Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance hosts white-separatist racist. Why?

[NOTE: Public access to the post below ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/06/391879.shtml ) was
'disappeared' from Portland Indymedia without having any public viewing. Until June 9, 2009, the only
record of it there had been as a "duplicate" listing in Portland IndyMedia's "compost pile" page
(where undesirable posts end up as either inaccessible 'duplicate' or still-accessible 'compost'
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All 'duplicate' listings remain unlinked to their respective posts, even when the posts are
not displayed elsewhere on the site and so are impossible to have 'duplicates' of. Such posts are
rendered unreadable, and such was my poor post's fate. But as of today, even that tiny bit of evidence
was ‘disappeared,’ even though the above link to the post still functions (but for how much longer?).

Such 'disappearances' seem to happen regularly at Portland IndyMedia, as well as at other IndyMedias
around the country. So much for truly 'independent' media, especially regarding such vital subjects as the
facts about 9/11/2001. IMHO, this situation brings to light as much about Portland IndyMedia as
it does about the P911TA.

BTW, I also just today discovered this little gem of a quote from the hosted speaker, Valdas Anelauskas,
in response to the writer of a letter to the Daily Emerald newspaper of Eugene, Oregon:

"Even if the author's name wasn't Deborah Bloom, after reading your opinion piece in the
Emerald (Feb. 7, 2008), there is no doubt that it was written by someone who is Jewish. Because
only from people of that peculiar tribe can we expect such Talmudic hatred for humanity. There
is even a famous saying that wars are the Jews' harvest" (see http://tinyurl.com/lf2tkb ).

Definitely add “out-and-out racist” to the list of Mr. Anelauskas’ disturbing ideologies.]

'Disappeared' Portland IndyMedia post follows:

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Why is Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance hosting a self-described 'white-separatist racialist'?

According to Portland IndyMedia's calendar, on June 10, 2009 at Laughing Horse Books, the
Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance will be hosting Valdas Anelauskas of Eugene to give a lecture here
in Portland on "Cultural Marxism" (see http://tinyurl.com/mwdope ).

This is most interesting, given that Mr. Anelauskas is a self-described "white separatist and
racialist" (wanting separation between different races) (see
http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/news/cityregion/9560048-41/story.csp ).

What does hosting someone like this have to do with promoting the facts about the events of
9/11/2001 to the general public?? I mean, even if the guy is vehemently against the official
conspiracy theory of 19 Muslims with boxcutters overwhelming all security systems of the U.S.
on 9/11/2001, why invite someone like a Mr. Anelauskas to say it? Will leaders of neo-Nazi
groups like Stormfront and National Vanguard be next for future lectures, as long as they, too,
are against the official 9/11 conspiracy theory?

Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance has offered a very odd mix over the years: some authentic 9/11
truth representatives (e.g., David Ray Griffin, William Rodriguez), and some rather dubious ones
(e.g., Judy "space beams demolished the WTC!" Wood, Morgan "the 9/11 planes were
holograms/video fakes!" Reynolds, Leuren ("beware international Jewry!") Moret. For every one
from the first category hosted by the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, we seem to get at least one
from the second.

Is this being done deliberately to associate in the public's mind "9/11 truth" with racism and
bizarre theories widely discredited within most of the 9/11-truth movement? This upcoming
lecture by Mr. Anelauskus would seem to indicate this. If so, it is only too similar to the
relentless postings of 'retired' U.S. Army counter-intelligence officer Captain Eric H. May and
his deliberate mixing together of 9/11 truth issues with racist/anti-Jewish propaganda over the
past couple years (see
http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/11/381928.shtml )

Regardless, those wanting to learn about 9/11 truth might want to thoroughly research the
speakers who are hosted by the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance before deciding whether to attend
any lecture by them.
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Why indeed?

This is bad business.

What's going on with the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance?


Judy Wood videos on the front page, hosting White Supremacists...

Not looking too good, guys!

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