Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern talking 9/11!

Holy crap.

I haven't listened, but Jesse is on a roll lately.


"May the forces of evil get lost on the way to your house." -George Carlin

Jessie is a real Patriot

Well done.

Jesse Needs A Copy Of The Bentham Nano-Thermite Paper

Being armed with that information would make his effort so much easier and effective.

Yes Yes Yes

Imagine him flashing the paper in the camera, and talking about it. That is a brilliant idea.

Yes, I think the paper would

Yes, I think the paper would help. But also, Jesse is highly respected by many people and whether he is talking about the pancake theory or NIST's latest single-column claim doesn't matter because most of those listening have no idea of that theory or what it's outcome was and it's not misinformation, it's fact.

My concerns are primarily with Howard Stern. I always have the sense he would lunge at a chance to trash Jesse or anyone who dares to question anything, and yet he himself claims to be such a rebel.

And mention Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

(Incorporating some of the finer points already made below...) This way the audience will know it is not just your own opinion but the view of many A&E professionals as well. And the audience will now have a place to go get more information from too if they are interested!

Go Jesse!

I sure am glad he stuck to his guns when they tried to cut him short on Building 7. Way to go Jesse!!!

Errors in Jesse and his opponents' arguments

When discussing what happened to the buildings on 9/11 you should always be aware what the official line is, lest you are talking about old stuff from hit job articles in Hearst publications.

"However, fuel oil fires did not play a role in the collapse of WTC 7." (NCSTAR 1A, p xxxii)

"Other than initiating the fires in WTC 7, the damage from the debris from WTC 1 had little effect on initiating the collapse of WTC 7." NCSTAR 1A, p xxxii

"Fire-induced thermal expansion of the floor system surrounding Column 79 led to the collapse of Floor 13, which triggered a cascade of floor failures. In this case, the floor beams on the east side of the building expanded enough that they pushed the girder connecting Columns 79 and 44 to the west on the 13th floor."

"The displaced girder and other local fire-induced damage caused Floor 13 to collapse, beginning a cascade of floor failures down to the 5th floor … This left Column 79 with insufficient lateral support in the east-west direction. The column buckled eastward, becoming the initial local failure for collapse initiation." NCSTAR 1-A, p 19-20

As for Jane Standley from the BBC, reporting on the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened, that is somewhat uninteresting. The BBC got that from either CNN or Reuters, who probably got it from firefighters on the scene.

See: Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories - Prof. Graeme MacQueen

(The interesting part is, who was the anonymous engineer from the OEM that warned the firefighters that WTC 7 was going to 'come down' or be 'brought down', and why were so many, including Silverstein, using terms like 'pull it', 'blow up' and 'brought down'? Who told them that?)

I hope Jesse Ventura reads 911blogger...

Jesse's a pretty effective spokesman for 911 Truth, I think. But he needs to sit around a table with Jones, Griffin or Kevin Ryan (yeah!) and just absorb some more detail.

When that caller mentioned to the diesel tanks in WTC7, for example, Jesse could have replied that NIST expressly denied that this caused the collapse of 7 in their Final Report - that, and any damage Building 7 received from the Tower collapses. WTC7 did not collapse because of damage or fuel tanks.

Jesse, you let that ground ball roll past you!

If he's writing a book on "conspiracies"

he had most friggin' DEFINITELY be reading 9/11 blogger. See my comments below.

Pretty good, but lessons to be learned.

Jesse is one of my heroes, and has been since 2002 when I read his book "Do I Stand Alone?", written in 2000 during the Bush-Gore campaign. I was like, "Wow! Finally a common sense political manifesto for the common man!" Reading Jesse's book served as my awaking to the reality that the two parties are the opposite sides of the same coin; prior to 2002 I was trapped in the false right-left paradigm. So six years later in '08, boy was my heart uplifted to see him join the 9/11 truth cause! I agree he is an effective spokesman for 9/11 truth, but he can become even better. Several posts on this thread have already articulated examples. The diesel fuel fires issue for instance.

