Richard Gage's 9/11 presentation in Clovis, CA covered by KMPH Fox 26

Here's the text article.

I love how the only "rebuttal" they could come up with was a former FDNY witness who believes the official explanation.

"Isolano lives in Fresno now, but as an eyewitness, he's satisfied with the government's conclusion: the blame for the hijackings, building collapses and deaths lies with Al-Queda terrorists, and gage and his group should not reopen old wounds."

Well, that settles it. Isolano was there, he believes the official story, thus, the official story is true. I guess I've wasted four years of my life on all this research.

Send them an email

I just spoke with the station on the phone and they were really please to get positive feedback. I also sent an email thanking them for their willingness to step up to this difficult information.

The address:

Let them know we appreciate it.


You might wish to make a note on your entry, at the top: This is NOT the same news coverage as the Fresno local news coverage. I suspect some people might not click the play button on your vid because they think this entry is a duplicate of the Fresno thread.