WeAreChangeLA challenges former CFR president Leslie Gelb on Global Terrorism, Mossad and 9/11


Leslie Gelb, who was the President of the Council on Foreign Relations for over a decade was at the LA Library in early April to speak about a foreign policy based on common sense. Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, of WeAreChangeLA was on hand to clarify some crucial matters about terrorism. Gelb didn't desire to clarify factual matters after pointing out that Iranians are Persians not Arabs, and chose to dismiss Rothe-Kushel by saying that they must agree to disagree. Rothe-Kushel, while being asked to leave, reminded Gelb that there was such a thing as facts and that ideas have power.

You can see a write-up of the evening and get video and audio of the entire presentation (with Jeremy's comments about celebrating Mossad agents edited out) here:

Bave act! Truth to power no punches pulled....


The world sighed with relief that truth had finally reached the tyrants!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Actually very pryamidal?

Anyone who would want to be Henry Kissinger when they grow up has to have some serious issues.



Reading Between The Lines

When trying to absorb information disseminated by CFR-type policy mongers, one must read between the lines. The reality presented for the public by them is the made-for-TV make-believe version, occasionally laced with real facts.

The reality is, economics is a tool for control of their destiny and power over the rest of the public, not necessarily a means to an end for the consumer.

Great work

& I'm not a big fan of editing & dubbing for videos, but this was masterfully done.

Nice work.

That was a good conversation and you did a great job keeping him engaged. Quoting "The Forward" was spot on. My only recommendation for the future is to have a copy of it with you (or a xerox) and read it to him aloud. Then hand it to him and let him deny it. Simply, ALWAYS HAVE A COPY OF THE MATERIAL YOU ARE QUOTING WITH YOU. Even if the person you are confronting won't take it, others watching might.

I see too many WAC confrontations using valid quotes, only to be shot down for "making stuff up."

Other than than that, you made your point well. Keep up the good work. You are getting better and better at it and a model for those who pursue these types of confrontations.

I agree with 911peacenik

You are getting better and better! Great conversational tone on this one. You kept your cool, nice work. I don't think you should have taken the bait on "who do you think did 911" while I fully agree with your answer on the basis of the evidence we have, we need more data from a new investigation. Suffice to mention the latest evidence indicating the failure of the past investigation and the fingerprints of controlled demolition. Nice work as usual. I am always a fan of your great work. Rock on!

Good advice, Peacenik

The suggestion of having a copy of the quoted material in hand, given by 911Peacenik, above, is excellent strategy. It gives you a broader connection, and makes you more difficult to dismiss. It helps connect with the audience that is in the presence of the interviewee.

I commend your effort to confront this scum bag...


what form of response do you expect from someone wearing a suit and tie, when you're wearing clothes of a slave? The painted picture of so called terrorists are those with beards that live in caves (are you trying to look like that?). I seriously can care less what religion you are, but if you want an ounce of respect, change your clothes, shave your face, and play their game. You're giving them a story to tell when people bring it up to them, and they can crush you by saying "oh that was just some nut", and it would make sense because you look like one. Does that compute?

If you looked remotely respectable, and began with Steven Jones & Co's damning evidence, rather than starting off with the blame game, there would have been a different reaction from this dirt bag. You could have caught him with one of those 'oh shit they know' faces!

Good work on facing the evil, but your image needs work in this day of image is everything. Think.

Also, upload to infowarstv.com so that these videos won't be deleted when they get popular.
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Might doesn't make right; but currently it owns the police

Yet again, your bravery and persistence are impressive. It will be nice when the day comes, when the police escort the criminals themselves away, and not the people asking valid questions.