Teaching 9/11 at School - Promoting the Myth

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Does anyone know anything about this site?


I stumbled on this stone quite by accident, kicked it over, and now there are zillions of bugs scrambling around my brain...

Their mission statement sounds fine enough:
"In accordance with its mission to contribute to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary issues, The Clarke Center is pleased to sponsor the "Teaching 9-11" web site. The site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers."

Then I discovered it was founded in 1994 by Henry D. Clarke, Jr. who pops up in searches as being CEO of Clabir Corp in the 80's, a holding company which owned, of all things, the ice cream company famous for the Klondike Bar and major defense contractors, among them General Defense Corp.

Teaching9-11.org features lots of links to "resources". Many don't immediately work due to site changes but the info is still online if you hunt around a bit. One such link is:
This is another "teaching reference" site which just further aggravated me because quite clearly they are quite content to propagate the national myth. Either by design, or ignorance. I'd like to hope it's not the former. If it's the latter, then they need our help!

Is anyone addressing this issue, namely what are children being "taught" about 9/11 at school? The lessons plans are presented by grade and start at the kindergarten level. Has any effort been made to approach the people who run these sites to suggest other worthwhile and valuable resources?

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Good thing

for the neo-cons I am not the teacher.

My wife has been a teacher for over 30 years...

She tells me many wonderful stories about her students. An assignment which High School students have is to write a paper about 9/11/01. My wife accepts whatever they turn in. Many, many students write about the 9/11 Truth side of the story. Loose Change and other videos have definitely made an impact. One time she had a Muslim student who came to my wife in tears saying that she was so upset because the material that she was studying about 9/11 had demonized the Muslim religion. The student begged not to have to write on the subject of 9/11. My wife just smiled and said: "Oh! You are just looking in the wrong place. Look here...and here...and here...." The girl glowed after writing her report which revealed the 9/11 Truth side of the story, and the report was passed all around to her family members and relatives.

"Look here...and here...and here...."

What were some of the places she told her to look?

There's a ton of public material, even in the Commission Report, that contradicts/casts doubt on the Commission's conclusions of Al Qaeda alone and failure of imagination/system, etc.

The Commission's conflicts of interest and failure to investigate and answer the families questions cast additional doubt that the Report is legitimate, and leaves open the question of whether it was an active cover up

Then there's the evidence that points to involvement by other parties, such as the WTC destruction, insider trading, complete collapse of FAA/NORAD SOP 4 times, no one held accountable/whistleblowers ignored/threatened while the 'incompetent' or 'criminally negligent' who failed to respond and obstructed investigations got rewarded...

As 9/11 was used to justify wars and a police state, it's entirely appropriate to examine the events in the context of the pretexts for other wars/attacks on the Constitution/invention and demonization of 'enemies'- such as the Maine, Pearl Harbor, Operation Northwoods, Kennedy assassination, Gulf of Tonkin


Two sides

Imagine a teacher who supports the OCT, and a female student who lost her father on 9/11. The student googles, discovers a massive cover up, and an avalanche of evidence of US government complicity. She comes back crying, and begs the teacher not to have to write on the subject. The teacher then says "Oh! You are just looking in the wrong place. Look here (JREF) and here (Pat Curley) and here (Mark Roberts)"

An alternative could be "Oh! Here's how you conduct research. You look for many sources. Here's some information on how to do solid research and check your facts. Have you considered alternative viewpoints and compared them on their merits? Your sources seem a bit one-sided."

I found this article...

I found this article posted in Sept. of 2005. The story didn't make the blogger as far as I could tell, I did a quick site search and didn't find anything.but I didn't get through all of the results though.


This piece does name some specific texts and professors and the approaches taken. Of course none hint at government complicity. Maybe a few well written emails to the authoring professors might lead to revisions? Not sure.

The article does state that the vast majority of schools lag far behind in updated texts that even include 9/11. My son just graduated high school this month, my daughter just two years ago. When I have talked with their friends, many have already seen movies such as zeitgeist and loose change and are fairly convinced we have been lied to. I find that to be a very positive thing. I did have the opportunity with a history teacher in their school (he's the brother of one my band members) and approaches the topic like "walking on eggshells." First he doesn't believe the OCT one bit and neither did the majority of his students. Regardless, he can't risk promoting complicity theories without bringing up a firestorm if it gets home to the parents. He can only advise them to research it themselves. I also spoke to my own college history professor at an alumni dinner back on '07. He wouldn't give me much in details, but did say he avoided the topic in the classroom whenever possible and won't teach contemporary U.S. History anymore. He prefers world history (ancient egypt, rome, greece etc...) Frankly I feel sorry for them and especially now after I read this article (link below) about Obama's spies in the classroom, I can't blame him for avoiding it altogether.


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Judging by the first two pages of spam in the "comments" area, and the 9/11 Truthers who posted quite some time ago, it is obvious that this site is unmoderated and probably not used much. I did not post there, but it is tempting to get a ton of Truthers to fill in some blanks!

Erectile dysfunction and 9/11 history course

checked the comments prior to the spam and saw that i left one June 27, 2007 (Erik Larson)- nearly 2 years, i'd forgotten about it and don't recall how i found the site...

Here a real course in 9/11 studies at Appalachian State U:

Prof. Matthew Robinson:


Under 5 years old

My kids were saying "9-11 was an inside job" before they were 5. People laughed at first and asked me why I did that, and it was a good ice-breaker about how I refuse to lie to my children.
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