WeAreChangeParis has interviewed media persons on the Bilderberg group please do transcript.

Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir ,
just up to now I have never seen on 911blogger a blog entry on WeAreChangeParis
For you who understand French, you will appreciate the good work of WeAreChangeParis. The following video is very important as it is the first real video in France which asks popular media persons on the Bilderberg group etc.

Is there any one on this 911blogger.com who can write up a transcript in english of the interviews. Later, if asked I will try to write up who are the people being interviewed with their title, political party, importance etc.

In the past, Herblay was honored to have these militants from WeAreChangeParis ( Farid YAHIAOUI : lamatrice75@gmail.com) to distribute documents and free DVD's on the 17th "Onze Bouge" France, 12 October 2008.




I hope we get a transcript soon.

Good site too.


Qui sommes-nous ?

We Are Change Paris est la branche parisienne du mouvement internationale We Are Change.

We Are Change Paris est opposé aux projets mondialistes et sionistes .

Le mouvement est composé d’activistes bénévols ayant pour but de faire sortir de la sphère internet des sujets de haute importance tels que :

Le mondialisme avec la mise en place de la gouvernance mondiale,
L’existence de groupes élitistes tels que le Groupe Bilderberg, le Siècle ou encore le CFR qui constituent une violation flagrante de la démocratie,
Les incohérences de la version officielle du 11 septembre 2001 et de la “guerre” contre la terreur.
Les conséquences de la guerre contre la terreur (lois liberticides, guerres d’agression en Irak et en Afghanistan, prisons secrètes de la C.I.A. etc).
Le mouvement effectue des tractages afin de porter à la connaissance de nos concitoyens ces informations censurées par les médias de masse traitant du “Nouvel Ordre Mondial”.
La branche parisienne du mouvement international reprendra le concept We Are Change en exposant les membres des groupes de réflexion mondialistes.

Pour nous contacter : contact@wearechangeparis.com


Translation: (From Google- Translate with some errors)

Who are we?

We Are Change Paris is the Paris branch of the international movement We Are Change.

We Are Change Paris is opposed to globalization and Zionist projects.

The movement is composed of volunteer activists who intended to leave the sphere of Internet topics of high importance such as:

Globalism with the establishment of global governance,

The existence of elite groups such as Bilderberg Group, the century or the CFR which constitute a flagrant violation of democracy,

Inconsistencies in the official version of 11 September 2001 and the "war" against terror.

The consequences of the war against terror (liberticidal laws, wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, CIA etc).

The movement makes towing to bring to the attention of our information censored by the mass media dealing with the "New World Order."

The Paris branch of the international concept resume We Are Change by exposing members of the global think tank.

To contact us: contact@wearechangeparis.com


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I speak Quebecois French

Mon francais est excellent. I live in Montreal and can translate this for you. I'll post it when it is finished. There might be some errors in translation if there is any slang from France I don't understand, so please watch out for that. Peace.

how to put up sub-titles on a YouTube video.

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour DFC,
great news for the translation. A text translation even with some errors will be very usefull. Evenentually others can complete it if necessary.

By the way if I picked up an internet page on how to put up sub-titles on a YouTube video.
I have not found the time to use it yet but the explanations seem clear and simple.


PS just profitting to say that there is another very good web site on a different angle at