CBS: New Bin Laden Tape Blasts Obama

CBS News Story: "New Bin Laden Tape Blasts Obama," June 3, 2009 (

I read with interest the claim, reported in the above CBS story:

"There has never been a fake bin Laden tape," a U.S. counterterrorism official told CBS News. "In the past, he has timed the release of the messages to major events. So it's unsurprising that he chose this particular week."

It would be interesting to see what your readers think, first, about the anonymous source of this claim, and second, about the claim's authenticity, particularly as regards the November 9, 2001 video, which may be seen at

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Woodworth
Victoria, BC

CBS = See BS.

"There has never been a fake bin Laden tape"

"Oceania has never been at war with Eurasia"

Oh the tapes have been all

Oh the tapes have been all too real. Real cassette, real tape wheels, real magnetic stips, real tensioners.

But the MF'ing content has been fake.

So - technically - what that lowd-down dirty MF'ing traitor and self-proclaimed counter-terrorism "official" says is true. From a certain psychopathic perspective.

Thank you for using abbreviations rather than profanity

The post is clever. Profanity would have ruined it and debased this great site. Thank you for using abbreviations.

Corporate Media Are Apparently Very Controlled

Science has established the presence of high-tech explosives (apparently manufactured by the U.S. government) in the WTC dust.

And the media remains silent.

Meanwhile, unverifiable audio tapes of a man missing for years materialize periodically and are presented as reality.


The "confession tape" ever authenticated by the CIA, or FBI?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

The glove that doesn't fit

Isn't that like asking whether F. Lee Baily has verified that the glove doesn't fit OJ's hand?


Everyone in the CIA and FBI are criminals. Ed Haas from the muckraker report once spoke about how the confession video was never authenticated, and at one time, I tried to verify that, and I couldn't find any mention of it. I was wondering if anyone knew of an article or something that shows they did authenticate it.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Generally suspicious

Of course all intelligence officials are not criminals. My comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But I am generally suspicious about ANY pronouncements concerning OBL, and the FBI and CIA don't have a very good track record of being upfront about what they know and their involvement with him.

To address your primary question, the CBS web article states: "U.S. intelligence officials confirmed the authenticity of tape." I'm not sure how much more "authentication" you're looking for.


Talking about the "confession video."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Sorry for not following your comments carefully.

No, there was no authentication that I am aware of. When the FBI introduced it in the Moussaoui trial, there was no objection from the defense and there is no mention of its authentication in the court transcript, though it may be a court protocol that I am unaware of.

There was never a doubt on Bin Ladens guilt

why bother for an authentication?

Just kidding. Or not?

"There was no doubt of bin Laden's responsibility for the September 11 attacks before the tape was discovered," said Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.

I suppose there is no way to prove the origin/authentification or if this is the real Bin Laden.
But what we could prove is the lousy translation.

German magazine Monitor tried to prove the translation right, not the origin, and did not fall for reassuring. The results were devastating

Almost always left out of these discussions is the misleading translation provided by the State Department. The OBL of this video speaks of "they" and "them" doing 9/11, not "us" and "we." The translation was provided in less than 10 hours by translators who later complained about the rush job. German TV journalist Ekkehard Siekker (Monitor/ARD) hired translators who worked on it for more than 30 hours before giving up on the inaudibles and calling the State Dept's freelancers to find out how they had arrived at their results - that was when the latter said, well, if you had 30 you'll know better than us!

There were other flaws, the "Bin Laden" did not say "in advance" nor
German text archieved:
English translation:

Another take by infowars:

BTW: Monitors Siekker never worked again for Monitor.

Here's the Jack Riddlers take:

1) It's not the same guy. As stickdog says, a matter of basic facial recognition skills. Argue away; it doesn't look like the same guy because it's not the same guy. Unless you're having serious cognitive dissonance issues, or you're determined to always pitch the official story, it's obvious that it's not the same guy, and it's been obvious all along. This is the clear "default hypothesis." Only someone who privileges official spin over their own lying eyes can convince themselves otherwise.

2) That being said, the guy could be anyone. The video could have been produced by anyone. The guy could be one of Osama's hired doubles. The video could be a fake produced by the Russians, or the Northern Alliance (who supposedly found it first), or pretty much any agency, or, for that matter, amateurs. It's not like the production values are hard to meet (even in Afghanistan). As an aside, the official story (I hope I'm getting it right) is that the video was made in Kandahar around Nov. 15, though it was found in Jalalabad in early Dec. Both cities were under siege at that time...

