Journalist Richard Wolffe claims Obama rejects 9/11 “conspiracies,” “doesn’t have the slightest doubt; Al Qaeda is the enemy.”

Richard Wolffe is an author, journalist and political analyst who is a frequent guest on many MSNBC political shows. His recent book, Renegade: The Making of a President, is a political biography of Barack Obama based on his experience covering the entire presidential campaign for Newsweek.

He appeared on Michael Medved’s radio show on June 10, 2009 to share his impressions and analysis of President Obama. I decided to weigh in on what Wolffe alleges to be Obama’s biggest weakness, his over-confidence, while attempting to make a quick reference to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( ).

With Obama recently telling the people of the world, including, of course, thousands of 9/11 victims’ family members, to stop questioning the nature of the 9/11 attacks and to reject what their eyes, physical intuition and multitudes of scientists and professionals know to be the case about how WTC 1, 2 and 7 came down, hypocritical and anti-scientific over-confidence is, apparently, the official modus operandi of the White House.

Michael Medved: Let’s go to Jeremy, in Los Angeles, you’re on the Medved Show with Richard Wolffe.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel: I wonder if Mr. Obama, and also, in this case, Mr. Wolfe, are both over-confident in terms of President Obama’s skills at communicating with the Muslim world and, in this case, even the American people around issues of war and peace, and truth and lies. Because at the very same time as he was in Cairo decrying violent extremism and attacks on innocent people on 9/11, his orders continued to remain to drop bombs on the heads of, inevitably, on little children the age of his beautiful little girls.

So, you know, at the same time as he admitted that the CIA-driven conspiracy in Iran in 1953 was history, as we all have known for a long time, he’s also telling people to stop questioning 9/11. So, at that point, he’s talking to the victims’ family members in this country, thousands of them, who still have their questions unanswered.

And last point I’d like to ask a question about is how is this administration that talked about restoring science to its rightful place going to deal with the growing numbers of building professionals, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who point out the physical facts of how those buildings were—

Michael Medved: Ohh, thanks, thanks very much for the plug Jeremy. Ok Mr. Wolffe?

Richard Wolffe: Well, there’s a lot of things there, but let me just deal with the Muslim piece of it. Yeah there’s a contradictory message in there, but that takes us back to one of the earlier callers. Making an apology for certain things that America has done is also coupled with a very tough national security posture which, yes, involves the killings of civilians, sadly, in Afghanistan. He has been very serious about beefing up the military operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and--

MM: There’s no doubt. You’ve spent a great deal of time around President Obama, and I think this is where Jeremy was going- does President Obama have the slightest doubt that the 19 hijackers were responsible, under the guidance of Al Qaeda, for the murders of 9/11?

RW: No he doesn’t have the slightest doubt; Al Qaeda is the enemy. His argument all along with Iraq was that it diverted us from the real battle against Al Qaeda. He’s very serious about taking them on.

MM; Uhuh. And probably about as much patience as most of us have with the so-called 9/11 truthers?

RW: Uh, he has no tolerance for the craziness and conspiracies that have been directed at him and everybody else. No, he has been as clear as he possibly could be.

MM: Alright. We will be right back with Richard Wolfe, author of Renegade. He had unprecedented access, throughout the entire campaign, to Barack Obama. And, of course, he’s also had a great view of the presidency so far. We’ll be right back…

Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy

"at the very same time as he was in Cairo decrying violent extremism and attacks on innocent people on 9/11, his orders continued to remain to drop bombs on the heads of, inevitably, on little children the age of his beautiful little girls"

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


There is a fellow by the name of Paul Thacker who does exposes of phony science. Maybe he can help us. I don't have time today to write letters today, but this is the video, fascinating, and telling of the dirty tactics of the corporate world. Check out this:

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Wolf, Medved

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

Someone should ask Wolf, Medved why there has been no coverage on Enron's power plant in Dahbol, India. This plant was constructed in 1996 and was depending on natural gas from the Caspian sea via Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 1998 Unocal VP John. J. Maresca told Congress that the Taliban had to be removed from power in Afgh. so the pipeline could go through. In 1998 PNAC was formed to project American power throughout the Globe and called for a New Pearl Harbor. They all lie, they are in their lofty positions because they go along with the power structure. The key to advancing in the world is to identify the power players and suck up.

Dick Cheney held a secret energy task force and Ken Lay and the oil giants were there. Cheney fought against revealing who was at the meeting all the way to the supreme court and went hunting with Scalia while the case was before the court. Ken Lay died suddenly of a heart attack while cooperating with authorities. Another top Enron guy named Baxter was also found dead with a bullet in his head. Of course readers here know I'm just skimming along the top of primary MOTIVE. It's easy to prove that 9-11 was an inside job.

How long does the mainstream media think they can talk about Afghanistan without talking about the pipelines. This is the key to blowing this story open. Call congress and the MSM and ask them why no discussion of the pipelines. Hurry, though, as stories about this pipeline, now under a different name than Centgas, are disappearing from the internet.

Kudos for trying to get through to the maddening jerks

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is much to be commended. The patience required when dealing with these dolts/whores is truly immense!! We can only hope that his very NON-crazy presentation made an impression on a number of listeners.

'His argument all along with Iraq was that it diverted us from the real battle against Al Qaeda.'

And alas, that he is still able to make this case much to the so-called 'antiwar movement,' which for years has acted as if Iraq has been the only war the U.S. is engaged in being waged under phony pretexts.