DC Holocaust Museum Shooter and White Supremacist already linked to 9-11 Truth

Not even a few hours old, the media is already attempting to link the White Supremacist that shot up the DC Holocaust Museum to the 9-11 Truth movement.

It has been front paged on the Drudge Report and as a result the site is experiencing heavy traffic and the article is very slow to load, if at all.


It quotes: "James W. von Brunn, the suspect in today’s shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, believed “that many grave and still unresolved crimes were committed by US officials prior to, during and after the events of 9/11” according to an online petition he signed.

Von Brunn was the 9,196th person to sign the “Petition of Solidarity” hosted on the website Justicefor911.org, which claims it is sponsored in part by the organization 911Truth.org. According to the website over 16,600 people have signed the petition."

see also another news article:


This falls on the heels of the recent pronouncements of President Obama deftly attempting to link 9-11 Truth and Holocaust denial. There have been others who have made these spurious connections, for example, the Simon Weisenthal Center and the ADL.


Chip Berlet

Our old friend Chip wrote a column about the shooting:


He also has a new publication that links 9/11 Truth and antisemitism on page 3: