"New Day" Official Trailer


Robert and Alison Logan were married less than a year when Alison boarded American Airlines Flight 77 on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Later that morning, Robert watched in horror as televised news reports told him that Alison's fight had been hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. Eight years later, Robert has pulled his life back together and relocated to the Midwest. Still haunted by the memory of Alison, he has married Rachel, a clinical psychiatrist, and they share an idyllic life with Rachel's daughter Carly. The peaceful calm of Robert and Rachel's life is torn apart when a research project Rachel is working on includes a brain damaged patient at a secure hospital who bears a striking resemblance to Alison. Both Robert and Rachel embark on their own personal investigations, for separate reasons, to discover the truth about the woman in the hospital. Their inquiries attract the attention of the ruthless Agent Ross, who will stop at nothing to keep the identity of the woman in the hospital a secret.

Production Company: L'oiseau Blanc Films
Director: Jason Williams
Starring: Nathaniel Ross, Debra Lopez, Carolyn Kanter, Brian Green, R. Michael Gull


My two cents ... working with these guys was a blast, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished film. I know the subject of Flight 77 is a controversial one, but they've covered it in a very interesting and unique way.

Will NEW DAY show up in theaters?

Is there a distributor? Or will this one be like ABEL DANGER, The REFLECTING POOL?


As far as I know they have

As far as I know they have an international distributor.


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Thanks for the heads up!

While I am always a little leery about fictionalizing 9/11, this looks very interesting.

I hope that SoCal is treating you well.

I look forward to seeing you up our way again sometime and I may be venturing down to LA in the not too distant future.


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No wreckage?

Its unfortunate to make a film as though these are facts when the points like wreckage are actually highly debated.

"No wreckage of a plane crash on September 11th"

ERROR: 'The Pentagon Attack Left No Aircraft Debris'

The lack of apparent aircraft debris in photographs showing the Pentagon's west face shortly after the attack is a remarkable feature of the Pentagon attack. Several eyewitnesses who said they saw the jetliner crash into the Pentagon, also marvelled at how the jetliner seemed to completely disappear.

The absence of large pieces of aircraft debris in post-crash photographs is not so difficult to reconcile with the crash of a 757 when one considers:

* High-speed crashes tend to shred aircraft into small pieces.

* Most early photographs of the Pentagon crash site hide regions of the ground adjacent to the Pentagon.

* The extensive breaches in the Pentagons facade would have admitted most of of 757's airframe.

Jean-Pierre Desmoulins:

"The crash reconstitution here above is coherent as well with the witness accounts as with the laws of physics. The traces on the building, including the "apparently odd" bending direction of columns 9, 16 and 17 or "apparently too small hole" account for the "wings folding forward" effect that was described by some witnesses. The hypothesis which fits the best to the whole damage done by the attacking plane is that this plane had the size of a Boeing 757. It is logical and straightforward to conjecture that it was B 757 number 644 AA of American Airlines, fleet number 5 BP, which had taken off from Washington Dulles airport one hour before with sixty persons on board."

Yes, it's too bad

they went to all this trouble when there is clearly record of wreckage at the Pentagon. See the evidence submitted at the Mousaoui trial, for examples.