Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 1/5:America Is Artificially Divided July 8,2009

Alex welcomes in-studio Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 101 combat missions, and presidential candidate for the Reform Party in 2000.
Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 1/5:America Is Artificially Divided

Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 2/5

Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 3/5

Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 4/5

Dr. Robert M. Bowman (In-Studio) on Alex Jones Tv 5/5

July 11th Bob Bowman in DALLAS area - BIG EVENT Plano

On Saturday, July 11th, Bob Bowman will be in Plano, TX at a dynamic event entitled: "WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11: Building 7 - Gone in 7 " (Google the title! ...it is listed all over!)
Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to see Bob! http://www.711911.webs.com/
[A scale model of The World Trade Center Complex will be on display!]

Have enjoyed Dr. Bowman's prior speeches

and his present perspective

Bowman Nails It

Not only is he correct that the nation is divided by arbitrary cultural divisions, but also that the elite have no apparent interest in the outcomes created by these same cultural issues, except the very divisions they produce.

Note how the major issues regularly peddled by the media regard race, gender, orientation, nationality - matters that generate a divided emotional response.

Bowman sums it up nicely

This is an excellent interview. Bowman brings some common sense to the left right paradigm. He also has a clear answer, truth and non-violent action, to the problems facing our country. What an asset to the 911 truth movement and truth in general.

A True Patriot

I saw Dr. Bowman in Durham, NC in 2007 and in DC for the anniversary rally. He marched with a group of us to the Capitol as well... Since he knows quite a few in Congress, I was wondering if he has personally given any of them the Nano-thermite paper? Speaking of Ron Paul and Kucinich, they need to do more! Sorry. I like them both but now that we have a scientific study and the elections are over, Kucinich especially needs to be reminded of his promise to hold a 9/11 inquiry. We need a pointman in Congress to be a lightning rod. Kucinich is the Chairperson of a Committee that can do just that. He needs to be approached... AGAIN.

Oh, great speech Bob! I wholeheartedly agree about the 2-party scam.

A role model

A Great American! We don't see enough of Bob in Canada!

He gives Obama an out

This statesman approach is the way forward. Give us the change you promised Mr. President.

Bob goes beyond 9/11 to the root of the problem. People care about money and most understand the scam when presented with the facts. When they realize how they are being ripped off they are more open to the truth about 9/11.

When the "terrorists" took down WTC 7, they went a bridge too far. WTC 7 is the smoking gun that has shot them in the foot.
It will be their undoing.

We are asking for a real investigation of 9/11.
Effectively, we are asking the government to devour itself.
A little please and thank you goes a long way, always.

There are patriots in our government who would like to speak out and it's up to us to make speaking out about 9/11 Truth politically possible.

Bob's back with clarity and determination...awsome!

I needed this this week thanks Bob for the inspiration once again!

Kindest regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

What more can I say

Bob Bowman sums it up perfectly. The truth about 9/11 is absolutely essential in taking our country back. We must never quit. I sure wish he was president. I know, I am dreaming.