Why the resistance to 9-11 truth?- UPDATE


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June 15, 2009

Why the resistance to 9-11 truth?- UPDATE

By Carol Wolman

This paper was first published in Feb. 2007. It received over 100 comments at op-ed news, and I’m still getting requests from people who want to make comments, so I’m reposting it.

President Obama is continuing the 9-11 coverup. Meanwhile, more and more professionals- architects and engineers, intelligence officers, health care workers- are giving speeches denouncing the coverup, and circulating petitions to have a new, impartial investigation focusing on the question which was never asked the first time-


Something is up over at OpEd

I've been following their stories for a while now, and there is a shift in the content that they publish. Gone is 9/11 and any real topic worthy of making news.

Partially right

Well, I partially agree. There is a contingent at OEN, strongly supported by the site owner Rob Kall, who express problematic views (i.e., bull excrement) with respect to 9/11 truth. Recently, a number of people had their accounts revoked. Almost all were 9/11 Truth supporters. At most a handful could be considered somewhat rude. So, there is something going on over there that indicate that the 9/11 folks are being marginalized. However, people like George Washington and Carol Wolman are still able to post pieces. There are a number of others, and there are some strong voices in the comments section for 9/11 truth. If those people have their voices silenced, it will be a dark day for the site. Many of those banned went over to form a site called COTO. There is quite a broad spectrum of people with strong opinions over there.

I don't have any numbers, but many OEN readers seem to be 9/11 truth advocates. I suspect that Kall will lose a large number of his readers if he goes very far in pushing us off the site. He will certainly lose me, and I will make sure that my blog readers know what he has done.


This article was briefly on

This article was briefly on the main page, then gone. I noticed it was pulled shortly after I made the same (previous) comment on OEN. Perhaps Rob is trying to become more mainstream and get more traffic to the site...regardless, I frequent the site less and less as time goes on. There is hardly anything there of interest. You get the real story in the comments of most articles anyway.