Richard Gage AIA on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno, CA

UPDATE: from;

PLEASE NOTE: Although supportive notes to the station are a kind thought, and many of us have now sent them, we have been asked by the KMPH Executive Producer to not send anymore. Apparently, they've been so overwhelmed with 'thank you notes' they're missing other important emails like press releases and news tips, necessary to the continuing excellent production of Great Day. We encourage you to mail a thank you, if you feel compelled to do so, to their street address: KMPH FOX 26, 5111 E. McKinley Ave., Fresno, CA 93727.

Interview Transcription

Image Of Richard In KGO Studio with the host reading the AE broshure

This is awesome!

Someone needs to capitalize on the momentum of this local news affiliate and pressure FOX stations around the country.

THAT was 7 minutes used VERY EFFECTIVELY

THAT was EXCELLENT !!!! I especially liked the split screen comparisons of which there were several ---- and the repeated shots of WTC7.

Kudos to that fabulous station that DID ITS JOB and to its reporters !!!

And Richard has honed his presentation to perfectly match the allowed time. That was a VERY EFFECTIVE use of 7 minutes.

A breakthrough interview

Like Professor Harrit's recent Danish TV interview, the hosts were non-antagonistic and allowed Mr Gage to get his points across. I hope we're witnessing a seachange.

I've posted the transcript of this breakthrough interview

Full transcript is here.

Many people would rather read than watch a video (especially if they're at work), so I spent my evening transcribing it. This one needs to go far and wide. Richard rocks!

Great work Sheila.

Thanks for all you do. It's moments of sunlight like this that make the arduous journey worth it.

Yes I agree

Breakthrough is the word I was looking for.

What we need now is many more Richard Gages.

All over.

Thanks Sheila for the excellent transcript.

Here is KMPH on MORE 911 TRUTH INFO.

Controversial Group Re–Examines 9/11 In Clovis


Great Day Talks To Architect Richard Gage About 9/11

Click at 1st Search Result here:

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

YouTube has DISAPPEARED the "related Videos" feature

It was there.Last night I suggested to TomT that he submit his latest as a "video response".
There were more than a dozen already.

This morning there are none.

6:50 on the video.

What a cogent reminder of the psychological resistance to this, even when acknowledging that the evidence is convincing.

Anchor (to Gage): "You're not trying to freak out the country, but we can't help but feel a bit freaked out by this."

Gage: "You're getting it."


that was one of the best parts!

You can see the mental conditioning we've been put through. She can't believe the chill down her spine so she connects the thermite to the "terrorists", he wants to know if it could be smuggled in their teeth...

Now that's scary.
Infowar Relay Stations:


Richard Gage is a premiere spokseman for 911 Truth. Also, kudos to the folks at Great Day in Fresno, way to stand up for our country.

Ideas for conversations

I fully support the drive for a new, thorough and honest investigation. I share Richard Gage's view that al-Qaeda could not feasibly have obtained advanced nanotech materials and put them in the buildings unaided.

In the meantime, I think it's also worthwhile pointing out to people that it would make no sense for al-Qaeda to arrange for hi-tech destructive materials to be placed in the Twin Towers and WTC 7, and then undertake the extra planning, expense and risk of hijacking planes. From al-Qaeda's point of view, having the 3 buildings rigged for demolition would be a huge achievement, which they would want to use to maximim effect. Therefore, they would not want to bring about evacuations in advance of demolition - which is exactly what the plane crashes did. The most effective use of 3 rigged buildings would be 3 sudden demolitions, around mid-morning.

Furthermore, I understand that a more straightforward way to destroy the Twin Towers would have been to proceed from the bottom up. So why proceed from the top down? We know the answer to that one...

I make these points because I find people can be unconcerned about the forensic data from the WTC, seeing demolition materials as just another aspect of al-Qaeda. From there, it's only a small step to being merely comtemptuous of a notional firm which may, at some point, be 'revealed' to have acted on behalf of al-Qaeda. Such a 'revelation' would of course receive massive MSM coverage and it would still protect the high perps.

