Law and Order SVU season finale features Nick Stahl as deranged artist who believes 9/11 "conspiracies"

I'm sure this episode has no connection to the recent Holocaust museum shootings and trail of yellow journalism that followed, but the season finale of Law and Order SVU featured actor Nick Stahl as Peter Harrison, a deranged artist whose life is transformed by 9/11. I don't have an exact transcript, but at one point in the episode it is noted that Harrison became obsessed with 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-government ideas.

The relevant dialogue begins around 7:09 of this video.

I accidently caught this episode, till I finally turned it off..

Last night, while grabbing dinner, I flicked on the TV. Usually, I never watch that much TV. I caught part of the beginning of this episode, raising my eyebrows when the investigators mention that the murder suspect (who is wildly paranoid) had been on the internet researching 9/11 Truth and The Bilderberg group.

Glenn Beck

Telling the truth is not a violent act. We have been telling the truth non-violently, and now the media is making a concerted effort to have us be percieved as violent.


This show seems low IQ? Sorry :)

Who watches it popular with the a broad range of people?

The attack on us is mild but the connection from that man to us is strong...seems subtle; providing a context to judge us by?

It's going to be a very interesting year!

They probably say those obsessed things about me around my town...for I used to be a musician once...mmm

Thanks for picking this up...while you weren't watching it, mother was doing a Phd in literature while watching the Bold and the Beautiful daily :)

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Law & Order is a chick's show

Another miserable soap opera.

This clip got an error

This clip got an error message so I didn't see more than a minute but I notice it is Richard Bellzer. I remember him being on Real Time and when his name came up on the screen "Conspiracy Theorist" also was there so that is how he describes himself. I know it is irritating to be associated with nuts but this is another mention of 911 and Bilderberg. It familiarizes people with those terms. It may not be all bad. I'm saying this as one who didn't see the whole clip.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars

They must have repeated the same episode. ???

I saw this over a week ago. Turned on the tv because my computer was malfunctioning. It was a fluke since I rarely watch tv. Is it customary to repeat episodes within a 2 week period? Could they have repeated it to join the wave of anti Truth propaganda?

Ironically, Richard Belzer is a big JFK conspiracy buff. He also has questions about UFOs. I saw him speak at a book signing. He is serious about these subjects. This is not tongue in cheek stuff. It appears that he is a friend of Jim Marrs, who is expert on the JFK issue as well as someone who knows 911 was an inside job.

I rarely watch tv, especially now, since the big pacifier went digital.

Off Topic

Sorry to post something that is off topic but I think it is worth a few minus votes. To me it is that important. It's about what JFK said 10 days before he was murdered and why he was murdered. As truther Meria Heller once said "If you don't understand 11/22/63 you will never understand 9/11/2001. Check it out

WOW! it's sort of odd, I

WOW! it's sort of odd, I haven't watched tv serial programs for so long now. Back in the day I thought it was smart tv, now that I've rubbed the dust out of my eyes, it just comes across as so heavy handed and ridiculous with horrible acting.

The establishment is desperate. I can taste Justice on my lips.


my oldest daughter watches this junk all the time.

Yes, the number of references to 9/11and "conspiracy theorists" in popular culture has increased dramatically. I take this as a sign of their determination to maintain the myth and the desperation to frame those who question 9/11, or authority in general, as mentally unstable and dangerous people.

Fortunately, both my daughters are hip to 9/11, my youngest just got an A on her history paper exposing the problems with the government's version of 9/11.

We getting near the tipping point, brothers and sisters, let's keep our eyes on the prize and nothing can stop us.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

this sounds like a fascinating read:

"my youngest just got an A on her history paper exposing the problems with the government's version of 9/11."

Has it been posted online anywhere- would she be interested in posting it, or having it posted here?

Thanks LeftWright

I love the story about your daughter. I hope and pray all young people wake-up like she obviously has. After all she is young and this is her world. Not the NWO's world. Yes, with the young on the side of 9/11 truth we are unstoppable. All the Bushes and Obamas can't stop us.

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Mainstream references to 9/11 Truth will strengthen us, whether negative or positive, if we continue to excercise peaceful truth telling. Never take the bait; just continue to speak out about 9/11 Truth. It's obviously working. Just speak more loudly, more often.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Law and Order treats us better than most

The character played by Richard Belzer "John Munch" is a transplant from "Homicide: Life in the Street" Munch is Belzer's alter ego. Munch has all the same "deep politics" beliefs Belzer does. I'm pretty sure I've seen an interview of him saying there needs to be a new 9/11 investigation.

"9-11 conspiracies fact or fiction" ?


Notice how the "defenders of the faith" would always portray 9-11 researchers and Truth seekers as emotional eccentrics,
but when was the last time have you seen the rebroadcast of the History channel's "9-11 conspiracies fact or fiction?"
the unexpected blow back to history channel and the defenders of the "official story",was that all those who view it, for good or bad "wanted to see more"!!!
I know of several disinterested neophytes who were intrigue after a screening of this "hit piece"!