June 30, 2009 CHEM 1411 WTC 7 PowerPoint presentation at South Texas College

(So how did I do? Heavy constructive criticism is most welcome!)

This is the first of three YouTube videos of the June 30, 2009 PowerPoint presentation I gave for my CHEM 1411 class at South Texas College (STC). The subject was on thermite and thermate and how each of their respective nano-sized variants may have contributed to the collapse of World Trade Centers 1, 2, and most especially, 7.

Part II:

Part III:

Chem 1411 Power Point Presentation

You did a fantastic job!

Typically you got some questions at the end attacking the scientists, the colleges, or "how can this be" arguments. But no one can attack the physics or chemistry.

Wisely you stuck to the science and encouraged folks to investigate for themselves.

Very well done...keep it up!

Jonathan Cole P.E.

Great job!

I'd just suggest going a little slower, so folks can absorb what you're saying.

Excellent Job!! Impressive!

College scenarios such as this can be very intimidating because of rapid fire challenges mixed with a limited presentation time. Fabulous job!
I like the Valley. Great area of Texas.
We keep putting out the message. We keep getting the info out there!
North Texans for 9/11 Truth

Again, I think you did great!

I have had experience with college presentations about 9/11. It is tough when you are on the firing line and have only a limited amount of time. You did a great job! It can be hard to communicate effectively while being pressed with questions. There is some information about the the authors of the Thermitic paper which you might want to read in the comment section or on Steven Jones or Kevin Ryan's bloggerposts. http://www.911blogger.com/node/19761 . Visibility911 audio interviews have some great information. http://www.visibility911.com/


This is the kind of thing that makes me optimistic about the future of 9/11 truth! Great job, and way to show patience when asked questions by the obviously uninformed.

I'll be doing a presentation next Saturday in Plano, Texas

"What You Are Not Supposed to Know About 9/11" Symposium 7/11/09 Collin County Community College
Plano Texas

It will not be as technical. I will present a basic overview of 9/11 events including how I got involved and why.

False Flag
Operation Mockingbird
9/11 as Psy-op
video clearly showing explosions
Firefighter testimonies video clip
WTC7 video clip
BBC "jump the smoking gun" video clip
Barry Jennings interview video clip
WHY 9/11 TRUTH matters (pretext for insanity)

I might get video. Wish me luck

Very well done! You have a

Very well done! You have a very solid presentation and command of the details and facts. Bringing 9/11 into your work is not a simple thing,

If you want some FAQ info also, as the questions begin to spread . . .


If you can, could you

If you can, could you capture this for PC viewing, ie - give us a downloadable fullscreen version of your great presentation preferably with supporting audio.

Thanks, everyone!

I was actually unsure if I had done a good job because I was so nervous throughout most of the beginning and Q&A parts of the presentation. I didn't read from a script (maybe I should have) and some technical parts of the presentation were very challenging for me.

Yes, I would be happy to create a video that includes both the audio and original PowerPoint slides! Currently, I'm working on a short critique of my own work to suggest improvements which I'll post later.

Again, thanks very much for the support! For those of you with upcoming presentations of your own, I wish you the very best of luck!

Reading from a script = stitled talk

As long as you know your material, and have rehearsed the talk, the presentation will be much improved by not reading from a script.

I would definitely be

I would definitely be equipped with categorized notes covering sections of your talk. These could come in handy for reference and clarification during questioning. If you do give another scientific dissertation, I would just stick with the scientific facts which are evident. I would stray away from politics entirely. Leave it to your audience to decide.