Paul Thompson Appears On The Randi Rhodes Show 9/12/2006 To Destroy ABC's "The Path To 9/11"

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In this thread, I made the comment, "When ABC's "Path to 9/11" came out, it was about the same time PFT (9/11: Press For Truth) came out. Guess which one the media decided to focus on (even though the families presented it at the National PRESS club on 9/11/2006). I also remember that around that time is when Ann Coulter started to speak out against the "Jersey Girls." Coincidence? Who knows?

I no longer have the clip, and I can't find it on the web, but there is a Randi Rhodes show with Paul Thompson where he completely destroys "Path to 9/11."

Well, I found the clip on my computer. I have edited it out the commercials. Enjoy.

They got to Randi

Since getting back on the air last month, Randi has changed her tune on 9-11 and conspiracies. It seems that someone got to her. I miss the old Randi. I wish I knew how our rulers go about so effectively silencing some of our finest advocates in politics and the media. Threats to family? Threats to employment? Blackmail?


are the Media.

Forget Randi.

The Best Advocate We WILL EVER FIND in Politics and Media for 911 Truth will be simply.


When we look into the Mirror of Truth.

We will see our Responsibilities and Calling.

WeAreChange is a Fine example.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Forget Randi!

I couldn't agree more. Some patriot she turned out to be. It seems to me that Mike Malloy is the only one left with the balls to state what he believes about 9/11.

A point to ponder.

My son who is 24 and is aware of the corruption that we all know about asked me this question.
He said dad if as you say people are too stupid to see the truth, and you knew it would never see the light of day. Would you join the other side if it meant you could have an extremely lavish lifestyle?
Wow! Deep question huh? I have said before that if a person is that stupid......
I've always been a man of my word, and value honesty , and integrity but i have to admit this one made me pause for an honest answer.
I told him i would really have to give this some thought.....Hey ! i am being honest here.
Well it's been about two months and i would have to answer no.
I was wrong to blame people of stupidity when giving the time to think about it. Most people aren't stupid, they are misinformed or just outright lied to. What kind of world would we have if it was honest? If all the money that was spent on wars, stolen, or just plain wasted was put toward the good of mankind?
You think free health care is impossible? Free education? Just to bring up a couple things?
I am proud to be a truther, and i think all of you here represent good people, and good Americans.

Wisdom, I Love Your "Big Picture" Thinking

I also think about the fraud, the waste, the injustice, the atrocities, the greed, the corruption, the evil etc. etc.

I think about the film "WHY WE FIGHT",

and think about "WHY WE INFORM"

The essential nature of my being motivates me.


However, if I was imprisoned, tortured, threatened with death...I may act differently. I don't know.
I hope I never find out.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site


........ I hope that in my lifetime i can see all Americans unite to make this world a better place for our children.
I refuse to see the corrupt actions of a few dictate the consequences of the many.
Yes Joe....... This is why we fight !
I believe our truth movement needs more organization. Yes we number many, but lack unity. I said before we need an event so big that our owned and controlled media have to cover it. If they don't it only proves the obvious.
The banks own our politicians, media, judges etc. Thank God for the internet. Use it to pass along the truth to all your friends and family. Leaders are few, but when we unite it will promote those who think that nothing can be done about it to jump on the train.

Randi turned her back (and

Randi turned her back (and became a knowing & willing participant
in the 911 cover up) before she left the air.Her message board used to be one of the best for 911 truth.Then she began to censer it.By the time she left the air any mention of 911 that questioned the official story would get you immediately banned.I have no use for her.She is part of the problem.

Great post.

I first met Reprehensor on the Randi Rhodes 9/11 forum. It was indeed one of the best prior to mid 2007. Then it went into the toilet thanks to the "fair and balanced" thing --- debunkers were given free reign to spew their venom, endless discussions of DEW were dwarfing legit research, and the mods became increasingly more hostile towards truthers who accused debunkers of being paid; I got banned there for some sort of speak along that line. After seeing the demise of that forum I'm grateful for what rep has done here to make sure this site wouldn't go down a similar path.

