Flight 11 Picked Up South of WTC By NEADS Controllers at 8:47

I was going back through the NEADS tapes we released in 2007 and discovered something a little strange ...

DRM1 DAT2 Channel 4 ID Op

08:46:15: New York told me to hold on, you heard that, right?

08:46:36: Come on New York. (Dooley again) You know what, you know what, let's
get a tail number off of for American 11. (Roundtree) Call Boston, American 11 tail
number. (Dooley) Tell them we need the tail number of the aircraft, (male voice)
American one one. (Roundtree to New York) Yes it is, (right now he's primary only.)
Do you have Mode 3 or anything? Or a location? (Fm not showing anything, no.) Lat
Ion? (Hold on, I'll get a lat lon.) Good.


08:47:05: (Dooley?) We're going to get an updated lat Ion now. (to background
question) We called Boston his filed one [Mode 3] was 1443, but he's not working that,
he's primary only, we're getting an updated lat Ion position. (I'm showing 40 39 North.)
40 39 North. (74 03 West) 74 03 West.

08:47:35: End of HUNTRESS call to NY AMIS


If you input that Lat/Long into Google Maps ...

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You get an airspace 2.5 South of the WTC, on the EXACT trajectory Flight 11 would have taken.

So, NEADS picked up Flight 11 2.5 miles south of the WTC by primary radar at 8:47, less than a minute after it allegedly hit the North Tower.


Does anyone else see a problem here?


You think this was a radar inject they were tracking, or one of the "chase" planes?

Part Two

I did dig up an additional one later on ...


08:53:17: 20 miles south of JFK. Where's JFK, turn on your NAVID ... they're telling us he's 20 miles south of JFK.


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I know that Coast Radar can

I know that Coast Radar can possibly be used to explain the first one at 8:47, but the one at 8:53?

Either way, I wanted to bring this to light and get feedback. Thanks everyone.


"May the forces of evil get lost on the way to your house." -George Carlin


Their conversation is

This conversation is certainly delayed a bit from when the lat-lon was calculated, thus the timeline doesn't necessarily seem like an anomaly. And 2.5 miles is covered extremely quickly in a plane.

There may be something here, but nothing provable, as far as I can tell.

For sure, the effort to look through this info is well appreciated. Keep up the good work.


it seems plausible that their conversation is just a delayed reaction to events. After all, the plane is moving at 500mph. So being 30 seconds behind events doesn't seem too odd.

If it is a false radar blip, then what advantage does it provide the ostensible perps? Wouldn't they want blips far away from the crime, to distract radar operators?

Not ...

... if they wanted NEADS to chase decoys.


That is interesting. Don't know what to make of it.. If Flight 11 didn't hit the North tower, then it implies a plane substitution scenario of some kind. Perhaps the war games provided cover for this as well? I wouldn't be surprised. But I thought enough plane wreckage was recovered to ID the plane. Needs more research.

None of the "four planes" have been identified by serial numbers

It is important that people understand this. The government has plane parts - but refuses to release the serial numbers of these parts - thereby making it impossible to positively identify the plane associated with those parts. This is the equivalent of the police having a gun barrel in their possession but refusing to release the serial number of the barrel - and insisting that you just take their word for it that that barrel was used in a murder.


Either way,True orFalse identification they loose.soThey shut up

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

they are caught in a dilemma because if they give the true numbers a lot of people will be put on trial. If they give false numbers and the 911 truth movement manages to obtain a 911 international investigation, the person that gave the false number will have to answer for the perjury and worst might be considered as an accomplice of the 911 murder.

So either way, the best they can do to save their neck's is say nothing and hope that the truth movement will move on.

We must find a legal way to have these numbers !



::eyebrow raises::

I dont know if this is anything significant, but I will be watching this closely.

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Dont preach it, just mention it :)


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Already sent it to him.

Can any of the ACARS automatic messages from planes be a help?

Herblay FRANCE

Can any of the ACARS automatic messages from planes be a help?



Addition ...

The important thing to realize is that "Phantom Flight 11" has always been attributed to Colin Scoggins, who appears to be the debunkers' and official story's fall guy, but this information at 8:47 came from NY AMIS, a completely different branch and person.

Coast tracking

I've studied the NEADS tapes quite thoroughly, and I can say definitively that there is an innocuous explanation for flt. 11 being "picked up" by NEADS SOUTH of the WTC, AFTER the crash.

If you listen another minute on the tape, the NYC air traffic controller (the same lady who quoted the aircraft position as 40.39N 74.03W) explained that the target is "tracking coast" to which the NEADS ID operator replies, "what does that mean", and the NYC ATC says it means they've lost track on it". Well of course they have, it crashed.

When she said it was "tracking coast", she didn't mean it was following the coastline, she was referring to the radar tracking term "coast", which means, in a nutshell, when they lose radar contact w/ an aircraft, for whatever reason, the computer uses the aircraft's LAST KNOWN location, direction, and speed, to show APPROXIMATELY where the aircraft SHOULD BE. In other words, if the aircraft had not crashed, but continued on its last known course, it WOULD HAVE BEEN at 40.39N, 74.03W. This is misinterpreted by NEADS, as well as the poster of that story.

If you google "radar coast track" you'll see what I am talking about:

"A coast track (often incorrectly referred to as a “ghost track”) differs from a radar track in that it is not supported by radar returns but rather by a computer-generated, projected course for the flight."

"It takes a couple of minutes for a track to switch to a coast track, it will free track for a little bit then switch to coast, very recognizable though when it does. Where the digitized target symbol is the coast track will show a # sign, when in free track a triangle will appear over the target symbol, free tracks occur when the aircraft is outside of its flightplan limitations. When it is flat tracked it will show a diamond shape over the target."

and a 3rd example, from a a radar "international designators" webpage: :
"40. Coast/suspend list (aircraft holding, temporary loss of beacon/target, etc.) ......

Position symbols:

6. Free track (no flight plan tracking) [triangle symbol]

7. Flat track (flight plan tracking) [diamond symbol]

8. Coast (beacon target lost) [#]"


There have been previous comments by Robin Hordon about this. I encourage you to write a blog entry about it, as there have been similar misunderstandings caused by this phenomenon.

Thank you Dylan

and I hope more people will listen now. The NORAD tapes strongly suggest an Operation Northwoods maneuver.

Flight 11 is not just reported over New York Upper Bay. It is also reported east of JFK airport a few minutes ago (8 miles or 15 miles, I've forgotten). So according to the NORAD tapes, Flight 11 passed east of New York City, crossed Long Island, made a turn westbound and was last seen at the said latlong.

That's why "Coastal track" is not an option. Flight 11 made a turn over Long Island. Coastal tracks don't make turns, do they?

I have one objection regarding the time. Channel 4 starts earlier than the other channels, at about 8:26:00. As far as I remember, we have to pinpoint the latlong message at about 8:51, but I have to check it again.

There is ample additional evidence that controllers tracked Flight 11 after the North Tower crash. I'm saying it for years: