Norwegian State Radio initiates public debate on 9/11 Truth

On Wednesday, May 20th 2009, more than 7 years after the 9/11-attacks, alternative perspectives penetrate the Nowegian State Broadcasting Corporation, NRK, for the first time. Three Norwegian scientists have spoken out against a scientific paper endorsed by the University of Copenhagen and with the reply from renowned physicist Steven E. Jones, the academic debate has finally erupted in Oslo.

Perimeter columns of WTC towers

Three Norwegian scientists has publicly attempted to discredit the University of Copenhagen's findings in a recent scientific paper covering an extensive analysis of dust from the attacks on Manhattan in 2001. The Norwegians do not express direct support for the Bush/Cheney-conspiracy theory about Usama bin Laden.

This is good news.

I read the specific critiques and responses from Dr. Jones that were on the linked page. As a non scientist, it appears to me that Dr. Jones had sufficient answers to the critic's concerns.

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Thanks! I love these discussions, it's instructive and enlightening.

Independent confirmation from New Hampshire

Independent confirmation is now available from a scientist in New Hampshire, who has succeeded in acquiring a video clip through a microscope, showing a rapid flash in the red material in less than a second. GAS generation is also observed and recorded; this is expected with nanothermite. The gray/black material is evidently unaffected by the ignition; we also observe this effect in the red/gray chips heated in the DSC.

Explosives generate gas, and the faster it expands, the more powerful the pressure/volume work of the explosive. This helps to break stuff, like columns.

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this is how discussion, debate and inquiry should progress- Nilsen is asking questions and presenting alternative possibilities- it's not an agenda-driven attack. Some of Nilsen's points were already addressed in the paper, others Jones acknowledges further tests are in progress to answer.