We need to encourage people to think critically and logically. I hope I have done so in this post!

Error in your thinking is speculating

about what "al-Qaeda" WOULD have done that WOULD have "MADE SENSE." First of all,
naming any party at all is speculating. Much better to use a generic term "the perpetrators."

Whoever the perpetrators were, were mass murderers. Now here is the problem with the "WOULD HAVE DONES" in your analysis. (My friends in denial make the same mistake).

The underlying assumption behind an analysis that includes 'WOULD HAVE DONE" is the idea that you are able to think like a mass murderer. You are projecting your own ideas of what "WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE," to YOU ------ had you done it.

NOTHING in a mass murder "MAKES SENSE" to a human being with a normal amount of empathy for his/her fellow humans. It is not possible for a human being with a normal amount of empathy to have ANY IDEA what goes through the mind of a mass murderer. Therefore, to imagine that this or that way to go about a mass murder "MAKES MORE SENSE" than another way to go about a mass murder - is indulging in fantasy.


So I suggest we completely stay out of speculating and STICK TO THE FORENSICS. Once you start with the 'WOULD HAVES DONES THAT WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE" you are lost in a totally endless pit of quicksand.

Mushroom: I do understand what you meant by your post. I don't mean to be hard on you personally.

That attack was a mass murder

but with preparedness and a relative low number of casualities in relation to how many people could be affected. How does that fit to muss murder thinking? Even if we can not project one's thoughts, that sounds bizarre.
One would assume that a high score of victims was the goal. This looks in reality more like compassionate conservatism, or as I once stated, an action too get numbers as high as Pearl Harbor but not tens of thousands.

Reducing the body count through prepairedness and exercises as well as the overall conducting- FEMA arrived late Monday night in New York for TRIPOD III, at the Pentagon a mass casualty exercise was underway, the Secret Service scrambled in NY because of an UN meeting, the time of the attacks (just before the working starts in NY) the North Tower hit wide above, the South Tower on one hand side so that one stairwell remains intact, while it was evacuated and so on. Clearly islamic terrorist do want high body count, only someone with some sort of conscience would subscribe to a body count nearly as high as in a kind of Pearl Harbor attack, the script analogy, that was adressed many times before and after 9/11.

Logic serves us

zmzmzm: Thank you for replying. I'm wary of pitfalls in speculation and I have no qualifications in criminal psychology. I would, however, suggest that as bona fide terrorists want to maximise the impact of their attacks, the events at the WTC raise important questions - as SittingBull mentions. I think logic serves us here, as it does in picking apart the rest of the Official Conspiracy Theory.

Perhaps folks with closer knowledge of criminal thinking, such as crime investigators and criminal psychologists, will support us when we need to force this point. I have a sneaking feeling that the time to do so will come.

Good Job Richard, I like it

Good Job Richard,

I like it how he tried to be accurate and scientific in his presentation. Really small things that many people don't even notice, but he keeps his arguments clean.

At 2:10 he mentioned "free fall speed" and instantly corrected to "free fall acceleration", which is more precise.

At 1:10 he was careful to add high rise in "fire has never brought down steel frame 'high rise' buildings".

At 2:35 he just mentioned the "implications are dark" instead of "Bush did it! hurrrr durrrr!".

Again good job architect Gage.

This is an example of a great post

No speculations. Just accurate, precise observations. All three observations are spot on.

Thanks man,

The more solid and clear our arguments, the better is our chance to draw the scientific community's attention.

IMPACT! I see this as a precedent setting media breakthough.

Gage's mastery in this interview is superb. I see this as a precedent setting media breakthough. It sets an example for other media news outlets to show some spine. Let us all, as individuals, show some spine as well by promoting this to our local media.
WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11: Building 7 - Gone in 7
July 11th ~ Plano, TX

Tom: "I see this as a precedent setting media breakthough."

