LA Times- Review: 'New World Order' on Independent Film Channel

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Review: 'New World Order' on Independent Film Channel

The film focuses on Texas-based radio host Alex Jones and some of his peers, who are on a mission to expose what they believe to be a massive conspiracy that threatens the world.

A documentary listens to believers in government plots and ill-intentioned cabals.

By ROBERT LLOYD, Television Critic
May 26, 2009

“New World Order,” which premieres today on the Independent Film Channel, is a film about people battling with phantoms. They are volunteers in an "information war" who see as clearly, as John saw his four Apocalyptic horsemen and seven trumpeting angels, that 9/11 was an "inside job," that the military-industrial complex killed Kennedy, and that an international "power elite" is plotting to enslave us all, excepting for those it will kill outright.

They are hard to pigeonhole politically, these conspiracy adepts, trusting neither the "socialist Democrats" nor the "fascist Republicans" -- Ron Paul seems to be their man, if anyone is -- yet sounding as often like '60s leftist radicals as right-wing militiamen. They take the 1st Amendment as seriously as any card-carrying member of the ACLU, styling themselves muckrakers and speakers of truth to power, often through a bullhorn.

The man with the biggest bullhorn is Alex Jones, an Austin, Texas-based syndicated radio host and maker of such films as "Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" (116 five-star reviews on and "Martial Law 9-11: The Rise of the Police State," and the point through which all the strands connect in this unexpectedly affecting, nonjudgmental documentary by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel. Meyer and Neel don't get in the way of their subjects; there are no talking heads or title cards to contradict their worldview, or even to put it in perspective, only the occasional collision of the theorists' certain knowledge with others' actual experience.

Much of what Jones and his fellows and followers believe is, in a general way, hardly controversial: that the world is run by the few, not necessarily in the interests of the many; that there are things the government won't tell you, and things it just invents; that alternative media go where mainstream media fear to tread -- these things seem obvious to many of us. But whether 9/11 was a plot to bring on world government, or whether the government you already have has painted a red or blue dot on your mailbox to indicate whether you will be shot immediately or merely be sent to the "FEMA camps" when the American Armageddon arrives, well, that's a pale horse of a different color. (Still, you'll want to check your mailbox now.)

Jones is a self-inflating (though not charmless) showboat who gets energy from hearing himself speak; he has cast himself as the star and main target in a conspiracy thriller he sees following him everywhere: a shirtless biker hanging around the Washington Mall is certainly Secret Service; the fire alarm that goes off in his hotel can only be a "setup."

But many of his fellows and followers seem something closer to sad -- hurt, almost, by What They Know.

How they see it

If anything, "New World Order" plays as a bittersweet, all-too-human comedy. Like the pair's previous documentary, “Darkon,” which looked at a self-described "full-contact medieval fantasy war-gaming group," it's a film about people who have found the thing that gives their lives shape and meaning, that corrals the world's random messiness into a unified theory of disaster. It does not make them happy, but the scales having fallen from their eyes; they are helpless to look away and too terrified not to speak out. Their zeal is literally missionary.

"This is more important than how much Britney Spears' hair sold for on EBay, 'Dancing With the Stars' or who's gonna be America's next idol," says one believer. "People think this is a joke. We're not a joke."

This was my email to the author:

Hi Mr. Lloyd,

In your review of New World Order, you say, "Much of what Jones and his fellows and followers believe is, in a general way, hardly controversial: that the world is run by the few, not necessarily in the interests of the many; that there are things the government won't tell you, and things it just invents; that alternative media go where mainstream media fear to tread -- these things seem obvious to many of us." I agree; however, the "9/11 Truth Movement" is much larger than Alex Jones, and contains a very broad array of political views and social values- as you observed; "hard to pigeonhole politically". The 9/11 Truth Movement is spontaneous and decentralized- there are many researchers, pundits and activists, and there is no one "leader", or point of view, other than that the truth has been covered up and needs to be revealed.

