Cindy Sheehan - March to Bush's Home in Dallas

On Monday, June 8 2009, North Texans for 9/11 Truth joined Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, The Dallas Peace Center, and other concerned citizens in a march and protest to the home neighborhood of George W Bush in Dallas, Texas. While the sweat poured off the marchers in the late afternoon sun, things also heated up for Bush and his friends.

In this 6 minute video, Cindy Sheehan delivers a powerful speech in front of the street leading to Bush’s home. Some very profound statements are made – points which we all should make note of.

Cindy Sheehan's tenacity and compassion is something we should all emulate. It is up to each one of us, as individuals, to take an active role in changing this nation and the globe with 9/11 Truth. 9/11 Truth is the primary tool in order to end the wars and to bring about justice.

As you can see, there was a lot of Press. WFAA Channel 8 ABC (which also owns The Dallas Morning News) happened to forward the message of 9/11 Truth in their news broadcast.

There are also two other YouTube videos which have raw footage of the march.

"the raw story" picked up Video #1 and ran it with an excerpt from The Dallas Morning News.

Good Work TomT, Rob in Dallas, and Others

We all need to inform the Peace, Anti-war, Anti-torture protesters that nothing is going to change
without the Whole Truth.

"EXPOSE the 9/11 COVER UP" on the flip side.

I gave away about 60 DVD combos Blueprint & In Their Own Words. Every Reporter there got those and Core of Corruption. The Dallas PD Detective assigned to the march received the extra copies she asked for. I give her something new every time I see her. She claims to watch them. Who knows? In the conversation with her I told her about the "Oathkeepers". She can't or won't say much.

Protesting in the belly of the beast. If not me, who?

I am elated with the exposure we got for 911 Truth and for the parallel cause of accountability for the illegal wars, torture, suspension of habeas corpus, illegal spying etc. which were precipitated by the false flag event on 911. It feels good to do what is right. You know it in your heart. Cindy Sheehan is an amazing person. She is the real deal. Thanks Joe, Tom, Josh, Noah, Dale and Hank (whose car was towed while we protested).

The Bush Crime Cabal must answer for their crimes.

Right on Rob! "Cindy is the real deal!"

Rob, you look great carrying that sign! Dave dressed as Bush probably had the toughest was hot and humid. I am glad the Code Pink girls led him around. Josh took good care of Cindy. Joe gave her a nice bundle of DVDs. Noah was picture perfect with his shirt and banner. Dale had two signs flashing. Hank got his sign in for the news. The Dallas Peace Center helped to promote and chant the march. Ron Paul people joined in support. Concerned individuals from all over got off work early to participate in this 5pm march during rush hour traffic in the Preston/Royal Lane area of Dallas.

I love her

she is a fine patriot but I sure wish she would connect the dots and speak out about the real problem which is the truth about 9/11. How can she not know the truth? Without 9/11 her son would still be alive.

Yes, she does

It's not like she hasn't tried to get the word out. I think it was some time in 2007 when she made a statement on the importance of 9/11 truth to the cause of ending the wars. This coming from the woman who had almost single-handedly revived the antiwar movement in the summer of 2005--and it was greeted with a deafening silence by the recognized 'antiwar' organizations. Typical. And telling.


for giving me the truth about Cindy. I didn't know she was a 9/11 truther. Welcome aboard Cindy! We do need your help.

I don't know...

How many of you are friends with Cindy on Facebook, but she is a treat.


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I just went to her fb profile...

...I notice that she and I share 5 mutual friends, all 5 being rather prominent truthers. Do you guys (Jon, Dylan etc.) know her in person or did you just add her?

Great work, again!

You made very good use of the small crew you had available that day.

I'm curious as to how you and 9/11 truth were received by the rest of the demonstrators.

In the SF bay area relations between the Code Pinkettes and 9/11 truth activists are sometimes a bit prickly. Cindy Sheehan is always very positive when we show up though, I think Cynthia McKinney finally broke through with her on 9/11.

Well done, keep up the good work, North Texas!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

We work well with other groups in the Dallas area.

Our North Texans for 9/11 Truth group works very well with other groups who share common purposes in the Dallas area. Code Pink, The Dallas Peace Center, The Green Party, Ron Paul groups, an array of different speakers and authors, and a variety of other activist or aesthetics groups (such as music or new age or eclectic gatherings).
We have given out more than 32,000 DVDs in the North Texas area.
Check this out !...we are are excited...

duped again into believing Barack Obama is going to bring change

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

thank you so much for this video and your manifestation. Yes untill George Bush et his cronies are put on trial the world will no peace, no justice and NO FUTURE. History repeats itself beccause we stay in ignorence on what happened in the past.

Hope for the world depends on people like you and like people on 911blogger.

The world was duped into the Iraqi war. And duped again into believing that Barack Obama is going to bring change.



"We'll smoke him out of his

"We'll smoke him out of his cave and we'll get him eventually."

Great Job Rob

I was watching the local news reports of the Cindy Sheehan March to the Bush House, and was taken by surprised when I saw a 9/11 Truth sign pass behind Brad Watson as he was reporting live at the event. I yelled, "YES!!!! Hey, I wonder if I know that guy?" It turns out that I do. In fact there were a couple times when you could see Rob standing behind Brad Watson and holding a 9/11 Truth sign. Great Job guys.

Thanks Burke.

I am so stoked when I see others do the same, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I am glad it made it on the live shot. Thanks to Joe for providing the signs.