Business Challenge - Spread Richard Gage Far And Wide!

This is a challenge out to all other business's ....step up and stand for truth!

I will be re-launching soon and have since opened a patriot supply store for Canadians to get their preparedness and green living supplies.

Radio ads for the retail store are airing on the the big 50,000watt talk station here in Winnipeg. CJOB 680

Ready Supply is airing a new ad to promote Tuesday's Coast to Coast show with Richard Gage
MP3 -

Tell every night owl you know to listen to Coast To cost AM on Tuesday June 9th. And if you own a business, place a radio ad, post a poster, call into talk shows!!! 1000's of stations carry this show and someone in each city where it's carried should take the audio clips and info to the main news office at that station the next day.

Take the challenge!

On East Coast show will start early morning, Wed June 10.

The dates can be a bit confusing because of the time zone differences. With a 3hr time zone difference, for East Coast listeners you have to add 3 hrs to the CTC start time of 10pm PDT (official start time for the program as per ).

So remember that if you are on the East Coast and you want to catch the June 9th show, you actually start listening in the early morning of June 10.