I'd love to see an AVALANCHE! Let us pray for it.

I had a dream last night. Maybe the first about our endeavor. Only a few bits can I recall.
The TRUTH was common knowledge worldwide and it was such a relief.

Why we fight

"The TRUTH was common knowledge worldwide and it was such a relief."

Yes it would be a relief, very true. We must do the work of the mainstream media. This is a heavy burden on all of us. The alternative media obviously doesn't have the funding to do the equivalent reporting to that of the mainstream media. Thus we must work that much harder without these resources. And although it is empowering to be involved in this effort, it will no doubt be a relief to finally see the fruits of our labor and be able to breath a sigh of relief. Knowing that our work is yielding results is encouraging while we are on this path to global awakening!

As the war on terror continues under Obama, 9/11 truth is even more important and relevant as it has been proven that Bush leaving office has not stopped the war (transferring troops from Iraq to Afghanistan does not count) and hopefully the Obama-heads and "Yes, we can!" chanters will now "get it" as they realize nothing has really changed with the changing of the puppets (Oops I mean Presidents).

My favorite quote on the 9/11 issue:
The only way to peace is through 911Truth.
"I would like to suggest to you emphatically that the 9/11 truth movement is the most pressing issue of the peace and justice movement today. Here is why. 9/11 has been used to justify "endless war" and a continual rollback in civil liberties that seems to have no end in sight. Yet, 9/11 remains the least examined tragedy in modern American history. Americans would have never agreed to the last two wars and the Patriot Act's disturbing policy ... had it not been for 9/11. I fear that if the underlying issues of 9/11 truth are not demanded, that Iraq many be but a flame on an ocean of gasoline that may be used to ignite war after war after war. We cannot, as a peace & justice movement only address the flames. We must look at the fuel being used to justify the flames of war and repression at home and abroad" --Ed Asner, actor and activist (paraphrased from full quote at

The "least examined" part is very important. This event has set our entire foreign policy for this century, yet we know very little about what really happened that day. Case in point, the enemy was determined before the investigation, yet during the investigation they were not allowed to fault anyone except the predetermined enemy! How's that for an investigation??!!

And by the way, here is the best way to respond to a conspiracy theorist charge: We are not to blame for the conspiracy theories. It is only natural that a people would try to make sense out of an event that makes little to no sense to them. The conspiracy theories are not "crazy" but only a natural human response to a story that has not been properly explained. Not having a truly independent 9/11 investigation, which would eliminate speculative theories, is what is really crazy!

Can we reveal the truth of 9/11, capture the real criminals, and end the fraudulent war on (of) terror with a new 9/11 investigation? I hope so because that is why we fight. Thanks for listening to me rant, I just had this brainfart after drinking some coffee!

Yeah ! "That's what I'm talking about!"

It does my heart good to see Gage connect with these people. Kudos to the folks at FOX who made this happen. Go Fresno! Anyone with an open mind or even a closed one, watching this had to have been affected or better yet infected with the TRUTH BUG! Go Richard Gage your a HERO!

Looks like Richard is going to make good on his 1000

Architects and Engineers goal. For awhile things seemed to have slowed down, and I was beginning to wonder. But no more.

The number of submissions... someone who was on Gage's ae911truth verification team (until recently when my work life just got too busy), I can tell you that Gage's team is absolutely scrupulous and careful to weed out phony petition signers, so that the number of credible supporters is absolutely airtight. Sometimes it can take a while to verify someone, esp when the a/e gets elusive w/regard to responding to e-mails, phone calls etc. That being said, the number of unverified architects and engineers in the queue makes the grand total already very close to 1,000.

The fact...

That they treated him with respect, and didn't ridicule him is a victory. He also handled himself well.

