NOVA scienceNOW to broadcast Anthrax segment - June 30, 2009

Tonight, PBS will broadcast a segment examining genetic "fingerprinting" as it relates to tracing the origin of Anthrax strains. It will be the second segment in the show, so if you have an interest in this topic, check your local PBS listings for NOVA scienceNOW, and watch for the 'Anthrax Investigation' segment.

Last month, Canada's CBC network broadcast "Anthrax War", and this has now been posted by YouTube user TheParadigmShift, a member of WAC Vancouver;

WOW! More on ANTHRAX WAR here


JUNE 18 2009 - Progressive Radio Network - The News Dissector - 10 am
Danny Schecter the "News Dissector" talks to Bob Coen and Eric Nadler about their investigation of the germ weapons underworld.

JUNE 18 2009 - WBAI Radio New York 99.5 FM - Evening News 6:00 pm
Interview with Anthrax War/Dead Silence filmmakers/authors.

JULY 17 2009 - Anthrax War Screening - Dead Silence Book Event
at the Frontline Club, London, UK

You can organize a screening of Anthrax War in your community and jump start a discussion about the threat posed by the unregulated global "bio-defense" boom that put us all at peril.

Find out what may be going on in a lab near you and what you and your community can do to protect yourselves, raise public awareness and demand transparency and effective oversight by authorities.


The Missing Dimension as stated by constitutional911

I wish that we had this film for the ALL DAY July 11th EVENT in Plano, Texas where many films will be shown about 9/11... Google "711911" -

Mankind is in danger from the criminals who did 911.

Herblay France

bonsoir ,
I think that the moment is now come to telephone your families , friends and colleagues and let them know that this program is a thing to watch. Mankind is in danger from the criminals who did 911.