Tell the FCC What You Want from a National Internet Plan


The Federal Communications Commission is busy crafting America's first national broadband plan, and they're asking for your input. Now's your chance to tell the FCC to support an open, fast, affordable and people-powered Internet without corporate gatekeepers.

You have until July 8 to make your voice heard with the FCC. Our wish list for the Internet can become a reality if it’s backed by strong public support. Do you:

* Want to safeguard Net Neutrality so the Internet remains open and neutral?
* Want more choice of Internet providers, instead of the same companies that overcharge, deny service or unfairly block Internet content?
* Want a fast Internet that catches up with the rest of the world?
* Want an Internet that connects everyone?

Then speak up! Use this easy form to appeal for a people-powered Internet.

The big media bosses will be adding their own comments, in favor of anti-consumer practices like content inspection and usage penalties. If their voices outnumber ours, then the free-flowing Internet we have today could be lost, or it could never evolve into something even better.

So it’s important that you push back with what you want -- an open, accessible Internet. File your comments now.

Comment form link:

Good Effort & Idea

Pls do note that the FCC may be as "Federal" as the Federal Reserve.

Its time to replace all these "Federals" with We The People.

No long term solutions without that.

And Prayer.

Much Prayer.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

You are so correct constitutional911

and it is not just in America. This is a world wide crisis. My big dream is that soon all truthers will understand this and take peaceful action. This is a global conspiracy not just what happened on 9/11. That was just a ripple in the stream heading the entire world into a global fascist state. Now we have a financial 9/11 going on. Next there will be a third world war, probably nuclear, and finally a microchip population for those who survive this horror. This plan for world domination has been going on for thousands of years. It's a pyramid structure headed by the few who are behind all this shit that is now coming down. It has no chance of working if we the people of the world unite and refuse to submit to these mind games and do so peacefully. We must never fight among each other. We must stand united and refuse to go along to get along. There are many ways of doing this. For one, don't pay taxes, don't vote for any of them. Civil disobedience, spreading the word to all people warning them of the upcoming fascist state. I could go on and on and I am sure you all can add good things to the list. Just obey the golden rule. "Love all people and show it at all times. Be kind to others. Practice what Jesus teaches. Love WILL conquer all.

FCC 60-Day Comment Period may close JUNE 7!!!

Does the National Broadband Plan FCC 60-Day Comment Period Close June 7- or 8? (30 day REPLY comment window starts after the 60-day comment period)

I'm STILL waiting for a reply from (as of May 31) as to what the correct end date is (the 60th day would be JUNE 7, as May had 31 days)- best advice for now; get your FIRST comment in no later than JUNE 7- the industry ghouls are NOT waiting:

April 8, 2009: "FCC LAUNCHES DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN - Seeks Public Input on Plan to Ensure Every American has Access to Broadband Capability"

“Since the analysis in the plan will only be as good as the data and ideas the FCC gets, the document is up for an extended comment period. Initial written comments are due on June 8, and reply comments are due July 7. The docket for this proceeding is 09-51, and the link to comment filing is here. If you have something good, please share.” Claude Aiken -


FCC ECFS Express Comment (use this if you just want to type a short comment)

FCC ECFS Comment with option for submitting file (it’s Docket 09-51)

For more info on the National Broadband Plan, and the possibilities, check out: – Access, Choice, Openness, Innovation.
A Free Press project- National Broadband and Net Neutrality Advocacy


Julius Genachowski- FCC Nominee Source Watch profile: Venture Capitalist, Establishment insider, Corporate Board member- whose side is he really on? Remember, Obushma nominated him. Don’t expect him to do the right thing; make your voice heard.

Obama passed over Michael Copps; the current acting-Chair, a long-time FCC Board member and a People’s Advocate:

Michael Copps- Source Watch profile:

May 14, 2009 Michael Copps: New Media Shouldn't Pay for 'Old Media Sins'

January 13, 2009- Wall Street Journal- Obama to Tap Tech Adviser as FCC Chief

Just got my comment in- hope you submitted yours

even if you haven't done so by June 7 (or 8), submit it anyway. I'm not sure what a "reply" comment is, although I assume it would be a response to comments already submitted. In any case, the total window for submitting comments on the National Broadband Plan is 90 days from April 8.

SO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!! And use the DIRECT COMMENT LINK- while Free Press will probably pass your comment on to the FCC, it's obviously more official if you do it directly:

FCC ECFS Express Comment (use this if you just want to type a short comment)

FCC ECFS Comment with option for submitting file (it’s Docket 09-51)

My comment:

Hello FCC,

I am strongly in favor of preserving Net Neutrality and making broadband access widely and cheaply available across the United States. Broadband Access should be viewed as a necessary utility and Net Neutrality a human right, like clean air and water. I hope you will work closely with Free Press and to make sure these things happen, as they are crucial for the US to be competitive economically with the many other nations in the world that have surpassed us in broadband capacity. While the Telcos input is likely to be valuable, remember that they have a history of deceit and corrupt business practices; don't take them at their word about anything, as they seek to consolidate control in their own hands, limit competition and stifle innovation- unless they can profit. Please prevent the Telcos from blocking cities and municipalities from installing their own broadband infrastructure; it is their right, if the People want to do so. Thank you.

Make a Stand before the Fed pulls the plug.

Ani Difranco Self Evident


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


always puts the interest of corporations before the interests of the people. I have no hope for any positive initiatives from the FCC. Instead, the FCC will greatly ramp up efforts to marginalize our rights online, in perfect sync with Obama's totalitarian internet oversight plans. I liked Bush's internet policy a lot better: he didn't have one.

We still have to try.

At the same time develop our own resources , technologies away from the Corporate Infrastructure that ensnares us so easily.

If you look at it, it isn't all that difficult to wire local communities on our own, creating our own intra-nets etc.

More and more people are becoming off-the grid. Power and Communications wise. Solar, Wind etc.

We have Open Source Software. And even Hardware if we know where to look, who to work with.

Its About NETWORKING with People 1st.

That's the Most Important Network of All.

There IS a Response to Big Brother.

A Big Response.

They are NOT as Powerful as They Think they are.

I agree - Obama's dangerous. Far more than Bush ever was.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Single Point of Control

I would caution anyone not to be too excited about a single nationwide Internet, which is what this sounds like to me. (I readily admit, I have not done much research into this topic.) That would be a single point of control. Why would we want the government, a non-profit or a corporation controlling access.

Consider the problem of the Associated Press, a non-profit that does investigative reporting for many newspapers.

Is the Associated Press Good for America?

good point

the industry ogres, the criminal establishment "elites", including the Telco giants that just got immunity for their illegal and treasonous collaboration with the Bullshit Administration in spying on US citizens without warrants certainly want to consolidate power and control in their own corrupt and greedy hands.

However, a "national broadband plan" does not have to be that, which is why it's important to tell the FCC what you, the taxpayer and Citizen expect-

A national broadband plan can mean creating incentives for small business and local municipalities to create fiberoptic wireless infrastructure and a level playing field, which the anti-free market big telcos will then have to compete with the little guys and the People on.

Japan has average speeds up to 10 times the fastest in the US, and at half the price, and numerous providers to choose from- we could have that here, if the treasonous telcos weren't doing everything they can to throttle competition, including suing cities and municipalities that try to set up their own broadband infrastructure.

It also needs to safeguard Net Neutrality, so that the Big Telcos have to treat all traffic and sites equally.