Edit: I do think that Richard should mention the families calling for a new investigation on two separate occasions, and I do think that if Richard is going to talk about the dust, then he should mention H.R. 847. We don't get media appearances very often, and in my opinion, the plight of the families, and the responders should be mentioned at every opportunity. It also wouldn't hurt to mention the multitude of other cover-ups, and lies.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Semi agreement

Excellent points, Jon. I agree up to the point except where you say "it also wouldnt hurt to mention the multitude of other cover-ups, and lies."

I like how Richard speaks from a professional point of view and is loathe to get too far into "conspiracy territory". Due to the subject matter, They are just waiting for an opportunity to jump on him for speaking too far from his field of expertise. However, mentioning the families calls for a new investigation and HR 847 are superb points to bring up in future interviews.

Does that make sense or did I just ramble there? Its been a long day.

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dont preach it, just mention it :)

Richard could...

Familiarize himself with talking points about NORAD lying, the ridiculousness of the 9/11 Commission, etc... there is more to the story than how those buildings came down. In my opinion, if he is going to get media attention, then he needs to improve or enhance his message to include everything. Or at least, be familiarized enough about it to be able to talk about it. I understand how the buildings came down is his specialty, but again, if he is the only one the media is going to give attention to, then he should expand his message.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


But he uses the phrase "We're not conspiracy theorists, just building professionals" anytime anyone asks him about the reasons for it or the whys of it. That was my point.

And you're right, the way the buildings came down is not the entire story of 9/11 -- Crossing the Rubicon, Press For Truth, Towers of Deception, and other similar works proved that. I believe the reason that Richard Gage is given a voice in the MSM is because as Mike Ruppert says, physical evidence arguments can be spun to death in the court room no matter how much sense they make, they can never be as solid as a quote from Dick Cheney, or a NORAD document, etc. Back and to the left, correct?

By parading him around on television, they can ignite the endless arguments over CD and pretend that no other significant 9/11 information exists. Frustrating as that may be, we've got to celebrate even little victories like this.

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dont preach it, just mention it :)

I don't find it frustrating

I don't find it frustrating at all. I actually think Ruppert had it wrong. The Loaded Gun of nanothermite is a fact that will go down in history in many areas -- we really have no proof that it could not stand up on it's own in a court of law, as much as Ruppert believes that to be the case. He has his own agenda, which is fine. And he does know a lot, but that doesn't mean he knows everything, and he has no crystal ball to predict the future. He's human, like everyone else.

I don't necessarily agree that he needs to "enhance his message to include everything." It's possible that could help, but I think he's doing very well as it is. And it's possible that if he tried to put out a slew of other ideas that his strong message could get lost. That's what the term "sound byte" is all about, and unfortunately, that often works best for Americans, who can only handle 2 or 3 facts or personalities at a time -- more only dilutes things for them.

Remember when he said the 9/11 truth movement was over? Turns out it wasn't.

Richard does mention a select series of facts along with his evidence of demolition, however, if people have specifics they want him to mention, they should email him and ask him. Neither physical evidence nor other evidence is the only evidence.

Richard's strength is that he keeps things focused on some of our most powerful evidence, evidence that is now a part of the scientific record and cannot be removed from history, as those on wikipedia are frantic to do.

I agree completely

Each one of us came to the truth about 9/11 through a particular door. I think for most of us, it was the recognition of the fact that the buildings were destroyed through controlled demolitions. Once a particular part of the official story falls, the rest of the story automatically gets called into question. I would not have questioned the story of what happened at the Pentagon if I had not already been convinced of CD. But I didn't need to even hear about questions regarding the Pentagon in order to join the movement.

I think it's a mistake to believe that any and every opportunity to speak to mainstream media calls for the "kitchen sink" approach. There's enough communications research out there that proves that focused, high-quality communication is far more effective than diffuse, high-quantity communication. Richard Gage is very skilled in the former and this is why he is emerging as one of our most important colleagues when it comes to public outreach.

