Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement by Allison Bricker

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Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement
June 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm
by: Allison Bricker

Editor’s Note:
In the interest of full disclosure, I am not now, nor previously have I been, a member, formally or otherwise of any “9/11 truth” organizations. However, it is difficult for me to understand the animosity towards those requesting a secondary investigation.

THE REGION, INDIANA - The old-media’s faux-liberty shill, Glenn Beck has attempted yet again to tie Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, those calling for a second 9/11 investigation, opposition to the FEDERAL RESERVE, and liberty activists to the likes of domestic terrorists and Al-Qaeda. Mr. Beck made the statement on his show Wednesday evening after self-described white supremacist, James von Brunn went on a shooting spree1 at the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”.

Without offering any source, i.e. the Associated Press, Reuters, etcetera Mr. Beck reported on air unsubstantiated innuendo2 as a means to forward his personal dislike for anyone who dare question the government story on 9/11. It is worthy to note Mr. Becks’s utter contempt for those calling for a second more thorough investigation is well documented. During a broadcast on his radio show in 2005, he tore off into a tirade over the hatred he feels towards families of 9/11 victims due to their constant “complaining”.3

Regardless of where one comes down on the issue, and subsequently following President Obama’s admission in his Cairo, Egypt speech regarding the successful C.I.A. led overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953, there is no justification in attempting to connect those requesting a second 9/11 investigation to terrorists.

For a man who has just recently been caught lying4, it is but another example of the unprofessional shills in lieu of actual reporters now employed by the old-media.

However, this is not the first time Mr. Beck has lied or reported erroneously, as just this past January when he was hell-bent on insinuating that President Obama was somehow anti-God for failing to use a Bible during a second swearing in ceremony, he fictitiously stated that he researched the issue and did not find one single President who did not use the Bible.5

Unfortunately for Glenn Beck, a cursory check of history shows that Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in during a hastily arranged ceremony shortly after the death of President McKinley6 and thus did not use a Bible. However even more devastating to Glenn Beck’s haphazardly constructed insinuation of “no Bible = UnAmerican” is the fact that our sixth President, John Quincy Adams, an outspoken religious man, stated that he felt the Bible should be solely reserved for religious ceremonies, and thus was sworn in by Chief Justice Marshall with his hand upon an American Constitutional Law book7.

Consequently, perhaps the only bit of truth recently spoken by Glenn Beck came during an exchange with Barbara Walters of “The View” when he stated that he is not an investigative or any other type of reporter4 and that he does not check his facts prior to offering commentary upon a story. (see video)

Similarly to the old-media “M.I.A.C.-like” tactics displayed by Glenn Beck, anonymous screen name only tabloid blogger, “Left coaster” writing for the “Daily Kos” attempts to infer a link between Ron Paul and those opposed to the FEDERAL RESERVE to the murderous antisemite James von Brunn8.

Utilizing a standard so circumstantial that it would be laughed out of any court in the union, even taking into account the most liberal interpretation possible for rules of evidentiary procedure, “Left Coaster” attempts to conjoin criticizing the FEDERAL RESERVE with a sociopath by offering up a lone comment left in a Yahoo Ron Paul for President group.

Thus, if we at “The Smoking Argus Daily” desired to stoop to either of the very low bars set by Glenn Beck or “Left Coaster” in order to rile up a small group of unsophisticated, intellectually void readers, we too could make such spurious connections in our reporting and editorializing.

Whereby, since my personal feelings on abortion could be classified as “local rule” pro-choice, should I have crafted a scathing editorial insinuating a link between all Mormons, Christians, and other opponents of abortion as packs of wild blood thirsty homicidal gun wielding maniacs, due to the cold calculated shooting of Dr. Tiller?

Alternatively, since President Obama is viewed by me as just another government puppet, then it might be possible to score some brownie points by connecting him via an official press release9 supporting the administration’s pick for N.O.A.A. issued by the “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society”. After all, the organization is headed up by environmental extremist, Captain Paul Watson who as the video to the left indicates, thinks that in order to “protect” the rain forest, fellow environmentalists should “rise up and rip loggers limb from limb”.

Would it somehow prove that all abortion opponents approve of murdering doctors in order to “spread” the pro-life message, or that all environmentalists support Mr. Watson’s demented desire to tear apart fellow humans10 as a rational way to protect the environment?

Therefore, this is purely a myopic tactic employed by those who see collective group-think as an effective strategy to keep us divided in to neat and manageable “people-groups”, thereby tethered ad infinitum to the false left/right paradigm. It is not now, nor shall it ever be as long as “The Smoking Argus Daily” remains edited and published by me, to allow any post to strive for the lowest common denominator, nor view our loyal readers in such an unsophisticated contemptuous manner.

Finally, with both “Fox News” and “Daily-Kos” attempting to pigeonhole the freedom movement as “dangerous”, “radical”, or somehow equated to lunatics like James von Brunn, it can only really mean one thing. Those of us who desire to see the Constitution/Republic Restored, the abolition of the FEDERAL RESERVE, et al are making progress to a degree which has risen to rattling the cages of the status quo.

Thus with H.R. 1207 “The FEDERAL RESERVE Transparency Act of 2009″ currently sitting at 218 222 co-sponsors11 and with Chairman Bernake & Co. opting to hire a public relations firm12 to combat mounting scrutiny over their deviousness, individuals are beginning to see through the transparent “plastic-wrap” shills of the old-media for what they truly are; agents of division.

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