"UA175" - the last 12 seconds - 3D simulation

Who or what was flying the plane like that?

The "UA175" final tajectory 3D model is a piece of hard work an it is still ongoing. This video is just a little presentation of what was found in the model at almost first glimpse.

The idea of the 3D model came from my discussion with Rob Balsamo from Pilots for 911 Truth (about the possible overfreights at the "UA175" final maneuvre and feasibility of it for a big jumbo rookie pilot some half year ago) if it could be one of the questions in the prepared movie Pandora's Black Box - Chapter IV - Flight Of American 11 and United 175 as the trajectory was crucial in the case of the "AA77" movie Attack on the Pentagon.

Then I asked Achimspok, who was doing his excellent work with 9/11 videos and simulations (eg. debunking some "no-plane" claims), if he could try to simulate the UA175 final trajectory based on the available videos.

Very interesting.

I found this quite interesting. I would like to see some pilots comment on this. I am not qualified to speak to the veracity of the conclusion.

Thanks for the post.