I just posted this...

On Facebook, so I might as well post it here. What the hell...

"I no longer like Michael Ruppert. I still like some of his work, but I no longer like the man. That being said, this clip from his movie "The Truth & Lies About 9/11" is something that influenced me GREATLY. Keep in mind, this took place in Nov. 2001. This is very old, and I have been doing this a long time. I firmly believe that this method, along with me busting my ass A LOT, is what has given me whatever "notoriety" I have (if that's what you want to call it). I don't shun Controlled Demolition. When Steven Jones came out, I was a HUGE advocate of his. To a layman such as myself with no PHD, he makes EXTREMELY convincing arguments, and I believe he deserves to be heard. But he came out at the end of 2005. I had already been doing "this" for 2 - 2 1/2 years. I was already practicing this method... so promoting it was/is difficult for me. As I said, this method has worked for me. It enables me to reach people. That is, after all, what we are trying to do. Because it has worked for me, I guess I try to push this method off onto other people. For that, I am sorry. I know the families have questions about the buildings. If the question is important to them, then it is important to me. It's really that simple. I hope that people understand my "way."

I also said, "You know what I would like to see happen? I would like students to take the recent paper to their science teachers, and ask them to take a look at it."

And I WOULD like to see that happen.

Also, when something "big" comes out in the CD world, I STILL post it.

Edit: By the way, this is nothing new... I've said this stuff several times before.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Richard is a very good speaker, but he is also speaking to his area of expertise. If he ventures out from there, he opens himself up to badgering and all sorts of unwanted criticism. Keeping the conversation on the subject of the evidence and the facts is what will serve the truth the best, IMHO. At this point, I think I would like to say that it is truly an honor to be among some of the most dedicated and tenacious men and women on Earth. We are up against the largest powers on the planet, and we have them on the run. Let's keep up this momentum and deal the coup de grace!

Excellent Work!

Extremely powerful. Richard has honed his presentation dramatically. One of the most convincing prime time appearances ever on 911!

Thank you Richard Gage!


All these votes are for you, Richard.


...round of applause...


Amazing media coverage


Thank you Richard Gage!

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Send them an email

I spoke with the station on the phone and they were really pleased to get positive feedback. I also sent an email thanking them for their willingness to step up to this difficult information.

The address:

Let them know we appreciate it.

Thanks for that email address.

I sent them an email thanking them for the Richard Gage interview and commending their integrity in allowing Richard to fairly present his position.

I sent my thank you email, I hope you all do too

Send one to General Manager Jack Peck, too

In Fresno? I can't get over this....

Way to go, Richard!

Time to take it to the next level, brothers and sisters, let's get busier!

The truth shall set us free.  Love is the only way forward.

Emailed both addresses

And thanked them for doing the right thing.

Also, many thanks to Richard! When it's Truthers vs "debunkers," OUR heroes are better than THEIR villains, and Richard is one of the main reasons we can say that.

Ditto That !!

The red pill has been taken. Nice to be awake isn't it.


for the address..... sent a complimentary email to them

thank you Richard Gage for the stellar appearance

We had high tech anthrax, now we've got high tech explosives.

When discussing/debating the high tech nature of nanothermite and the fact that it would require enormous resources and a high tech, specialized lab or manufacturing facility to produce the stuff, i.e. not something a terrorist would be able to produce in his bathroom or kitchen (or a cave in Afghanistan), you could take the opportunity to slip in a gentle reminder that at least one previous "terrorist attack" by Muslim fundamentalists turned out later to have been impossible to blame on the "usual suspects" when the high tech nature of the weapon involved, military grade anthrax spores, was admitted to by the authorities.

Just draw a parallel between the high tech, nanothermite explosives and the high tech anthrax spores used in the post 9/11 anthrax "terrorist" attack. You could say something along the lines, "Just like the anthrax that was used in the anthrax laced letters mailed out just after 9/11 turned out to be a highly specialized, military grade anthrax which was finally sourced to a US military lab, nanothermite would also require the facilities of a major lab or manufacturing facility with similar resources and know-how to produce."

