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On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews
9/11 Video Producer & Musical Artist Dave VonKleist

"Music is one of the most powerful forces in this world...and the powers that be are scared to death of that power..." Dave VonKleist.

Dave has produced two 9/11 video documentaries, 9/11 In Plane Site and 9/11 Ripple Effect, both achieving world recognition. He has also written and produced five music albums with politically incorrect lyrics and was the co-host of The Power Hour for the past ten years. Dave talks to Teri about the value of music and humor in today’s world and his hit songs Addicted To War, Blow Smoke In Your Eyes, Imagine Revisited, It Has To Be Blue, It’s My Party, My Base, Skull and Bones, This Land Is Our Land, Till There Was You, We’ll Be Watching You, Save The USA, We’re Depression Bound, Everlasting War, Barak Obama, Poor Little Fools and Still The Same all now playing on No Lies Radio. Visit his website here.

Dave von Kleist

is a good composer, singer and guitarist. I've heard some of his songs on his thepowerhour.com site and he's got talent for combining political activism and musical composition.... something I could perhaps develop as a musician.

In Plane Site

Years ago my next door neighbor had a borrowed DVD from a friend of hers. My neighbor knew what I thought about 9/11 from our many conversations, so she was eager to let me view the movie. This was the first DVD available on the market. My neighbor has since moved across town but she still shows up at our events.

I gotta go now. We have a symposium to do.

"What You Are NOT Supposed to Know About 9/11"

"achieving world recognition"

In Plane Site

Promotes a real conclusion with phony evidence: pods, dust clouds, flashes, no planes, no windows and other hoaxes.

"Watching the "In Plane Site" video turned me (and many others) away from 9-11 "theories" initially -- until I found serious researchers, scientists looking at hard evidences, and avoiding tenuous speculations."
-- Steven Jones, Ph.D.

"In Plane Site, a DVD, advances the no-757-impact along with the Building 6 explosion myth and highly dubious theories that the towers were hit by objects other than Flights 11 and 175. The obvious propagandistic quality of these pieces was one factor in persuading me to re-examine my own endorsement of the [Pentagon] no-757-crash theory."
-- Jim Hoffman

In Plane Site, released a few months before the 2004 Presidential Election, is a compilation of most of the hoaxes infesting the 9/11 truth movement. Nearly every piece of "evidence" in it is wrong, even if the conclusion ("inside job") is correct. "Plane Site" includes misinterpreted evidence, logical leaps unsupported by evidence, and some footage that is almost certainly fraudulent.

In Plane Site only promotes the "Letsroll911" website (the loudest promoter of the "pod" claim), which means that "In Plane Site" is probably a "Webfairy" production (a video operation still churning out "new" video footage of 9/11 years after the fact).

The most revealing aspect of this fake film is that the cover graphic shows the same photo of a Boeing 757 that was posted to the "911truthalliance" list in May 2004 pointing out that the "pod" was merely an illusion. In other words, the manufacturers of "Plane Site" put a photo showing the "pod" is a fake claim on the cover of the DVD -- a bad joke "hidden in plain sight."

In the summer of 2007, the people behind In Plane Site released a new movie "Ripple Effect," but this repackaging will remain unreviewed at oilempire.us (there are more important things in life than seeing their new revision of this nonsense).

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Interview with musical artist Dave VonKleist


Hey wait a minute...why all this discussion about pods & 757s??? This show is a musical artist interview show. Should we not listen to the good things Dave has to say about how 9/11 truth and anti-war music can change the world? Dave says in his interview that “Music is one of the most powerful forces in this world…and the powers that be are scared to death of that power…” Should we close our ears to anything he has to say since some of us disagree with some of the evidence he presents in his films? This show has not even aired yet so how can we be so critical even before hearing what the man has to say in his interview. Is this is some kind of prior restraint of the press? Are we really into suppression of views before they are spoken?

And remember....this is a musical artist interview show....Dave is being interviewed about his 911 truth and anti-war music...what has that to do with "pods".

I recommend to the reader to actually listen to this interview show with Dave and decide for yourself...maybe you will even start to enjoy Dave's music even if you do not agree with his 911 theories.

"all this discussion"

why all this discussion about pods & 757s???

Hmm, at this time I see a grand total of ONE post addressing the problems with Von Kleist's films. That certainly seems fair considering that you linked to both of those films in your blog.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Folks, this is about von Kleist the musician.

"In Plane Site" is a film of yesteryear and will never again be a prominent documentary in the movement. Recommending DVK's musicianship is hardly going to "poison" the movement with pod disinfo.


I'm more afraid of being close-minded that I am of being "infected" by disinformation. Never again will I condemn without investigation. "In Plane Site" was a poor "documentary", but that doesn't mean that all the arguments put forth by this documentary are automatically invalid. I know for myself which arguments in this film are flawed and which aren't. Logic governs my reasoning, not fear or guilt.

For that matter, while Jim Hoffman is an exceptional researcher, he does seem preoccupied with credibility. Credibility from whom? I'm not christian, but in this case I would say "only God can judge me".

Let's examine that plane's underbelly if we want. Let's find out if what is there is a reflection of the wing fairing, as it seems to be so far. Let's simply follow the truth wherever it leads. "Debunker" or "Truther", these are, in a sense, just labels. A debunker could very well be truthful, and a "truther" could be lying. Whatever hat you're wearing, be honest and critical of yourself.

>>"In Plane Site" was a poor

>>"In Plane Site" was a poor "documentary", but that doesn't mean that all the arguments put forth by this documentary are automatically invalid.

Yes. If it were 100% misinfo no one would watch it. That's why if you want to insert fake "hype" -- for whatever reason, I've heard people say that they do it because it excites people -- you need to mix it with real stuff.

>>Let's examine that plane's underbelly if we want.

If you think people haven't done that for years, be my guest. But you can save yourself a lot of time and just look at the links and see for yourself.

I agree, however

"If you think people haven't done that for years, be my guest."

What makes you think I don't know? I've been at it since 2004. I'm well aware of the whole tired discussion...

W.r.t. 911blogger, I'm making the case for the second impact being a commercial UA boeing here (Edit: corrected the link for a small bug in Drupal's blog module)

But I make it reasonably, and I don't dismiss anything out of hand, or show any signs of allergic reaction to the topic. ;-)

I don't appreciate parading credibility (or guilt by association) around as a substitute for inquiry. Such is the psychology of Popular Mechanics and other outlets of the 9/11 lie movement, and Jim Hoffman rightfully exposes such tactics (e.g. straw men) in his debunking of PM.

Just trying to explain to you my struggle to keep an open, objective mind, while simultaneously being conscientious of the dangers of mis- and disinformation.