Letter to the Editor: 9/11 news is being buried

9/11 news is being buried

Published: Friday, May 22, 2009

Another group of scientists has found evidence of explosives in the dust at ground zero, 9/11.

Big news?

Actually it isn’t news at all. Hasn’t been covered. One might expect calls far and wide for a public investigation by qualified scientists to examine whether the findings are accurate. Yawn.

There is a lot of interest on the Internet, among people who don’t take a paycheck from corporate media. There is interest among ex-CIA, military, pilots, architects, engineers, physicists, demolition experts, metallurgists, academics and so on.

But not a peep from corporate media. We know corporate media are obtuse propagandists for corporate interests like the treasonous illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. They love that shock and awe. It’s good TV.

They are enemies of democracy and friends of wealth. Does The Sentinel know that the work of these scientists is “cartoonish”? How do you know?

I say, prove it.

Prove the scientists are wrong, or that there is ambiguity.

Recognize the gravity of the implications. Respect the sincerity of the scientists. Report the news.


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This was my comment:

When Tom Rogers said "Another group of scientists has found evidence of explosives in the dust at ground zero, 9/11", he was likely referring to this peer-reviewed paper published April 2009 in the refereed Open Chemical Physics Journal:

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

So far, no paper has been published that rebuts or debunks their findings- though many pretend rebuttals have been posted on the "internets". The material is not paint; paint doesn't produce iron microspheres when heated to 700 C in a DSC; iron melts at 1435 C. The material is not Kaolin; it contains elemental Aluminum. In addition to it's unusual thermitic properties, the material shows signs of being highly engineered- aluminum in platelet form.

In addition to the above paper, see this paper which highlights information from official government reports that disproves NIST's (and FEMA's) own conclusions:

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

And this report, which uses the EPA's own data to make the case that energetic materials were present, and likely involved in the WTC destruction- also never debunked, just ignored:

Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials

Any Scientific response?

There is certainly a mind-numbing silence in the media about the recent paper, "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe." But what about among scientists themselves. Any response? This is a peer-reviewed paper. What do peers say who've read it? Do THEY simply refuse to comment like the media? Let's keep giving the paper to chemists and other scientists as well as writing letters to the editor.

Once again this underscores the EXTREME need for the NYC CAN to succeed. This paper must be formally presented and publicly addressed in the media as part of a full and independent inquiry.

Yes, let the author's peers know about this paper:

List of Physics Departments at Universities- worldwide

List of Chemistry Departments at Universities- worldwide



Most scientific papers generate letters to the editor. I would like to see what others say in that journal itself, in the letters.

However, I am not aware of how to access those letters if they exist. Anyone?

President Obama wants to "restore science to it's rightful place

It's time for the media to step up and do their part by reporting on this research.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Words chosen carefully

Obama's idea of the rightful place for science may be different from ours.

How many?

But how many people even know about the "Active Thermitic" paper? I would say very few. If people in the media knew about it and weren't reporting it, then you could say it was being covered-up. However, the media not mentioning it is due entirely to ignorance and laziness.

During the run-up to the Iraq War, how many people in the media went back and read all the UN reports about how Saddam's manufacturing base for WMD had been destroyed? Practically no one.

It would have been nice if Jesse Ventura had handed out this paper to the news establishments that he recently visited(ABC, Fox News etc) on his media blitz.

scientists have their own community and channels

sometimes scientific studies make the news, and even become major news stories- nano-thermite in WTC dust meaning the towers were deliberately destroyed certainly qualifies as news, imho, and Deseret in the US covered it, and so did foreign media.

however, even when studies don't get MSM attention, the scientific community finds out about them by reading the journals, participating in conferences/discussions and thru personal contact with their peers, I assume. An issue of this significance seems like it would quickly make the rounds. EDIT- on SnowCrash's Pineli article thread I posted a list of 15 universities and libraries that came up in the first 5 pgs of a google, that list the Open Chemical Physics Journal- it seems most chemists and physicists that are following what's going in the world of scientific publishing should've/could've heard about it.

at some point it would be good to hear from Dr. Jones et al on what response there has been in the scientific community

EDIT- just found this interview w Harrit on a German media site, submitted it to 911blogger:


Thanks for the link to the

Thanks for the link to the Harrit interview by the German media outlet.

I found it interesting to learn that a copy of the paper was sent to the FBI.

I sent the study

to a dozen scientists qualified in nanotechnologies and chemistry. So far no one replied. I tried it with the "begging for bogus" tour, as I begged them to confirm it to me that it was totally bogus and the scientist behind them nutcases.

In France there has been a radio program on 911 no word on nano

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,
I have the same analysis on the media ignoring the discovery of nano-thermite.
That is why I think it is important to reply to
"Does ground zero debris on Staten Island contain these nano-thermite chips ?"
We have to create in the public mind the danger? of lying explosives on Staten Island.
In France there has been a radio program on 911 on "France Inter" the 9,16 et 23 May 2009 by Patrick Pesnot
not a word on the discovery of nano-explosives.

Yves Ducourneau a very actif 911 truther has already replied to Patrick Pesnot
follow the link and sorry it is for the moment only in French.


update the 25 May 2009 the radio program is downloadable at
23 May 2009
16 mai 2009

Perhaps some one can put up English subtitles ?

Found downloadable links toFrench radio program ignoring nano...

Found downloadable links to French radio program ignoring nano-thermite

23 may 2009
http://media.radiofrance-podcast.net/podcast09/14726-23.05.2009-ITEMA_20... ( ~ 35M)

16 may 2009
http://media.radiofrance-podcast.net/podcast09/14726-16.05.2009-ITEMA_20... ( ~ 35M)

Perhaps someone can translate them ?

Confirmatory work / France? / New Hampshire?

When the "Active Thermitic..." paper came out, Professor Jones said that confirmatory work was going on in France and New Hampshire, and that he had seen the results and hoped the scientists would publish these in peer-reviewed journals. If they publish, they will want to be as meticulous with their work as Harrit and Jones and the others were with theirs.

That means there may still be months to go, maybe numerous months. If the level of confirmation reaches this second level, then the spread of the information will be almost certainly unstoppable.

Until then, it is wise to keep sending the paper to qualified people. Time is on our side, even if it sometimes progresses more slowly than we'd like.

Here is part of the situation & an aspect towards solution.

I loved seeing this "Letter to the Editor" ! Very well versed.

Part of the inertia and blockade which the 9/11 Truth Movement runs into with the media is caused deliberately by the networks (NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, etc.). This is the source. Smaller papers and news reporting entities tend to "follow the trend" set by the networks. If the networks make a big deal about something, the smaller, independent journalistic parties follow the parade.

The above is an aspect of the situation. I do not expect Fox or NBC to ever reveal all the truth in its entirety, because they would then expose their own criminal actions.

An aspect towards a partial solution is just what occured with this "Letter to the Editor". We in the 9/11 Truth Movement need to continue pressing with "Letters to the Editor" and articles in the smaller, independent newspapers or newsletters, etc. As more and more smaller entities print "9/11 Truth" articles, then it bears pressure upon the bigger outfits to do the same.

These smaller paper articles do impact an influence. This article had so many comments (90% positive), that they stopped the comment submissions. http://media.www.theeasttexan.com/media/storage/paper1164/news/2008/09/2...


I think it's important to remember that often times the reason the editor is there is to bury such stories.


oops double post

"Letter to the Editor: 9/11

"Letter to the Editor: 9/11 news is being buried"

And so is the Constitution.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it