Russ Baker, Author of "Family of Secrets" Says He Will Investigate ANY Issue, Deeply (Any Ideas)?

Russ Baker, author of the extremely probing and revealing Bush family expose, "Family of Secrets"
has a non-profit news organization called "Who What Why, the Real News Project"

On a recent interview by Alex Jones, Baker stated, "We need financial support to... investigate any news story, deeply."

May I suggest that those who are so inclined write Mr. Baker a clear, concise letter explaining why a new 9/11
investigation is warranted, and how big of a story this is? Including a financial pledge for ""Who What Why" wouldn't hurt, either.

He pulled NO punches in "Family of Secrets", and claims to be non-biased politically.
This may be the reporter who could finally cut through the mainstream media crap.

Contact him at:
and let's find out.

I sent him an idea

I'm glad you posted this Alex.
I would like to see Mr Baker flooded with requests and suggestions.

Alex! This is great! Good idea.

Alex, post this at TruthAction also!
Russ Baker has a good website!

Thank you both...

Great, Joe. Good work.

As soon as I read your idea, I posted my blog at TruthAction.
Good thinking.