26th Onze Bouge Paris(4th july) Herblay(5th July). 11th of each month. FRANCE

Herblay FRANCE
Bonsoir ,
During the months of July and August, the French are on holiday and it is not easy to organise a 911 "Onze Bouge" an "Eleventh of each Month" action. Especially as most of us work and we are only free on a Saturday or Sunday. When it is not possible to do an action on the 11th of the month I usually pick the Sunday or Saturday before. And it is handy as it still gives a chance to organise, on the spot, an exceptional action a couple of days after for the 11th .
So that is how Yves and I did our "Onze Bouge" the Saturday 4th in Front of the Saint-Michel Fountain south east Paris and the 5th of July on the Herblay Market.
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Even though the flyers for "Loose Change" , Info911 and "Plus Jamais Ca" were very well received by the public, I was very disappointed that the French 911internet truthers did not leave their computer for the afternoon to be visible before everyone this 26th "Onze Bouge". For the first "Onze Bouge" in France the 11th of June 2007 we were nine persons.

You Americans seem to put more people in the streets with signs, flyers and free DVD's. Do you succeed to mobilise more persons by being organised just locally Here in France it is ourselves who pay the DVD copies and so we only give to people who show an interest. Perhaps our mistake is we are too shy to put up photos of our actions which gives us the impression to be not many in the action. Farid who was present on the 1st "Onze Bouge" has since created his own active group at

For the moment the French journalists have only written 911 articles with ad hominem attacks on the truth movement.

If only French journalist would take the courage to do a professional article like later in the daily mail on 7/7 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1197419/Conspiracy-fever-As-rumours-swell-government-staged-7-7-victims-relatives-...
we might have more citizens for the next "Onze Bouge <--> Eleventh of each month".

To think that we near the 8th year after the 11th sept attacks and our national newspapers risk not even to write about the nano-thermite found in the dust !!

The distribution of my flyers the 5th July on the Herblay market went very well and I am hoping that many people will buy the

Dossier des Grands Mystères de l'Histoire"

Had someone ~60 years old who was shocked by my distribution thinking that I was just another "Holocaust denier" but after spending five minutes with him, he said that he would read all I gave him, look up the internet on the key words ( WTC7 , nano thermite , free fall, etc ) and later email me his own thoughts on the subject.

Reopen911 is doing a very good job informing the French on the latests 911 developments
and some people on the Herblay market are taking the habit to look up on the site for the latests news.

Good luck with your own 11th of July street action and happy holidays.



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For the Francophones, you can buy this special number 20€ par internet here

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 The "Onze Bouge", each 11 of the month is an
action which  takes place in the United States and in other
cities of the world to  inform the citizens of the last developments
in the research of the  truth on the 9/11 " War without
end ".  

   In this moment the newspapers speak about the
teenager Mohammed  Jawad 19 years imprisoned since 2003 in
Guantanamo.  According to the national newspaper "Libération"
of June 3 2009,  Mohammed 12 years was digging a  well
with his uncle  in  the garden in a house in Kabul when
he disappeared on the 17th of December 2002.  

After having denied, he acknowledges under the threats and  torture,
to have launched a grenade on an American patrol.  In  Guantanamo
he clamps his innocence and makes several suicide attempts.  In
March the 2008 prosecutor of the military commission of  Guantanamo
is convinced that the confessions of Mohammed were obtained  under
torture...  Mohammed remains however locked up and in a  depressive
state explains Eric Montalvo American military lawyer.  

How many other young innocent prisoners
or less young people are  still wrongfully locked up in Guantanamo?
 At the hour when Barack  Obama will add more injustice
with his new anti-liberty policy  "
Detention Prolonged
", true
danger to us all,  let us act so  that the American government
intensifies its efforts for the release  of the prisoners of
Guantanamo, Bagram and Abou Ghraib.

To obtain information more to type some of these key words:  "Mohammed
Jawad"   liberation Guantanamo

 Bagram  "Abou Ghraib"  "Onze
Bouge"   911  9/11  reopen911.info
 mouv4x8  "Eleventh of each month"

dans le moteur de recherche    GOOGLE ou autre
ou visiter les sites web à

  (en français)       ou
   http://www.911blogger.com            (en

Translation into English the message on the sandwich board

Translation into English the message on the sandwich board

---==============> in English  =========>

26th Eleventh of Each Month Action       05/07/2009

1) " Minority Report" Obama version:  " Detention,  Prevention Prolonged " for the people who can commit future crimes

2) Jane Burgermeister investigation journaliste with le FBI takes to court the WHO and the UN for the creation of the H1N1 grippe pandemia       

                                                                                                                 source 911BLOGGER.COM 29/06/2009

3) Rumors multiplying that the British government had orchestrated the 7th of July 2005 attacks, the victim's parents demande an appropriate investigation.

                                                                                                                   source 3 juillet 2009  Daily Mail journal UK

4) "Escalation" of the war in Afghanistan  "quagmire getting deeper and deeper"           

                                                                                                                   juin 2009

         voir www.reopen 911.info          ( FR )

               www.911BLOGGER.com  ( USA )

---==============> en Français =========>

26e Onze Bouge (911)      05/07/2009

1) " Minority Report" version Obama : "Détention, Prévention Prolongée" pour les personnes qui peuvent commettre de futures crimes

2) Jane Burgermeister journaliste d'investigation avec le FBI poursuivent l'OMS et l'ONU pour la création de l' H1N1 GRIPPE pandémie          

                                                                                                                  source 911BLOGGER.COM 29/06/2009

3) Les rumeurs se mulitplient que le gouvernement Britannique a mis en scène les attentats du 7 juillet 2005, les parents des victimes réclament une enquête

                                                                                                                  source 3 juillet 2009  Daily Mail journal UK

4) "Escalade" de la guerre en Afghanistan "un bourbier de plus en plus profond"                

                                                                                                                  juin 2009


     see  www.reopen 911.info          ( FR )

           www.911BLOGGER.com  ( USA )


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