The REAL Holocaust Deniers Are Those Who Accept the Government's Version of 9/11

A reader named Patrick made a very insightful comment about the propaganda effort to link 9/11 truth activists with holocaust deniers (edited for readability):

Glenn Beck - while no more than a good telepromt reader - as opposed to reporter or commentator, made some disturbing parallels to the 9/11 truth movement and a crazed gunman. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have found, in my experience, that 9/11 truth members are polite, courteous, and friendly. They want nothing more than a criminal investigation of the events of 9/11.

Beck labels many as unpatriotic for not going along with the status quo. As if our government can do no wrong. It goes along with the notion that no one needs to be blamed for anything.

A form of bias that is, in fact, most common is uncritical patriotism, which leads people to believe that their political leaders never knowingly do anything terribly evil. One example is the fact that although credible reports about the genocide against Jews being perpetrated by the Nazis were circulating within Germany in the 40s, many Germans refused to believe the stories, holding that the leaders of their highly civilized nation could not commit such atrocities. Indeed, these Germans were the original ‘Holocaust deniers’.

In the 9/11 case, it is alleged that a national government committed a heinous crime; in the other case, the claim that a national government committed a heinous crime is denied. The true parallel with Americans who accuse the Bush administration of complicity in the 9/11 attacks is, therefore, with those German citizens who accused the Nazi leaders of conspiring to commit genocide. And the true parallel with the original Holocaust deniers would be with those Americans who deny their government’s responsibility for 9/11.

See this and this.

This is known in Europe as

"Wir haben es nicht gewußt"

(Poetically translated as: "How could we have known")

This is a phrase attributed to Germans who visited the concentration camps after the war. It is now used as a general phrase to describe willful ignorance in the face of fascism.

Wie können wir noch nicht bekannt


How could we have NOT Known!!!!

Same thing.

Once 911 Truth breaks wide open into the Mainstream.

Will Ignorance or Willful Self-Deception?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Literally translated it means "We have not known it". But you have to find something equivalent in English that has the same vibe to it. If you speak/understand/are familiar with German (it's not my native tongue, I'm Dutch, but I do) then the intrinsic meaning is:
"We're so sorry, we didn't know / how could we have known / if we had known we would have done something about it." It's a very apologetic statement, with lots of shock and shame implied in it. It also suggests that it was difficult to find out, which is of course a terrible excuse. In Holland, this sentence is often used to mock malevolent ignorance.

Dutch Wikipedia describes "wir haben es nicht gewußt" as: "Common explanation in the years after the Second World War, when German citizens were asked about the Holocaust"

Ironically, countries like Italy, France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands are now in the process of losing their civil rights and privacy much faster than in the US. It's a particularly dodgy form of 'soft' totalitarianism, worming its way into European life.

When you think of Europe, imagine parliaments full of Obama's, Daschle's and Leahy's. Cowardly, but convincing and charismatic con men who tell half-truths and still implement the totalitarian agenda, even if it threatens their own safety!

One must wonder what the excuse will be by some Americans & Europeans if and when the truth is brought to light. The response to torture was one of majority approval, which clearly shows us where we are.


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