

I thought that Jesse handled the Hannity Insanity pretty well. Jesse took him down when he tried to bully him.
I just watched a documentary called Taxi to the Dark Side. Anyone who condones torture or enhanced interrogation needs to see it before they make up their minds. I agree with Jesse, I am ashamed of our behavior as a country in these matters. Jesse was obviously restrained about 911 but still handled the issue with good tact surrounding the freedom of speech and government's lie tacts. The Gulf of Tonkin comment was great and left no room for discussion. Great work Jesse keep it comming.

Yes, I especially liked that

Yes, I especially liked that he got the Gulf of Tonkin in there as well, 58,000 US killed. However, he would have creamed them even more by reminding them that the US also killed 3+ million Vietnamese all on the basis of that lie.

3+ million.

That's about half of what the Germans were blamed for in the Holocaust.

That would have been a stunning statement.

Just two words Jesse

............THANK YOU!

I wish i could shake this man's hand

..............He defines honor, integrity, and just plain simply what a man should be. It's no wonder i typed you in for president on last year ballot.
You're the man Jesse!!!!!!!!!