3) This video is significant because the USG grabbed it with every tentacle and announced it was significant. Though it's unlikely the CIA produced the video, the USG began committing an act of fraud from the moment it announced the video was genuine and significant.

4) That fraud extended to a fraudulent translation, designed to create the impression of a confession. I've met the TV author Ekkehard Siekker and had the privilege of co-organizing public appearances with him. In his report for Monitor (ARD), he had Arab translators produce a rendering. After 30 hours, they called the State Dept. translators with some questions. And they discovered that the State Dept. translators had been given only 10 hours to produce their work, and that they knew much less about it.

5) The State Dept. version falsely turned third person statements of being happy about the attacks into first-person claims of authorship. In a later transcript, the "Osama" even begins to mention the names of specific alleged hijackers.

So. The question of who made the video is completely irrelevant. It's not Osama. The guy in the video does not directly confess to authorship of the 9/11 attacks. But the US Government has presented this largely inaudible work as proof of Osama's authorship. That is an act of fraud. One of many. And quite indicative - they don't have anything better to go with, do they? Remember, this was the first few months. The period of the promised Powell "white paper" that never materialized. Of the Blair memo that filled in, which didn't actually make a case that al Qaeda was behind the attacks. Of revelation after revelation that the official story was full of holes.

point 2 reminds me that it should was a sting op, here it is
A must read!

If you digg a little deeper in regards to the release all the newer Al Qaida or "Bin Laden" tapes, it really gets interesting. Hints: SITE, Intel-Center.
There even was a showing in front of the european parlament with a totally fabricated Osama confession after an alleged atomic dirty bomb went off in Brussels europe- with alle media headlines and reports faked, too. What a pity that they won't show us.

For making up false messages in the digital age the documentary " Zero" by Ghioletto Chiesa does contain an outstandig interesting scene about a large anti-terror exercise, which was conducted in 2004 and in which the European parliament and NATO participated and was led by the CIA near Washington Center for the Strategic and Internationally Studies (CSIS) direction. In the center of the large-scale maneuver was the scenario of the ignition of an dirty atomic bomb, located in Brussels. In the course of the exercise the baffled European Union parliamentarians saw a confession video of Bin Laden on large canvas to the news of the first coordinated atomic terror attack in the world. The fictitious pictorial material differed in nothing from the known productions, which are presented to the whole world since 11 September every few months in the regular television messages and on those allegedly the real bad guys were presented.


...I get to see that fake Bin Laden tape in which he claims responsibility for a dirty bomb attack on Brussels, I don't believe it exists. It might as well have been a previous Bin Laden tape with different (fake) subtitles for dramatic effect. Such would not work as soon as a native Arabic speaker sees it. In fact, such a 'fake tape' would be totally useless and ridiculous. Or are you suggesting that they have a 3D rendered animated puppet like in the movie S1m0ne ? Or that the CIA hired a double for this Brussels presentation? Who is this double? Where does he live?

Furthermore, why would the CIA undermine the frauds they perpetuate by demonstrating they are capable of said frauds?

Sorry, I don't find this plausible. I want to see it before I believe it. There have been attempts to empirically prove that Osama tapes were fake, and that is the better way to go, in my opinion.

Also, these faux translations are bad enough by themselves. I'll throw an interesting comment by OBL's son into the mix: (for the record)

Unfortunately he also implies in this video that he doesn't believe his father is a terrorist, which suggests to me he's in denial.

I must admit I'm certainly not of the '9/11 terrorists do not really exist' or 'have long been dead' or 'are still alive' crowd. It smells like disinformation to me, to be quite honest. Not everything about Al Qaeda is fake, although Al Qaeda certainly smells from all sides too. Not every propaganda video or claim is fake. If such remarks are unpopular here, so be it. I am a truth seeker, not a populist.....

Something that puzzles me

Why hasn't the Al Qaeda network spoken out about these fake Osama's? I'm aware that OBL has denied involvement with 9/11 several times, but I am referring specifically to repudiation of these videos alleged to be fake. (Bah, I sound like a debunker. I don't mean to, but I simply must ask these questions if I want to be sincere about it.)