I also heard Randi on air quite a bit talking about Norad's stand down, and how as a former USAF pilot herself, she didn't believe the official story. At one point, I was an everyday listener. She did indeed, on multiple occasions, mention WTC7.

I do believe someone got to her. Even in 2006, there was an anti-truther who posted as "dpetonic" (remember him?) who called in to the show and once threatened her: "Don't talk about this garbage, anymore, please! It's all B.S.!" The level of venom and even threat in his voice suggested to me he might be more than just an ordinary citizen. The guy had seemingly unlimited amounts of time to post thousands and thousands of posts in attempt to derail. He also posted as "ConspiRaider" at Jref. He would even go out of his way to convince us that he was a bleeding heart liberal who hated Bush just as much as the next guy.... but boy did he have a zealous duty to gatekeep the official 911 story!

I would imagine it's not that hard for the bad guys to silence people. The promise of million$ if you accept, in addition to the threat of death if you don't, is a powerful combination.

Randi Rhodes message board on 9/11

I learned alot on that message board. Eyeswideopen was an inspiration and great poster there. Dan R. had every bit of research necessary to deflate any of the debunkers like Hanibal, Robert the Liberal, and others. Atomic and others really got into the meat of each and every issue. The details in each argument were thorough and accurate. The board went down eventually, then it came back for a shorter time and then eventually left for good. But I remember getting the censor threats of not being able to discuss 9/11. I learned the most on that message board because the ideas were battled back and forth. And Reprehensor seemed to always import a nice topic to start another thread. I was just another poster by the name of screwdriver that supported and still do support a new investigation.

I debate on little known you tube channels now instead.


The Path to 9/11

was extremely effective at reestablishing 9/11 as a D vs. R issue, as supporters (apologists) of each party cheerleaded for their team. The 9/11 Commission looked good in contrast as the propaganda defined bipartisan agreement as a consensus to work for the public interest. In reality bipartisan agreement is often an agreement by the two dominant parties to protect themselves at the expense of the public.

One must note the initial withholding of information about al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar took place in January 2000. AFAIK, Richard Clarke has never explained what happened. We are told that Clarke/Berger/Tenet were on point and knew how dangerous al Qaeda was. And one should note this withholding was in the general time period of all the Millennium plot chatter/arrests. Yet the CIA and NSA evidently did not inform the FBI at this time. If the official story is correct then why did Clarke stay on after 9/11? Wouldn't he have despised everyone involved in protecting al Qaeda operatives while they took part in both the Cole attack and 9/11? What was Berger doing at the National Archives? Why did the media lose interest in such a bizarre story? Is Scheuer right when he states that there were at least nine chances to kill Bin Laden during the Clinton years? Why should we take Obama at his word when he continues the overwhelming secrecy in relation to 9/11? Again this goes to the absurd notion of authoritarian trust in a President depending on which team holds the office. It's not a sufficient standard for a representative democracy. We see the sickness of excessive secrecy in relation to the use of torture. Secret briefings by unnamed CIA officials who claim that torture worked. This isn't transparent government. This is garbage.

"Tis a pity

to hear about Randi and 9/11. Wasn't she one of the first to speak about the torture--way back in 2004 or 2005?

Paul Thompson should

make some more public apperances. His timeline is historical & really get's at the facts.

I believe...

Randi Rhodes' site is where I met Reprehensor. I could be wrong. I don't know what all of the hoo-ha is regarding Randi... I haven't followed her for a long time. The last I heard, she called out Hillary Clinton or something... and was fired? I wish we heard more from Paul Thompson. The individual who I believe knows more about the 9/11 attacks then anyone. I firmly believe he should be in a secured location under 24 hour guard.

I forgot about this.

"ABC received a "Falsie" award for its Sept. 11 miniseries that the Center for Media and Democracy chided as the most misleading U.S. show of the year."

In June 2007, Sean Hannity was still defending this movie.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I'd like to hear Paul

explain his understanding on what really happened that day & who did what?

So would I...

As a witness in a court of law.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?