UW 9/11 Research Group gives Nobel Laureate, Dr. Yuan Lee, WTC Thermite paper by Harrit et al

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Dr. Yuan T. Lee is a 1986 Chemistry Nobel Laureate.
After his public lecture, we briefly explained the findings of the "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the World Trade Center Catastrophe" peer-reviewed paper and politely asked him to review it.

- One Professor at a Time -

University of Waterloo 9/11 Research Group

This is really the right way to go about this work!

Thank you!

Very classy and intelligent :)

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Yes !! Yes !! Yes !! UW9/11 carves the way!!!

"One Professor at a Time"
UW 9/11 Research Group !! Thanks for setting the precendent. It is actions such as these which make the 9/11 Truth Movement unstoppable.
North Texans for 9/11 Truth

Yes, Yes, Yes

The key word is 'politely'.

If you want to get anything in life, a little please and thank you goes a long way.

Great music btw.

Great work!!

What if he blasts the paper though, ha ha.

No seriously, I love you guys for doing this.

Great job & maybe you can suggest a follow-up

for further discussion?

Could you elaborate

If this reaction was meant for me, what did you mean by follow-up? A similar action, or.. discussion?

(I tried re-reading your reaction several times, but I have to ask :-)

I meant a follow-up with Dr.Lee

Giving him the paper is great, but hearing what he has to say, after he has read it, is more important.

Maybe one of these men of Science, will be moved to sign on to the AE9.11 working group?

follow up

The chances of Dr. Lee reading and responding to the paper are probably greater if one of the authors like Harrit or Jones were to contact him, in comparison to the UW 9/11 Research Group contacting him.

It's obviously difficult in terms of time for the authors to follow up with different researchers receiving their papers but if it's a Nobel scientist, it might be worth it, or at least getting some communication between top experts going.

Keep up the excellent work everyone!

Excellent! Please keep us

Excellent! Please keep us posted on a follow up! BTW, great job getting on MSNBC as well!


Very well done!

Let's keep all the drama in the music we put in the videos documenting the actions and not in the actions themselves.

Civility goes a long way in an increasingly uncivil society (the U.S. anyway, I think you Canadians are still far more civil).

Please follow up and let us know how it goes.

We need to do this at colleges and universities all over the world.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Thank you for giving Dr. Lee the "Active Thermitic Material" paper... I would like to see this paper (and if I may add, the Fourteen Points paper) in the hands of science professors and teachers everywhere.

Actually that's a good idea

Actually that's a good idea to combine the papers together. The only drawback I can see with doing that is The Fourteen Points paper might scare people off who are not ready for it. Handing the "Active Thermitic Material" paper to a chemist works well because that fits his/her specialty, but if they had handed the Fourteen points paper at the same time he might have glanced at it and decided it was too much "conspiracy theory".

My personal opinion is that maybe have 2 different handouts, one with both for those people you believe are psychologically ready for both, and one with just the Active Thermitic for those who may not be ready to confront the whole truth yet. Of course this requires you to know the person fairly well beforehand, but for something like this you can always go back to the professor a few weeks later to find out what he thought of the paper and hand him the Fourteen Points paper then for further reading.

When spreading truth it is all about overcoming peoples psychological blocks and if you push some of them too far too fast they will bolt in the opposite direction.

certainly, there are also

certainly, there are also other fields that teach about explosives that would be valuable to get work like this into their hands. I am thinking of some of the mining schools across the US. They use explosives in all sorts of mining operations, such as cast-blasting, as well as in cavern or tunnel excavation. Are there any other demolition schools that teach this, specifically in controlled demolition, that this could be submitted for comment to?

Dr. Jones

Have you considered collecting the best scientific papers related to 9/11 Truth into a single collection?

There is such a volume of scientific work on 9/11 that it is becoming difficult for average people, let alone busy professors, to keep track of your progress.

I'm hoping someone has this

I'm hoping someone has this collection listed somewhere. I've been wanting to get copies of all of them linked to my groups website, not just the scientific papers but also the best articles.

If anyone already has such a list with links could you post it? Please?

Fourteen Points was also in the package

... given to Dr. Lee. We are working hard to give every professor here your papers.

We hope to do the same with Stephen Hawkings who plans to come to Waterloo in July or August.
Keep up the good work everyone !

Good work Carbon

Let's hope a couple JOIN in the fight!

Good idea

...to include Fourteen Points. That paper shows, in my opinion, the areas where NIST was forced to be creative with the facts, while the paper itself seemingly doesn't go too far astray from the official narrative. Sometimes these things do help instill doubt in neutral people who rely only on mainstream media for information. The ideal situation would then be that reading one paper leads to another. For me, it started with studying Prof. Jones' presentations, after which I read "Why Indeed...". Now we have the fantastic collection over at journalof911studies

As for Stephen Hawking, (No s at the end), he's probably the greatest living scientist we have at the moment. He's a theoretical physicist, so it would be interesting to ask him about the extent to which Newton's third law applies to buildings collapsing at 64% of free fall speed through the path of most resistance (WTC 1) ;-)

However, please be very careful approaching him, and consider also handing him the two papers by RJ Lee, and point him to the evidence of abnormally high temperatures during the WTC collapse, and the fact that iron-rich microspheres have also been found by other prominent scientists. (RJ Lee has the largest electron microscope laboratory in the world, and mr. Lee personally invented some electron microscope applications)

Another tactic would be to also offer him Bazant's paper for review!