Excellent JFK assassination video "The Garrison Tapes"

I'm not knowledgeable about the JFK assassination to know if there are any questionable facts in this presentation, but as far as I can tell, the quality is excellent.(At least the first 5 segments. I haven't seen all of them, yet.) Garrison comes across as very intelligent, moreso than the impression I gathered from Kevin Costner's portrayal of him in the movie JFK. There are also clips of Fletcher Prouty, who was represented in the JFK movie by Donald Sutherland's character 'X'.

LInk here.

Excellent Stuff

Jim Garrison was certainly one of the best known researcher regarding the events and persons surrounding Kennedy that led up to his assassination. I would also highly recommend Robert Groden's JFK: The case for conspiracy. Here you will see outstanding details of the investigation into the killing. The video online is here.


Robert Groden's official homepage is here with more links.

Robert Groden is a photographer who worked on the congressional committee on presidential assassinations which concluded. Hope you like.



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