Also, when the caller said, "Are you a scientist now, too?" Jesse TOTALLY MISSED the golden opportunity to mention the almost 700 architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. He did say "I was a demo man, I know how to blow things up." But the caller was specifically asking for validation from "scientists."

What this shows is that not only is the general public not aware of the existence of, but possibly, neither is Jesse???? It seems almost unfathomable that he would let such a slow-rolling ground ball roll under his legs if he knew about the work of Richard Gage and company.

Another lesson to be learned here (assuming these phone callers were genuine and not plants from Hearst) is that way too many doubters of 9/11 truth still operate under the assumption that all experts support the official explanation while the only people supporting the truth movement are lay people with no expertise in relevant fields.

A third lesson is that a discussion exclusively about controlled demolition can leave the casual listener distracted by the trees rather than the forest. Even if the conversation does focus on CD, it's good to say, near the outset, that while almost 700 a's and e's support the case for CD, this is just one of hundreds of pieces of evidence that points to 9/11 being a military deception on many levels. It needs to be mentioned very early in the discussion that aspect of the official story has been called into serious question by professionals in relevant fields, including former Air Force, air traffic controllers, professional commercial pilots, CIA analysts and case officers, etc. Once this supreme point has been made, then focus on controlled demolition for the rest of the discussion all you want. But point out the entire forest first. Because a casual undecided listener of this Howard Stern episode could have walked away that the entire truth movement's argument hinges solely on CD.

Gosh, gosh. gosh...

Just reflecting upon the "Are you a scientist now, too?"

As if the CD hypothesis is the brainchild of Jesse Ventura.

Isn't it mindblowing, the ignorance?

PS Since I've run out of time to edit my previous comment, the fourth line from bottom should read "to point out that EVERY aspect of the official story has been called into serious question" etc. Forgot the "every."

PPS On the last line, instead of "walked away that," it should actually say "walked away THINKING that."

This caller

played all the well known "debunker" cards. So one has to wonder who he was.

To Jesse Ventura.....if you read 9/

Jesse, you would be well served, when making your case, by quoting the ever increasing archive of material relating to how the 9/11 Commission was a charade at best, more accurately a pack of lies. Take note of the following examples, amongst many documented here on 911blogger during the last few years:

* First the Bush Administration refused to authorize any form of inquiry for 441 days, and it was only after pressure from family members threatened to turn the affair into a PR nightmare that the Commission was grudgingly authorized. Then, the originally appointed Commission chair Henry Kissinger had to step down rather than put his client list on the public record. When the Bush Administration finally set up a Commission to investigate the attacks, which they promised would be the fullest inquiry "with no stones left unturned".

According to the most senior Commissioners, this was far from the case.

* The Bush White House did everything in its power to derail an open inquiry. Then, when faced with its inevitability, the president and his aides "sought to limit its scope, its access and its funding".

* John Farmer, the lead counsel to the Commission, claims that the majority of the Commission's findings are "untrue". He also states: “the public had been seriously misled about what occurred during the morning of the attacks,” and also “at some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened. (!!!)

*The intimidation of witnesses in a trial is a serious offense. Throughout the 9/11 Commission hearings, Government "minders" aggressively intimidated Commission witnesses on a wholesale basis, with impunity.

*CIA chief Tenet demonstrably lied to the Commissioners in closed session meetings.

*Despite the common awareness in the intelligence and law enforcement community that torture is a counterproductive method of obtaining worthwhile information, the huge majority of the Commission's "evidence" was extracted by torturing supposed suspects.

* Former VP Cheney provably lied to the 9/11 Commission regarding his movements and whereabouts in the critical period of time shortly after the attacks started.

* After both President Bush and VP Cheney initially refused to testify to the Commission under oath, their testimony was secret, behind closed doors, no cameras or transcripts allowed, and no questions by reporters. Does "executive privilege" extend to this degree of obfuscation?

* The overwhelming proportion of evidence heard by the Commission was not included in the Commission's final report; this report has been described as a classic example of "dry labbing". In scientific circles this means "starting out with a theory, which you then prove by omitting all contrary material. The responsibility for this fiasco clearly fell with the Commission's executive director, Philip Zelikow, a Bush White House official, who ultimately determined which material was to be published, and which was to be ignored and/or erased from the final report

*Both 9/11 Commission co-chairs Kean and Hamilton haves stated publicly that the 9/11 Commission was "deliberately set up to fail" by the Bush/Cheney White House.