There are many theories about 9/11 and a lot of misinformation is being circulated. I advocate for full disclosure; the US government has not provided a credible account of how and why 9/11 happened, and it needs to do so if we are to have a Republic that is more than one in name only, and before the official myth about 9/11 is used to justify any more wars and subversions of the Constitution.

If you're seeking to understand what facts have led so many millions to question 9/11 and demand answers, I would start with these links:

The Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of September 11

Peer-reviewed paper and letter published in refereed journals, no rebuttals published yet in refereed journals:

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

A timeline based entirely on "mainstream" sources; media and government reports:

Complete 911 Timeline

Thanks for taking a look at the evidence,

Erik Larson

I wrote Robert Lloyd suggesting he check the veracity

of our claims.

I'm watching it now

& the film portray's "conspiracy" people in a crazy light. Really makes Alex Jones seem like a nut-ball.

Here is what I sent Robert Lloyd

Dear Robert Lloyd,

I enjoyed your review of "New World Order", but was dismayed that
you apparently know little about what is really happening in our world.
I have compiled a collection of eighty three films that can help you understand
the urgency that informed people feel. There are hundreds of other films,
but these are among the best. I truly think you can benefit by doing some
research and checking the veracity for yourself.

Thank you,
Joe Stokes

The film collection is here:

His review is accurate IMO.

His review is accurate IMO. I thought the film had little information and actually questioned the sanity of the "conspiracy theorists." It focuses on the people and not the ideas behind the theories which makes Alex and the other guys seem completely over the top paranoid. The film did have a couple of redeeming moments...the clip of Geraldo being a douche and the mixed reporting that ensued, for the most part, it was a hit piece in my mind. To me, this movie subtly draws a parallel between conspiracy theorist and paranoia.

If the producers intentions are good, they should have shown the many examples of what we are told by media vs. what really happened. Master's of reality. This goes for anyone making a 9/11 movie. Only when you show people the discrepancy does it become apparent to them that they are not getting the truth.

the directors only other movie together

was a piece making fun of kids involved in fantasy land games.

The film is not about 9/11 truth,

it is a carefully crafted negative framing of the 9/11 truth movement designed to push the meme that truthers are obsessed, unstable and paranoid; people you want to stay away from.

I'm not at all surprised to see the LA Times reviewing it, as this is the msm's way of promoting it under the cover of "neutrality".

While Elephant in the Room is a reasonably good counter to this film, it is way past time that the movement created a positive and uplifting film about the truth movement, we cannot continue to allow others to frame us negatively.

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Of course, the 9/11 truth movement is not the anti-NWO movement, nor is it the Alex Jones movement. It is sloppy and lazy to simply equate the two.

A positive and uplifting film

That's a good idea. Perhaps a series of compact and fact-filled presentations from DRG, Michael Wolsey, Richard Gage et al, each ending with a view of how this can be made a safer and sustainable world if the information is used constructively and courageously.

I think this approach would tackle the fear reaction. Fear of 9/11 truth is a major part of the psyop.

Not a full-length motion

Not a full-length motion picture but I tried:


LeftWright...exactly. Although my point is developed highly in my head, this was exactly what I was trying to convey. You are a far better communicator than I. Sooooo...yeah, what he said!

Showing discrepancy

That's why Jon Stewart is so effective.

not all just black and white & NYC CAN

i agree with most all the comments on this thread.. one piece is all it is.. and with a tongue in cheek tries to categorize some of the players with some truths.. but obviously the review is slanted to a mainstream audiences' mixed view of knowing what they know from mainstream media sources, but on the other side.. hearing some from folks focusing on tell-tale signs of treachery and doing their best to deal with the key issue of our times.. 9/11
And when did ever buildings fall down that way, and 3 in one day???

and as usual.. once we get the vote on the ballot.. it will bring the discussion to a new level.. i posted a pdf file to download, read, and support the campaign for a new investigation beginning 2009! November 3rd is the date of the vote..

Click below to download NYC CAN support letter-pdf

i plan to post on blogger with truth leaders and organizations endorsing it to help our outreach for 75,000 nyc petitioners placing this for a vote for a real investigation..

power to the people!

jonathan mark
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