Unmasking the mysterious 7/7 conspiracy theorist

BBC report on 7/7 London bombing "conspiracy theories"

"In the absence of a public inquiry into the 7 July bombings, conspiracy theories have filled the vacuum. One of the more inflammatory involves a man hiding behind an Arabic-sounding pseudonym taken from a sci-fi film starring Sting, says the BBC's Mike Rudin."


Original BBC radio interview with Peter Power


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The coincidence Rudin doesn't mention in the article

From my email to him that bounced back - does anyone know mr Rudin's working email address?

More interesting than the mock exercise coinciding with the real
attacks is the fact that the BBC quite precisely envisaged the attack
scenario (down to the ground vehicle exploding an hour after the
underground explosions) almost a year before the real attacks - in a
Panorama program about a fictional attack set in future London.

Here is my official complaint to the BBC regarding the lack of any
investigative journalism vis-à-vis even this strange coincidence:


A British friend of mine told me that there has been no public
discussion about the BBC program and the realization of its scenario -
and I find that both strange and somehow Orwellian.

Tortured confessions

'If I didn't confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,' claims torture victim
Last updated at 10:25 PM on 25th June 2009

A British man spoke publicly for the first time yesterday to accuse MI5 officers of forcing him to confess to masterminding the July 7 bombings.

Jamil Rahman claims UK security officers were behind his arrest in 2005 in Bangladesh.

He says he was beaten repeatedly by local officials who also threatened to rape him and his wife.

Mr Rahman, who is suing the Home Office, said a pair of MI5 officers who attended his torture and interrogation would leave the room while he was beaten.

He claims when he told the pair he had been tortured they merely answered: 'They haven't done a very good job on you.'

Mr Rahman told the BBC: 'They were questioning me on the July 7 bombings, showing me pictures of the bombers.

'They showed me maps, terrains ... they asked me to draw things out and write names next to pictures.

'They threatened my family. They go to me, "In the UK, gas leaks happen, if your family house had a gas leak and everyone got burnt, there's no problems, we can do that easily".'

He says he eventually made a false confession of involvement in the July 7 bomb plots.

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