*And only today comes the bizarre case regarding Zelikow "burying" the option of a criminal investigation of perjury involving NORAD and FAA officials about the "failure" of US air defenses.


9/11 was the crime of our lifetimes. If this attack really had been perpetrated by foreign agents alone, and if the Bush Administration/elements within the Pentagon had been guilt-free regarding 9/11 (as they and the 9/11 Commission claimed), anyone with some common sense would have expected the following, at the very least:
* By 9/12/2001, a series of exhaustive inquiries at all levels, in all departments and all agencies would have been under way, with deep funding and all resources available.
* Heads would have rolled by the hundred. There would be court martials, charges of criminal negligence/dereliction of duty and others.
* There would have been major shake-ups, a huge house cleaning exercise.
* Discussion about the 9/11 attacks in the corporate media would be open and reasonable, rather than a taboo.
* Government officials would be open to answering questions about it, rather than avoiding the subject at all cost, cowering behind multiple concentric layers of security and screening.

What I am suggesting here is that the reaction to 9/11 by the Bush Administration was the opposite of what anyone of rational mind would have reasonably expected. What does this tell you?

Jesse, I hope you read 9/11Blogger. When making your case regarding the collapses of the buildings, you could also quote the recent findings by Dr. Steven Jones, Niels Harrit and others, who have analyzed the dust and found the loaded gun, "thermitic" material.

Jonathan Elinoff's take...

"I got to tell you, Ventura is cool and all, but SERIOUSLY man, get up to date with the best arguments. The physics stuff is great but plug a damn website once in a while. A documentary or two. And most importantly, use the air time wisely, VENTURA, try mentioning a few other points once in a while. These lame ass, old arguments that are too generic are not holding it anymore. Someone needs to tell him, plug a MOVIE and website every time you talk about 9/11. When people are interested, they want to know where they can learn more, not hear you preach like its “your idea” you are just having all of a sudden. Ventura was on Howard Stern and he did a pretty lame job. Nice guy, no offense, but I have to start taking critical now. Every tie I have heard the guy, he DOES NOT enlighten people with knowledge or “good arguments.”"

I got this comment from Jonathan Elinoff's web email. He's the producer of "Core of Corruption"

If ANYONE at 9/11 blogger

...perhaps some of you are celebrities or other important figures, hiding behind your anonymous screen names. If ANYONE on this site has any sort of personal access to Jesse, PLEASE tell him to REGULARLY check out 9/11 blogger. Perhaps first thing of every morning, with his cup of coffee, as many would do with their newspaper.

If a person is humble and listens, he will refine his skills. Remember the original second edition of Loose Change, where Dylan said: "If this is true, it would be the third building in history to collapse from a fire. The first two would be the twin towers."

People privately pulled Dylan aside and said: "That doesn't fly. You have to very specifically say 'third steel-framed skyscraper in history. Otherwise, you're inadvertently doing your opponents' work of propping up a lame straw man."

That's kind of the point where Jesse is in his 9/11 activism. He needs to be pulled aside and told, very respectfully: "You're making excellent efforts, but your knowledge on certain fine details could be more up-to-date and airtight. And it's these fine details that could potentially make or break the deal in terms of convincing someone or at least awakening their curiosity to find out more."

Why doesn't Jessie & Richard Gage

or Dr.Jones team up & make a few publice apperancs?.

Perhaps on his new t.v. show.

Unbeatable combination of frankness, media coverage & Scientific validation.

That's a GREAT IDEA!

Perfect idea, Richard Gage or Dr. Jones should contact him about a joint press conference, tour, tv appearance, radio appearance etc. Or how about Col Robert Bowman AND Jesse, that would be a tag team that would be hard to beat!

"forget building 7"

"forget building 7"

the caller statement was an outright attempt at opinion programming.
he was likely cointelpro...

The majority of States

DO NOT have a building as tall as WTC7

Over 40 stories.

