The Socratic Method of 9/11 Truth

An ancient philosopher discovered that his students learned more if he asked a series of questions than if he gave them the answers.

By asking questions which challenged his students' faulty beliefs, and allowing them to think through it themselves, Socrates moved them slowly - using a series of questions - from false thinking towards truth.

Indeed, law schools today primarily use this "Socratic Method" of teaching.

A 9/11 activist wrote a good example of the use of the Socratic Method for 9/11 truth in an email:

Here is a question I use as answer to those insisting this is all "Conspiracy theory". I mention this here because it has worked every time: Please feel free to use these ideas as your own and pass them on to others! When people say that it's all "Conspiracy theory", I ask them:

"If YOU were President of the United States of America, and had to go to war for the most legitimate of reasons, wouldn't you be pacing the floor and sweating, with tears in your innermost heart, thinking it over for a number of sleepless nights before you sent our soldiers to harm's way? Could YOU send our kids to war for lies, yourself?"

The answer is a stony-faced "no" every time when I ask the last question.

"Therefore, if Bush sent our soldiers to war based on a lie, why would he NOT do such a thing as pre-arrange the 911 events? How can we put this past him?"

I point out that it's not ordinary and normal psychology at work, that murderers lack empathy and remorse for their victims, as is known in mainstream psychology. There is a technical term for it, called "Antisocial Personality Disorder".

I ask them to think about it as a possibility when he sent our kids to war for a lie, surely he could fit into that category of murderer without regret? Something to think about at least. Denial is dangerous, often leading addicts to their graves, as well as those of us addicted to our blissfully care-free existence.

It's asking these particular questions, not making statements, that I have seen work every time. I have used [this Socratic Method of 9/11 Truth] even at the grocery check-out counter at Safeway.

Post your suggestions for 9/11 truth questions below.

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The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

9/11 Chess Strategy:

The Socratic Method involves engaging others with questions to get them to think-- a great approach. For example: "Is there hard evidence linking bin Laden to 9/11?" "Was al-Qaeda behind the anthrax attacks?" "Would a pancake building collapse leave pancaked floors?" "Is jet fuel fire hot enough to melt steel?" etc.

It's also important to play good 9/11 Chess. Our opponent wants to describe us a 'conspiracy theorists.' So we counter that with science. The Science of 9/11. We have 700 Engineers and Architects. We have peer-reviewed papers. We have forensic evidence by way of molten steel and nano-thermite. High tech explosives + High tech anthrax. ("You can't ignore the hard evidence just because you don't like the implications.")

When speaking of experts we should always point out, "These aren't conspiracy theorists. These are hundreds of building professionals." Or "Danny Jowenko isn't a conspiracy theorist. He's the top European demolition professional." "Prof. Lawrence is not a conspiracy theorist. He's the leading bin Laden expert. in the country." Same with the others on the patriots list.

So we defeat the label of "conspiracy theorist". We boost credibility with science and experts. We counter claims of being unpatriotic by saying the truth is patriotic, and that the 9/11 commissioners themselves admit to failure and want more investigation. We defeat the media blackout with everything we've got. And we bypass the reluctance of Congress to act by getting ballot access in NYC this November.

Don't forget the freefall of WTC 7 for 100 feet

and the lack of deceleration of WTC 1's upper block during the first 114 feet of it's fall, which can be measured. These points along with the discovery of nanothermite show cause and effect.

The only reason we don't have velocity figures on the upper block of WTC 2 is that the large tilt and quick obscuration prevents any meaningful and accurate measurement of it's downward fall.

I've always loved the socratic method.

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