The idea is just to keep the knowledge out there and alive that US produced, terrorist type weaponry is already known in at least one other case to have been involved in a terrorist incident, falsely made to look like it originated with Muslim, fundamentalist terrorists, and initially and incorrectly blamed on Muslim fundamentalists. In other words, it's just one more drip of water that adds to the thousands of drips that wears away the rock.

Good work Mr.Gage

& you have to give that local station all the credit in the world, for putting him on,

Hell yes stewball

You absolutely get it. But I have to protest the 'cave in Afghanistan' analogy, because muslim terrorists have been using various kinds of modern technology for a long time already.

The point is, in 2001, nano-thermite wasn't being produced in Paris, either ;-)

What I like about the Anthrax case is that it is so blatantly f-- obvious who's responsible, including the convenient suicide-before-trial-or-exposure drill we see so often.

And to top it off, there is a direct connection between 9/11 and Anthrax via Jerome Hauer.

Just sent my emails of

Just sent my emails of support. They are likely getting hammered now by the "debunkers" . . .

Richard did an excellent job!

Bravo, Richard!

This is the video to forward ! Sea change indeed

This is the best interview yet. No doubt, there is a sea change and we have to ride the tide. Way to go Richard and team.

You guys know what to do...

Spread this every fucking where. Local media. Local politicians. Media contacts like Michael Moore. Anyone you can think of. The American media finally covered this story and we need to get this out to as much as we can. Thanks for all your work. I've done it, or else I wouldn't be asking you to do it. Lots of Love and Strength.


I have change my links and status update setting to "Friends of Friends" so I can now inform thousands...

please leave out the profanity

I know this was a very exciting interview. We are ALL very cranked up about it. But please don't use profanity. The lack of profanity separates this site from so many others. Okay? Please?

All I can say is thank you KMPH so much for DOING YOUR JOB !

Herblay FRANCE


Dear Sir and Madame,

You may be surprised to have a viewer here in France and you can be sure I am not the only French citizen looking at your program with Richard Gage asking for a new investigation on the 911 attacks.

Can you imagine that in my great country of Freedom, Equality, Fraternity it is impossible to be informed correctly on TV about the events of the 911 attacks on America. or about the ever growing truth mouvement in the World.

There has been absolutely no word on the discovery of nano-thermite in the World Trade Center Debri.

All I can say is thank you KMPH so much for DOING YOUR JOB. We need journalists like you on our French television.



Bravo! Encore! Encore!

I just sent my letters of thanks to the station as well. I also mentioned I am having some difficulty in finding the "additional information" that she mentioned at the end of the interview. You would think they would have at least mentioned or linked to on the website? That's only neg I can find, the hosts were very accommodating. I was SHOCKED they would actually show the WTC7 collapse let alone the side by side comparison. I am also forwarding this link my local news "investigative" reporter. We'll see. Great work again Richard, we're all proud.

Peace all


"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R. Murrow


Home run! Way to go Mr. Gage! What a breakthrough!

All we need is ten minutes to lay out our case rationally and people can't HELP but wake up. Bravo!

Great job Richard Gage! This is a breakthrough, I agree!

Fresno is a town of just over 500 thousand. This is what media calls a medium market. The Fresno/Clovis metro is over a million. That makes it a major market. KMPH Fox 26, no doubt, serves the entire metro area.,_California

Richard Gage is a phenomenal spokesperson.

Thanks Richard.

Thanks KMPH Fox 26.

Another video:

"A time comes when silence is betrayal." -Martin Luther King Jr.

The poorest of arguments...