There are four options...

A) Maybe they have, and the media outlets receiving the messages refused to play them B) They aren't as "tentacle reaching" as we are led to believe C) The audio and video we have seen over the years is completely authentic (even though I find that hard to believe considering how the timing of some of these messages seem to have benefitted our elected officials moreso than Al-Qaeda. Like Osama's message that enabled Obama to say that Al-Qaeda "even now states their determination to kill on a massive scale" at a time when he is trying to convince the Muslim world that we are their friends, and that 9/11 happened exactly as we were told.) D) What is considered to be Al-Qaeda assumes the videos are genuine.

Maybe there are other options I'm not thinking of. Good question.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Re: four options

(A) Plausible, and it could also be that Western media refused to reprint or replay such reports

(B) Are you referring to the USG, and lack of enough coverage to reach Al Qaeda members in a position to verify? (I'm not sure I understand)

(C) Yes, the timing has always been convenient, especially the timing of the tape during the 2004 election campaign. However I don't understand why in the video with the 'fat Bin Laden', there was even a need for false translations. Admittedly, the 'fat OBL' doesn't look much like OBL at all. But why not get it right if you are directing the video? Why shroud fake OBL's comments in ambiguity, so that fake translations are required? (which are easily revealed)

(D) Ok, but that means they aren't in contact with Bin Laden if the tapes are really fake, which leads me to another thought: if OBL was indeed dead but this fact was covered up, he cannot repudiate fake videos. Or if OBL was in secret custody, 'orders' from 'OBL' could be conveyed through 'middle men' and propaganda videos can be produced with the real OBL. In both cases a fake command structure must be present, which implies manipulation of Al Qaeda by the USG covert apparatus. (i.e. Able Danger 2.0).

I haven't seen OBL filmed while in the company of others since the 'fat bin laden' tape. Am I overlooking something? Why are they not showing OBL in company anymore? Is this to avoid giving the USG any leads w.r.t. to his whereabouts or is this because there is some truth in the speculation at (D) ?

Further options:
* OBL and his lieutenants don't see any strategic gain in exposing fake tapes. OBL accepts the framing and does not care.
* The fake OBL story is a disinfo op (related to C, somewhat)

Just thinking aloud a little.

"There was never a doubt on Bin Ladens guilt"

"Why search for something that wasn't there"

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

You Bet

it is all BS. The Media is so controlled it isn't even funny. The whole Government and system is a sick joke. To those who are still asleep.....America has become a Corporate, Fascist State. This country is no longer a constitutional republic as our founders wanted. The constitution and the Bill of Rights are completely gone. As Bushfraud once said they are just peaces of paper. We have not had a "Real" president since JFK and we all know what happened to him, his brother, MLK and Jon-Jon. I think a "Peaceful" revolution is long overdue. I would give my life in a split second to see this happen. LOVE TO ALL REAL TRUTHERS!!!

Has anyone heard the recording?

Has the audio been released? If so, can someone give a link to it.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the comments regarding this story on this thread:

The one comment by myself on that thread highlights a very important link that I HIGHLY recommend you read. I sent this link to Dr. Griffin months ago. I hope he took note of this information for his new book.

The link is here: also. BUT if this link doesn't work I have uploaded it here:

Locate the source

OK, let's assume that the contents are what they purport to be. Then it would be quite easy to locate the source. Demand that AlJazeera provide the source. If it arrived by physical courier, find it. If it arrived by mail, trace it. If it arrived via electronic message, trace the IP address and other parameters. These tapes are a tremendous fraud and are entirely disingenuous. The clandestine agencies such as the CIA should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

The entire world is looking for Bin Laden, but they won't attempt to locate the source and trace the chain of custody, whether it be by physical or electronic delivery. How idiotic do they think we are to buy into this BS?

Bin Laden is dead.

Note: The stupid black beard Bin Laden was a simple Adobe/Corel video type of editing program. I'm not sure why the blck beard was placed on the old footage, but I fear theat it may have been some sick kind of joke. (Black Beard-Black Op, or the like).

The programs are very easy to use. We could place a black beard on Alex Jones, cut him out, place him next to Bin Laden, and have them both speaking highly about the new world order.

Remember the simple picture cloning of the Iranian missles which was debunked by a military blog.