Truth Action Ottawa - June 11, 2009 Truth Action

Truth Action Ottawa got a great response from the public on June 11, 2009. We distributed 300 DVDs in record time and got a lot of people interested in researching 9/11 further. We're out on the street somewhere in Ottawa every 11th, so come join us! Visit to find out where we'll be next month.

Music by Chris Geo, used with permission. Check out Chris' debut album when it comes out July 4th, 2009. Visit for more information.

Thanks to Ottawa for continuing to show us how to grow!

As you can see it is fun and rewarding to spread the truth of 9/11 to the public in the streets.

Don't be scared....and get out on SATURDAY the 11th of July in solidarity for truth and justice!

See for inspiration :)

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Thank You Ottawa

What is on the discs you are giving away?

Dallas is hosting a Symposium on 7/11

We will be making an announcement soon.

What's on the disc?

To be honest, I can't remember, even though I made the disc! It's been that crazy around here. I know this is on it: and I think Fabled Enemies, Zero... some of the other newer docs.

We'll be making a new disc for next month, though. We're going to do Bluesfest again because it was so successful last year. ( ) We'll be putting the full David Long interview on the DVDs, to give Ottawans a taste of home-grown Truth; we're thinking that the local connection will really interest people. Also, the recent 7-minute clip of Richard Gage on the news is an *awesome* introductory piece for new people ( ), so that'll be on there for sure. We're basically going to build something with shorter pieces on it that will hopefully whet people's appetite and drive them to the internet to watch the full-length documentaries out there. We're burning a minimum of 1000 discs for this one. :)

Good luck with your symposium! Sounds exciting!

What is on the discs you are giving away?

It's first of all a 7 min short clip to support the feel good foundation, then 2 alex jones movies, truth rising and fabled enemies lastly we have zero on it.

We have another 2 discs with different movies we usually rotate with every month, and I can't wait for the new disc VicTAO is working on for July

9/11 for dummies

All 9/11 truthers MUST watch this one. Watching it made my day. I just had to share it. Get ready for a good laugh. Spread it far and wide. All of you will LOVE it!

Ottawa, I am stoked! Great clip...a lot of actions, well done!

Ottawa! Great example of TruthAction! Fantastic Friendliness!>

Check out what is cooking in the Dallas heat!
...and this RADIO clip...