Although I firmly believe

Although I firmly believe that all three buildings were blown up, this compilation of clips is, let's say, pretty un-researched. I have only watched part 1and noticed at least two clips that are shown here completely out of context.

The one with Rick Leventhal interviewing a witness who says it wasn't a plane but a bomb. The witness obviously did not see the airplane and is referring to the fireball which he believes was caused by a bomb.

The last clip, where the fireman says 'there's a bomb in the building, start clearing out' was shot later that day, when the towers had already both collapsed. They evacuate because of a bomb threat in Stuyvesant High School.

Here's the longer clip (sorry for linking to a 9/11 denier's YT channel, haven't uploaded the clip myself). It's from the Camera Planet documentary 'America 911', which I own and which contains the clip.

I did not bother to watch the other two parts....but I'm sure there are more similar problems with them.

Please be careful in the materials you present. Don't feed the debunkers with poorly researched materials. Watch this clip from William Pepper.

"So I’m going to say this group, more then any other that I can think of in terms of a movement, is going to be infiltrated, is infiltrated and there are going to be all kinds of efforts to subvert your work, all kinds of efforts to corrupt your work and all kinds of efforts to discredit you. Please understand that and take it in the spirit in which is being given because this is what will happen and probably is happening. So please your work is too important, your mission is too precious. Be careful in every aspect of the work, make sure your allegations, your claims are well founded because if there not you will be discredited. "
-- Dr. William F. Pepper

Condemnation without

Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance
Albert Einstein

Well lets see. First, The guy talking to Rick is referring to a bomb and telling Rick it wasn't a second plane that made the explosion.
So your wrong there!
Second accusation: The fireman is referring to wtc-7 not the towers. I would hope you pay better attention before you make such faulty and extremely poor accusations.

Thirdly: stop assuming, and if your going to comment watch the complete video before you make a comment.

Without investigation?

Without investigation? You're welcome to visit my YouTube channel with over 400 referenced video clips concerning the attacks of 9/11. You can accuse me of being rude, which I perhaps was and hereby apologize for. But you can't accuse me of not having done my homework, ok?

I've just uploaded longer versions of both clips to my YouTube channel to show you're wrong.

The firefighter is clearly mentioning the high school, not WTC7. Who's assuming what here?

Firefighter: They're saying there's a bomb maybe in the high school, on either side of the building, so they're pulling back.

Here's a longer version of the short clip in your video which I just uploaded of the witness who didn't see a second plane. It's all about context. He's clearly talking about the plane crashing in the building, not about the building collapsing.

RL: was this the first plane or the second one?
Witness: The first plane. The second plane? No second plane, it was a bomb. A bomb in the other building, not second plane. It was a bomb. Who says a second plane?
RL: That what we're told; a second plane. We saw it on television.
Witness: No, i saw everything.

Clearly he hasn't seen ANY second plane.

So after this I assumed that the other two parts, which I will also watch, would contain more clips taken out of context. I will watch them and comment on them later.

Just watched the whole

Just watched the whole thing. What can I say? It's a rehash of old clips, with some taken out of context and presented as evidence for explosives and horrible music.

Sorry if that sounds rude, but you did ask me to watch it completely and then comment on it.

I think the Einstein quote is actually

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Everybody calm down....

In part one

there's a guy saying "it was a bomb," not a "second plane." He's talking to someone and being broadcast on Fox News. I haven't seen that clip before. Any idea where it came from? It's not in September 11 Revisited, for example.

Condemnation without

Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance
Albert Einstein

Sorry I do not know. My best guess is the archives.

It's not in any (serious)

It's not in any (serious) documentary because the witness is obviously talking about the impact (see the longer clip I posted above)

To clarify

I'm not trying to make some kind of "no plane" argument. Just wondering about this specific reference to a bomb.

Condemnation without

Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance
Albert Einstein

Re: Arie

RiCk is asking about the second noise and believes and was told it was the second plane. the witness says the second explosion was a bomb-not a plane.
This has nothing to do with planes or no planes. rick and the media are clearly trying to pin the second explosion on the impact of the second plane.. The witness clearly states no plane (MEANING THE NOISE WAS NOT FROM A PLANES IMPACT BUT AN explosion),it was a bomb. If you can't decipher that then I don't know what to tell you. YOUR THE ONE TAKING THIS OUT OF CONTEXT, i WOULD SUGESST YOU TROLL ELSE WHERE.