Mockingbird agenda at Daily Kos

Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Net's leading liberal website in terms of traffic and political influence, Daily Kos, has a rather curious and odd background for a leader of the Left—one that might explain his official policy of banning any Diarist who posts information or opinion dissenting from the 9/11 Commission's unraveling myth about the attacks.

Markos served in the U.S. Army from 1989 to 1992, where he was a staunch Reagan Republican, campaigning for George H.W. Bush. It was the "near miss" of being sent to Gulf War I that sparked his political conversion, he says. He hails from a wealthy El Salvadorian family, one of whose members was Minister of Education with the notorious junta during the civil war.

In a speech to the Commonwealth Club in 2006, Kos admitted to interviewing with the CIA for a 6-month period after a time of "underemployment." His statements there betray either a stunning ignorance, or sneaking sympathy with the CIA's long history of democratic subversion and support of rightist dictatorships abroad, including the one that sponsored death squads in his former homeland:

"This is a very liberal institution.  And in a lot of ways, it really does attract people who want to make a better, you know, want to make the world a better place . . . Of course, they've got their Dirty Ops and this and that, right but as an institution itself the CIA is really interested in stable world.  That's what they're interested in.  And stable worlds aren't created by destabilizing regimes and creating wars.  Their done so by other means.  Assassination labor leaders . . .  I'm kidding!... And even if you're protecting American interests, I mean that can get ugly at times, but generally speaking I think their hearts in the right place.  As an organization their heart is in the right place.  I've never had any problem with the CIA.  I'd have no problem working for them . ."

Links to the Commonwealth Club audio, and other biographical documents on Moulitsasa can be found here.

Moulitsas began working for the Howard Dean campaign, and simultaneously launching Daily Kos, in 2002, shortly after his romance with the CIA. One may speculate that perhaps the romance never fully ended—and wonder if the CIA's IT venture capital subsidiary, In-Q-Tel, may have provided development and/or funding assistance to spark the meteoric rise of Daily Kos, now a virtual kingmaker in the Democratic party. The site endorses and directly raises funds for certain Democratic candidates and PACs, amassing over $2 million in the last two election cycles. Markos and his business partner, Jerome Armstrong, have also hired themselves out as political consultants to certain candidates—a stark conflict of interest for journalists. Markos answers that he is not so much a journalist, but an "activist."

The CIA has also been accused of providing seed money for both Facebook, and Google, according to former CIA clandestine officer Robert David Steele. As one critic has noted: "The CIA does not merely look into social media—they appear to own it."

If Moulitsas is a digital-age Mockingbird (the CIA's Cold War program of infiltrating and co-opting the American media; ), perhaps he is exercising a role similar to that of Rahm Emmanuel, who as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the 2006 elections, steered party funds to pro-war Democrats while starving anti-war candidates. If that is the agenda of Daily Kos—to maintain the Democratic party's inertia as co-dependent enablers of the military-industrial complex and it's boondoggle War on Terror—it seems to be succeeding wildly. Suppressing any alternative narrative of 9/11, the foundational keystone of this war, would be a crucial element of such a strategy.

Did your Heckler account get banned?

Jig's up for the Heckler? Your last post at Kos was really good, and it's still up.


Yep, I was immediately guillotined. And thanks, Reprehensor, for posting that screed here.

I did make a tactical mistake by assuming that I would get banned in the preamble—"not only did he sin, but he premeditated it!" I should have said, "I'm sure the apparatchiks here will find something between the lines, some implication not explicity stated, to nail me with." I am disappointed that Meteor Blades did not at least allow me time for rebuttal before the death sentence. But I do have to give them some grudging credit for not deleting the post.

Here on the front page (today) too:

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I skimmed the comments. The people who read Daily KOS scare me.

Mike Zimmer

Yes, talk about an ugly mob mentality

I have to hope that this is just a very self-insulated group of denialists and not really reflective of a plurality of the American population.

Every time I wander through the Daily Kos comments I am always struck by the orthodoxy of their world view and the importance they put on maintaining it above all else.

It is from groups such as these that monstrous acts are committed in the name of god and country.

I have little doubt that the Daily Kos is a CIA propaganda front, controlled "left" opposition.

Scary people, indeed.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thank you - just the other day

I was reading the comments to the recent article on Daily Kos and I was shocked to read about the hard-line stance it takes against 9/11 skepticism and research. Your research seals it for me - we're seeing a clear case of controlled opposition. These left wing gatekeepers are being flushed out by their silence on Obama's continuation of Bush policies and gung ho support for the 9/11 Wars.

Mockingbird Moulitsas

Two other sins that will get you banned from Kos:

1. Advocating Palestinian rights, or untoward criticism of Israel. This is not official policy, as stated in the Rules, but de facto—an army of GIYUS goons patrols the site, flagging such Diary entries for censorship, and the management seems happy to oblige. Two Peace Activists Banned From Daily Kos

2. Criticizing Commissar Kos himself—with compromising information like that cited above. Can't have him outed on his own site, can we? Regarding 9/11 conspiracy posters, this paragon of progressivism states:

''So I banned these people, and those that have been recommending diaries like it. And I will continue to do so until the purge is complete, and make no mistake—this is a purge.''

If you ever meet Mr. Moulitsas, don't shake his hand. Rumor has it that he still prefers to be saluted.

These left wing gatekeepers are being flushed out by their silen

These left wing gatekeepers are being flushed out by their silence on Obama's continuation of Bush policies and gung ho support for the 9/11 Wars."

Much too slowly.

I'll be marching with Cindy Sheehan and others in Dallas today. I hope to have a word with her to tell her that the Peace/anti-war movement groups that shun 9/11 Truth are co-opted to insure their ineffectiveness.
I also have a stack of twenty different DVDs to give her if she will accept them.

The Dallas Peace Center resembles Daily Kos.

Give her my regards.

Peace cannot exist in the vacuum of Injustice.

Her son's death wil not be in vain.

Our Prayers go with her and many others ilke her, whose children have become victims of the Military Indu$trial Complex.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Try other forums?

You have written such a good piece. You should consider Buzzflash, Op Ed News, The Smirking Chimp and other sites. I am pretty sure that you could get this type of column published at Op Ed News, and given the change in Buzzflash, they might also be receptive.

Worth a try.

Mike Zimmer

Has Buzzflash Changed?

I quit reading Buzzflash a while back because they seemed to have the same policy about 911 Truth.

Have they changed?

Maybe I will check them out again.

They used to be one of the sites I visited daily.

Buzzflash has sprung a few leaks

Some 9-11 Truth material is now making its way to Buzzflash, and there do not seem to be as many kool-aid drinkers making comments. See, for instance, columns by Dr. Steven Jonas. I don't know how far we can push the envelope but it is worth trying I think.