I just had to note that NOT reopening the 9/11 investigation because 3000+ families would have to "relive the event" is damned near the pinnacle in willful ignorance. Should we have not have re-opened the case for who killed Medgar Evers because it was too long of time or so the family would have to relive it? Of course not, there is no statute of limitations for murder. He's right about one thing, we STILL don't know who killed Kennedy but does that mean we just quit trying to find out? Should we keep launching wars in the name of 9/11? The only way to prevent another 9/11 is to know everything about the first one. Just had to get that off my chest.



Excellent, on more than one count....

Of course, bravo to Richard Gage who is a true national hero, but also lets not forget the two anchors! Anyone addressing the reality of 9/11 in the mainstream corporate media has to deflect the kneejerk accusation of "conspiracy theorist" by default. It was a breath of fresh air that the two anchors addressed Gage in a mature and rational fashion and allowed him to say his piece without the standard infantile Bill O'Reilly style interruptions. The hope is, that this is reflected in other media events, with ever greater frequency.

Here's an example of this video's effect

I sent the link of the video to a woman friend in New York. She believes the Official Government Conspiracy Theory. BUT ------Richard has reached her:

She wrote:

"I watched it; he is convincing and persuasive; and as I see it, there is no downside whatsoever to opening/expanding
the investigation. as long as there are questions they should be addressed and explored.

so, while I certainly wouldn't commit myself as to what happened and who was involved, I found this man reasonable and the questions
he raises to be rational.

so there you go!!! "


For the last 2 years, I've been working on a good friend who's a well-respected retired physician, Bush/Cheney supporter, FOX News watcher, and continues to believe the official collapse theory because he's not a structural engineer. And I'm just "mistaken."

BUT----Here's what he wrote:

"Gage is a good spokesman. I hope the video on bldg 7 wasn't doctored. I don't remember seeing it go down so fast the 1st time I saw it come down; or so vertically. I still wish Jones was not the only lab to analyze for thermite. That violates the basic rule for concluding the correctness of a hypothesis. Jones should have done a double-blind experiment and he would be done with it by now.....a major flaw in research. Or he could have given some samples to an independent lab."

I sent him (AGAIN!) the link to Journal of 9/11 Studies.


you did inform him that tests ARE being done in independent labs? (France, Canada, afaik)

And that Niels Harrit lives in Denmark? (I believe prof. Harrit conducted tests on samples sent to him directly from the owners, and that he did so in Copenhagen, somebody correct me if I'm mistaken)

Great Job

I want to see someone debunk this one. Fat chance.

Great Job

The big guys are breaking through.

thank you, Richard Gage

Priceless- the outpouring of gratitude for "fair and balanced" coverage has overwhelmed the affiliate: "Although supportive notes to the station are a kind thought, and many of us have now sent them, we have been asked by the KMPH Executive Producer to not send anymore"

7 of the 10 hits on the first page of a google for kmph fox fresno are for the Gage interview...

The 9/11 Truth Movement continues to avalanche, as more and more people take a 2nd look and realize the official story is a bogus, horrible myth. Mass murder, treason, cover up- and exploited as a license for war and police state- in the US, in broad daylight- and most Dems and Reps- and most MSM (this interview with Gage a rare and historic exception) have ignored or belittled the real questions, and promoted hoax claims as if they were main tenets, and featured questionable figures as if they were "leaders".


That was perfect.

Now, as someone already said, we need 100 Richard Gage-s!!! I think Neils Harrit has been a great addition, can someone please relay the essage to him that he needs to stay vocal and stay public? Any more AE911 Tuthers who can become as courageous as Richard, and duplicate the work he is doing? Imagine if we had just 2 more credentialled professionals who made as much effort and spoke as publicly as Richard Gage...

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

This video is currently the top post on DU's "greatest" page, which gets a ton of traffic;


I only got 53 greatest votes for this one;

But it still made the "greatest" page, which is pleasantly surprising.

This article is

at Buzzflash...and could use more informed comments.

It Appears DU has removed it. Maybe someone can find it.

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North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site