Don't forget that!~

"forget building 7"

And that was one instance where Jesse absolutely did the right thing, and with perfect timing. He barked right back at the caller:

No, I'm not forgetting Building Seven!!!!


Exactly what they'd like us all to do - forget building 7, forget the stand down orders, forget the fire fighter testimony, forget the pools of liquid iron, forget all of the damning evidence that points to the real criminals. "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning September the 11th. THEORIES THAT ATTEMPT TO SHIFT THE BLAME AWAY FROM THE GUILTY." I think that's what they want us to forget, that we can think for ourselves. Move along citizen, nothing to concern yourself with here. We have found the perps in a cave, we smoked em out. This was a misinfo agent for sure. Forget building 7, I thought Jesse was going to reach through the phone and choke-slam that guy. Like to see THAT on YouTube...

Forget the Constitution

Forget the Bill of Rights.

Forget the Rule of Law.

That explains the state of the country.

Too many people drunk in delusions of freedom.

Time to remember some Foundational Truths.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Yes, yes, yes again.

Somebody needs to get Jesse the Bentham papers and Richard Gage's Blueprint for Truth!! If Jesse had gone on Howard's show and been able to air THAT info as openly as this discussion went, this thing would be blowing wide open within a month or two! (Neils Harrit has not been accused of saying that Jesus discovered Mexico, to my knowledge. ;) )
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

It was disappointing to....

hear the NYC police officer talk about the fuel storage in the basement of Bldg 7, so uniformed it's sad . Go Jesse and don't forget the Rodriguez and Mineta testimonies which don't appear in the 911 report.


those aren't from the same interview. You posted his last appearance from about a year ago.

Cheers Jeese You're a good

Cheers Jeese
You're a good man

'Mean Gene' would be proud.

Jesse spends the cold half of the year in Mexico...

...and Minnesota during the warm half. We must make every effort to get him during the warm half.

Credit where credit is due.

After the criticism I've offered Jesse, I've also mentioned that he did the right thing when barking back "I'm not forgetting about building 7!"

I also wanted to add:

He did a good job at refuting the "vast conspiracy with large numbers of people involved" objection by discussing compartmentalization, mentioning how he has a friend who's former military who didn't even realize he was a part of the Iran-Contra conspiracy until the story broke on TV, it was that compartmentalized.

Ventura unlikely to change his ways

I'm glad someone of Ventura's MSM-acceptability is out there raising these kinds of questions about 9/11. I really am.

But, at the same time, I think we in the truth movement are deluding ourselves if we think he's every going to grow into an exemplary spokesman for our cause.

Years ago, Ventura successfully parlayed his just-a-commonsensical-regular-guy-with-a-bigger-than-life-personality shtick into getting elected governor of Minnesota. And what did he do as governor? I'm not from Minnesota and claim no expertise, but as best as I can make out: Not much.

He turned out to be yet another shallow, power-loving politician. He never put into play any coherent program for significant reform, was conspicuously inept and hypocritical, and ultimately left office in quasi-disgrace.

Now in self-imposed exile in Mexico, Ventura appears to be planning a political comeback, again playing the aforementioned shtick. Though I'm not questioning the sincerity of his beliefs here, it looks to me that he sees -- in the political Establishment's concealment of 9/11 truth -- an opportunity that might eventually be leveraged for that comeback, or, barring that, sell a lot of books to people who'd otherwise never give a second thought to 9/11 revisionism.

That's why Ventura is reluctant to give credit to scientific researchers, or get into the more technical aspects of such research. (He's certainly intelligent enough to learn the science involved were he so inclined.) He's playing the regular guy/hero here, pretentiously un-pretentious, who's figured out what really happened, more-or-less by himself, as sort of a combination Rambo/Indiana Jones. He hardly wants to sound like somebody reporting on what intellectuals in the vein of Griffin/Jones/Ryan/Gage have to say.

"What did he do as a governor? ...Not much."

Well, when you have a republicrat machine of gridlock which is absolutely pissed off that a non D/R won the election, and are determined to tear Jesse's proposals down every chance they get, you wind up with a governor who is unable to get much done. He's not a dictator.