I found a good article with a number of links to nanothermite articles here



Non-911 references to "nano thermite":

+ Modeling the Melt Dispersion Mechanism For Nanoparticle Combustion +

+ Production and Characterization of Silicon Nanostructures for the
Advancement of Novel Energetic Formulations +

See section 2.5 on page 2

+ Tunability of Nanoenergetic Materials +

Start after "Introduction"

+ Nanotechnology in Aerospace +

See page 56

+ Generation of fast propagating combustion and shock waves with
copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite composites +

+ Melt dispersion mechanism for fast reaction of nanothermites +

+ Melt-dispersion mechanism for fast reaction of aluminum particles:
Extension for micron scale particles and fluorination +

+ Combustion characteristics of A1 nanoparticles and nanocomposite
A1+MoO3 thermites +

+ Metal particle combustion and nanotechnology +

+ Reaction Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Nanothermite Propellants +

+ Low-Cost Production of Nanostructured Super-Thermites +


Will look through this later, I recognize some of the links

There is some really good nanothermite stuff on Visibility 911

Michael Wolsey presents some really great downloadable interviews about nanothermite
on the 911 visibility site, http://visibility911.com/index.php .
The interviews are each with one of the following:
Steven Jones
Niels Harrit
Kevin Ryan

I really learned alot about nanothermite from these interviews, each about an hour long. Michael Wolsey
has done a great job.

These three have been involved with the scientific paper that shows nanothermite has been found
in the dust from the WTC collapse.

This from the Visibility 911 website:

a new paper which has been formally published and peer reviewed by The Open Chemical Physics Journal titled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe. In this revolutionary new research paper, discoveries made in the World Trade Center Dust, particularly the red/gray bi-layered chips, are examined in great detail and include evidence of the thermite fingerprint at every juncture.

I will have to look at that other stuff

I will have to look at that other stuff on the visibility 911 page, however I am well aware of the Active Thermitic paper. I have read it and as far as my layman's intelligent brain goes I understand it.

The reason for my posting these "nano" articles is because one of the main things I frequently see "debunkers" throw out there is the claim that the 9/11 truth movement made up the term nanothermite and it was never heard of anywhere else.

So this is a good little link to review some other "nano" stuff

I think we all need to be very, very well informed on this issue

This is as close to pure proof that the official story is a lie as anything else, and we are going to be
attacked from every angle to debunk this, because the deniers know that this is the Holy Grail of
evidence and they need to obfuscate the whole debate. They will use anything, and if you don't have
an informed answer, you lose the argument no matter how ridiculous their points are.

Just from the three interviews, listening closely, replaying them, I was able to debunk some debunkers on
the Alternet website comments. These were some pretty smart guys, but their information was, of course,
junk. But had I not been informed, they would have looked to all the world as on the right side of