Open Government Dialogue - Speak, Vote, for 9/11 Truth

There is an Open Government Dialogue Website (at , and a limited window of opportunity to put forward and vote on ideas to-

strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative...

Less than 5000 people have logged in and participated in the submission and voting on 500 or so idea submissions. The one most relevant to the 9/11 Truth Community begins like this:

Have a "REAL" investigation into 911 not some whitewash commission!

2. Support the "First" responders in NY City!

3. Give American's a "REAL" Bailout!

4. Dissolve the following ACTS $ stop *.* spying on Americans:
*The Military Commission Act 2006
*The John Warner Act 2007
*The Protect America Act of 2007

5. Prosecute anyone who had anything to do with the Bush torture program to include civilian psychologist!

6. Address the (TI) "Targeted Individual" issue here in the U.S.

(at )

At the moment, it is being voted down. A better worded proposal could meet the same fate- if the website is the target of right wing or status quo, window dressing machinations.

You need to login to the site to vote. It is a limited opportunity for us to make our issue more visible and heard. Obviously, if we had an open, transparent, collaborative process- we would not have state sponsored terrorism, false flag operations, unending war, the dominance of the myths over reality.

This left us more cynical but wiser

UPDATE: Opportunity to Achieve our Goal ABORTED by CHANGE.ORG

9/11 Truth Let Down — Bill Moyers Punks Out and Engages in Intellectual Dishonesty

they're afraid of the truth

When I looked, the counter was set to -25 which means they have rigged the count against us.

Better luck somewhere else.

Spectrum Analyzer

We need a better attempt

The 'new 9-11 investigation' suggestion mentioned by Carol was extremely poorly written and meandered all over the place. It offered NO REASON why we need a new investigation, nor did it explain how we know the last investigation was insufficient. The suggestion was shrill and unfocused.

I took a look at some of the people who voted against it, and they had voted for an end to the media monopoly, the end of secrecy in government, and even the release of the ET files. So these aren't the people that we're used to telling us we're loony conspiracy theorists. These are potential allies.

I went ahead and posted two ideas just to see how they would fly. One was about corporate rule and the other was about the New World Order. When I last checked, the one on corporate rule had received the highest score in its category with no negative votes, and the New World Order proposal was slowly inching forward. At the same time, the 9-11 proposal was sitting at negative 35 (-35). I'm sure we can do better and educate some folks in the process, both about 9-11 and the limits of "change" from this administration.

Here's One With 12 + votes

Lets have a scientific fact based look at 911.

End Imperial Presidency

Now #2 with 560 votes

It went up 200 votes in one day. Closing fast on #1.

Leave the White House less imperial than you found it. Appoint an independent prosecutor to prosecute Bush, Cheney, and their top officials in order to deter in the future the crimes of aggressive war, misleading congress, defrauding congress, misspending funds, war crimes, murder, warrantless spying, torture, domestic propaganda, violations of the Hatch Act and the Voting Rights Act, obstruction of justice, misprision of felony, retaliating against whistleblowers

This is our best shot. Tell a friend.

The new, concise version now has 30 votes

It only takes two minutes to sign up and vote. While this may not be the most effective way to achieve our objective, it is another way to reach interested, political, concerned citizens with our message. The more votes, the better. Go vote!


A URL would be helpful. ;-) I will vote for that one too, if I can find it.

End Imperial Presidency now has 651 votes.

At this rate it will be #1 by tomorrow night.