A war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan


by James Cogan - 10 July 2009

The largest military operation since the Obama administration took office is now underway in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Some 4,000 marines, along with hundreds of British troops, are attempting to impose control over an ethnic Pashtun population that has opposed the US-led occupation ever since the 2001 invasion overthrew the Taliban government and installed a puppet regime...

... “We are looking at 10 years at least in Afghanistan, and that is the best case scenario and at least half of that will be pretty major combat. This is the commitment that is needed, and this is what the people in America and Britain should be told, and they should be told that there will be a cost involved.” ...

...The ostensible legal basis on which American troops are in Afghanistan is the “Authorization for Use of Military Force”, the joint resolution passed by the US Congress on September 18, 2001—one week after 9/11. The resolution authorised military force for the purpose of capturing or destroying the Al Qaeda leadership, beginning with bin Laden, so as to prevent further terrorist attacks. ...


Where is Colin Powell's white paper proving Bin Laden did 911?

Herblay FRANCE


France is complice in the killing of thousands of Afghans. We still have not had Colin Powell's white paper proving that Bin Laden did 911 !!


Is there no white paper because there is no proof ? If that is the case can France be put on trial for complicity of crimes against humanity in Afghanistan ?



And why hasn't Bin Laden been Indicted?

for Sept. 11..... Just doesn't make any sense. We never got the white paper proving he did it.... he was never charged for it-.....and his Most Wanted poster doesn't mention it!

Yet we are still in Afghanistan with designs on a drawn out military occupation in an impossible war zone risking American GI blood. Never a declaration of war as required by the Constitution-- just a conditional temporary authorization 8 years ago!

Something has to give. I wonder if NYC CAN will be able to bring this to light for public debate.

No hard evidence connecting OBL to 9/11........ but there IS hard evidence for controlled demolition.

Bin Laden

Is not an innocent man.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

is not an innocent man for what ...911?, figthing against the...

Bonjour ,

is not an innocent man for what ...911?, figthing against the URSS? , etc ?

For me it is more likely that 911 was an inside job ! Colin Powell has still to put the evidence against Bin Laden on the table ! For me Bin Laden is 911 innocent !

Yours John

From the Article:

"The September 11 attacks provided the pretext to set the plan into operation. As well as potential access to the resources in neighbouring countries, the occupation of Afghanistan provides the US and its NATO allies with a strategic forward base to project force against rival claimants for regional influence such as Russia, China, India and Iran

The AfPak War is not a war against terrorism, or for democracy, or to help the long-suffering Afghan people. It is an indefinite, colonial war whose central aim is to turn Afghanistan into a US client state and ensure that Pakistan remains firmly under Washington’s geo-political influence."