Amazon not accepting (positive) responses for reviews on Griffin's new book

I am trying to record my approval of reviews posted on Amazon of David Ray Griffin's new book on Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?. I get the message indicating that my comment has been processed, but the counters do not increment. Elizabeth Woodworth has reported to me that others are telling her the same thing. Can some others try this and see if they get the same results? The link is

Here is the interaction:

The question after each review is: "Was this review helpful to you?"
The response button I choose for each good review is "Yes"
The Amazon response is "Thanks for your feedback"
The counter at the top of the review does not increment.

Is this a computer glitch, a mis-understanding of what is supposed to happen, or someone gaming Amazon to keep favorable review counts down?

Michael Zimmer

As someone who has done alot of truthing on amazon,

Sometimes these are glitches and sometimes things seem more fishy.

Sometimes, when you write a review, the review pops up for public viewing instantly. Sometimes it takes 24 or 48 hours. One time, I wrote a 9/11 truth review which didn't get posted for a week, and I made some noise on a related forum on amazon about how someone might be censoring. Shortly thereafter, the review appeared.

I also wrote up a well-written, in depth, 1-star review of "United 93," in which I discuss how the film's timeline is based off the Norad tapes, and how DRG dissects the Norad tapes in detail and proves that the only source which agrees with the Norad tapes is the Norad tapes themselves.

That review never, ever appeared. I never was able to decide whether it was a glitch or actually censored out. I will vouch for one thing: if it had been posted, it would probably have received alot of negative votes and comments, because most of the reviews of that film are glowing, 5-star, lemming-like pseudo-patriotic gushings.

Try this:

Close all running FireFoxes, including leftover download dialogs.

Open a run dialog (Windows key + r), and type:

firefox -safe-mode

You'll get a dialog, but don't check any of the boxes. Click on "Continue in Safe Mode". All your plugins and extensions are now temporarily disabled. Visit the Amazon site, and try again. If it still doesn't work, Amazon is buggy. It's somewhat unlikely they are deliberately sabotaging you.

I am not registered at Amazon, so I can't test.

Safe mode does not help

Thanks SnowCrash. Safe Mode does not seem to make a difference.

If they are deliberately sabotaging anyone, I guess it would be DRG. I am at a loss. Perhaps there is a place to record complaints?

Mike Zimmer


I would try again, but with Internet Explorer, and if that doesn't work, I would complain citing all you did to try to resolve the issue. It will be difficult for Amazon to say it's a technical problem on your side at that point, but you shouldn't rule anything out yet.

I've noticed several similar problems at Youtube, but my first hunch is always that it's buggy. This is also because most designers and CMS developers still don't design their website products in a way that conforms to the W3C standards. This will worsen rather than improve. When you contact Amazon, try to play dumb and just ask why it doesn't work, despite your efforts. Citing suspicions of sabotage will be counterproductive.

Try different browsers, try a computer at a friend's house and also try to create a new account from a new ip address. Try to compare and see if you can vote on other books. Try to find out if what's preventing you to vote has anything to do with you trying to vote before, because such sites will try to prevent you from voting twice. Such systems may malfunction. Youtube is an example. If I vote a comment up and then navigate away quickly, my vote is not counted, and I do not get to vote again.

If after all these efforts, (and especially if voting on reviews for other books *does* work) voting for positive reviews on Griffin's book still doesn't work, you could start thinking of foul play, but don't jump to conclusions. Good luck, I'll consider registering and doing tests myself. :-)