Alfred W. McCoy: Confronting the CIA's Mind Maze

Confronting the CIA's Mind Maze
America's Political Paralysis Over Torture
By Alfred W. McCoy

If, like me, you've been following America's torture policies not just for the last few years, but for decades, you can't help but experience that eerie feeling of déjà vu these days. With the departure of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from Washington and the arrival of Barack Obama, it may just be back to the future when it comes to torture policy, a turn away from a dark, do-it-yourself ethos and a return to the outsourcing of torture that went on, with the support of both Democrats and Republicans, in the Cold War years...


It's a very ugly world.

The beauty that we will create out of all this madness will be amazing. There has to be a reason all of you good people are here on this earth.


elitist prevarication

The author says: "Let's rise up...and do nothing."

"Over a 40-year period, Americans have found themselves mired in this same moral quagmire on six separate occasions: following exposés of CIA-sponsored torture in South Vietnam (1970), Brazil (1974), Iran (1978), Honduras (1988), and then throughout Latin America (1997). After each exposé, the public's shock soon faded, allowing the Agency to resume its dirty work in the shadows.

Unless some formal inquiry is convened to look into a sordid history that reached its depths in the Bush era, and so begins to break this cycle of deceit, exposé, and paralysis followed by more of the same, we're likely, a few years hence, to find ourselves right back where we are now. "

He says:.".We Americans were "mired" in "exposes" of turture over 40 years; nothing changed; let's do that again."

I have communicated with Tom D. about his failure to cover the 9/11 conspiracy and he won't cover it. Not a fan.

You write:

"I have communicated with Tom D. about his failure to cover the 9/11 conspiracy and he won't cover it. Not a fan."

Look at the top-right of the linked page with the article: "A Project of the Nation Institute."

The Nation Institute. The Nation magazine. The whole "Nation" thing, an Operation Mockingbird creation. Set up and organized to give the grassroots Left the impression it's being informed, getting the real scoop on things, when what's really happening is that it's being misdirected to less important stuff instead of looking at the centrally important things.

Yes, sometimes you can learn worthwhile things in the Mockingbird Nation, but don't expect it to even hint there might be a fundamental problem with the OCT. (Or ask why there are over 800 U.S. military bases in over 140 foreign countries. Or anything else that might be threatening to the hidden power elites who've always directed the Nation Institute.)


I count about 23 references to 'psychological torture', 'psychological manipulation', or 'psychological paradigm'. Scarcely is the word 'physical' used.

I am thoroughly annoyed by attempts to describe torture as 'psychological', as if this in any way convinces ANYONE that it is not PHYSICAL TOO.

Then McCoy speaks of "global torture policy". That makes about as much sense as "global genocide policy". There can be no 'policy' for torture. There can only be (if we had lived in a free society) swift and unforgiving prosecution of those involved. If these steps fail to materialize, it stands as definitive proof that we are a totalitarian state.