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the Berkey Light is a *very* good system. I got one of them 6 months ago and love it.

I was inspired by some advice about preparedness that Katy posted last year:

What about Fluoride?

I see no mention of it at their site.

floride requires an additional filter

see Looks like a neat system.

Thanks for the link

I quit swallowing my toothpaste I used to sweeten my belches.

I may buy a Berkey with the fluoride/arsenic filter. I have just enough brain cells left to know
I need to eliminate this poison from my diet.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

We love our Berkey Light!

We love our Berkey Light! I used the Flouride filters for months when I first got it but it filters too slow for my liking so I removed them. I heard that the flouride is negligible but I could be wrong. We took our Berkey on a 7 state road trip to see Ron Paul in Montana and it was a God Send. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Save the money and get it without the flouride filters until you are sure.